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As a Moillusions reader, you’ve undoubtedly already seen your share of Penrose Triangles both here and elsewhere. Even so, the concept remains fascinating, particularly when turned into real-life objects, because the design itself is, in actuality, impossible. That’s why this Steelwork Illusion created by Deskarati is simply so fascinating -the illusion is so subtle and […]

Here’s a disturbing photo-manipulation that has been circulating Facebook for some time now. I couldn’t ignore all the requests for it to be featured no more. It’s like more than a dozen of you have submitted it to me over the last week. At first I wasn’t that impressed, but as I kept re-checking the […]

Before I begin with today’s optical illusion, let me ask you something that has been over my head for the last couple of days. Those of you familiar with our Chrome plugin (one that features daily optical illusions in your Chrome browser), might actually provide me with needed information. It seems as of recently (for […]

Couple of days ago, Luca has pointed me to the photo of Spanish minister Carme Chacón published on El Pais website. At first I couldn’t see anything strange in it, yet after I’ve read the title of Luca’s email (same as above) – it triggered my attention. Finally, after few moments I’ve noticed that minister’s […]

We’ve talked about tilt shift images before, where the photographer uses selective focus and a titled shot angle  or special lens to make a regular-sized image appear to be only a model. But the Big Money Project takes the tilt shift process a step further by placing ordinary objects beside a giant coin that immediately […]

While many countries, such as Brazil and India, have required graphic warning labels for years, the U.S. has only recently enacted laws requiring tobacco companies to include incredibly graphic images paired with large-sized text warnings on the front of all cigarette packs. While many people are debating how effective the ads will really be, given […]

Thanks to our loyal and investigative audience, “together” we’ve managed to locate more photos of the anamorphosis work by François Abelanet, and learned how it can be found exhibited at Paris town hall. Be sure to check the mentioned post for more updates. Today’s featured illusion is somewhat easy to see, and chances are slim […]

Before you ask, yes… this picture, by Rob at the What Is It? Blog, is Photoshopped; that’s not the illusion here. Instead, it’s the fact that the man on the right, the one that looks so gigantic, is the exact copy of man on the far left. So why does he look so much bigger […]