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If you remember, few years back we had a Pixel Challenge titled “Our Brain is Truly Wonderful“, where our remarkable ability to recognize faces was showcased. Today I bring you more blocky faces and paintings to tease your optic nerve with. Your brain’s power to decipher these ultra-low resolution images may seem miraculous at first, […]

Few years ago I’ve shared a gallery consisted of pixelated photos. It demonstrated a remarkable ability us intelligent creatures have, ability to recognize faces even when they are obscured in one way or another. I recommend you read that article first before you continue with today’s “illusion”. Our Facebook channel became very popular lately  (over […]

It’s easy enough to add pixelated characters to any photograph using Photoshop, but when you opt to inject classic video game characters into real life without photo manipulation, that takes a little more thought and effort. That’s why DeviantArt user ChozoBoy’s pixelized Samus Aran and Chozo Metroid costumes are so darn impressive whether viewed in […]

There was an interesting article on PsychWorld last week. It points out how us humans, as intelligent creatures, have a pretty remarkable ability to recognize faces. But what would happen if the faces we see got obscured in some way? Like upside-down heads with inverted eyes and lips? How about if they were made into […]

type addicted optical illusion

Type Addicted is a typography book, often used by designers and graphic artists. Aside all this, probably it became popular just because of its front cover. Up-close the cover is an unassuming pattern of black and white triangles, but when you try and view the cover from a few feet back, the title of the […]


Title says it all. You should have experience viewing this kind of illusions if you are regular visitor. Just in case you aren’t, let’s repeat the steps… First, I want you to open this image full size, then move your head away from the screen as much as it takes for you to recognize the […]