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I just had to share this sweet chocolate animation with you guys! I know that missing piece puzzle was recycled so many times by now, but I’m sure you’ll admit it’s fun to see something so simple yet so amazing. If I were a food company, I’d apply this principle immediately to generate some extra […]

If you haven’t had the chance to see this “Missing/Extra Cube” video that went viral recently, here’s your chance to see it now! Norberto Jansenson has re-thinked famous missing-piece illusion (original version included triangle), and then presented it in much more appealing and effective manner. The idea behind this toy is somewhat identical to “Preposterous […]

Just came back from Paris yesterday evening. Can’t say I enjoyed much. Apart from marvelous architecture and breath-taking historic sights and museums, it felt like any other European metropolis. Perhaps I expected too much, thus was little bit disappointed. I enjoyed seeing Napoleon’s resting place at Les Invalides, and Louvre museum the most. There were […]

By Permutting the triangular pieces an egg disappears. How does it happen?

My cousin sent me our newest exhibit. We had some egg illusions in the past, but have to admit they were pretty lame. Well, I hope our newest one brings a change to this lousy tradition. In its core, this optical illusion is very similar to the famous Missing Part test. Additionally, it may remind […]