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Here’s an interesting, yet spooky tombstone my brother stumbled upon while visiting Paris. Based on famous “Hollow Face” illusion (examples can be found here and here), face of the deceased doctor follows you around, as you’re passing-by his final resting place. I can’t imagine how one would react if he encountered this during the night, […]

As some of you might have heard, Google decided to discontinue it’s iGoogle service next year. I think this is a bad decision, as many of us use it to follow various feeds, blogs and news from around the web. Even our very own iGoogle gadget sites there (“Optical illusion of the Day”)! Still, there’s […]

Thanks to our loyal and investigative audience, “together” we’ve managed to locate more photos of the anamorphosis work by François Abelanet, and learned how it can be found exhibited at Paris town hall. Be sure to check the mentioned post for more updates. Today’s featured illusion is somewhat easy to see, and chances are slim […]

Just came back from Paris yesterday evening. Can’t say I enjoyed much. Apart from marvelous architecture and breath-taking historic sights and museums, it felt like any other European metropolis. Perhaps I expected too much, thus was little bit disappointed. I enjoyed seeing Napoleon’s resting place at Les Invalides, and Louvre museum the most. There were […]

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“London-based Frenchman” Xavier Kreiss sent me this after/before photo of a Paris building mural. When you see the first photo, you probably won’t notice anything strange with it. Now when you jumped inside, and saw second photo… Bam! It hits you. Can you believe this whole building was almost-flat wall before artistic painting? Really awesome! […]