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Remember the Cool Bro illusion from 2 years ago? This one’s very similar, in a way where street-painted arrow appears to levitate in mid-air. Caught by the sharp eye of Melissa, a reddit user who found it funny and decided to share her finding with our Mighty Optical Illusions community. If you come across similar […]

What do Soviet spies, meditating Yogis, random “cool dude” and Johan Lorbeer have in common? Well, it appears each one of them has mastered the skill of levitation! Today another young lady has joined their league. It appears her speech required so much attention and concentration she didn’t even notice when she got her carpet […]

Kudos to Marcin Ciślak from Krakow for discovering this amusing street performer, and taking a photo of him and then sharing it with our community! After some debate, we’ve concluded how these guys manage to fool us with impression they’re able to levitate. It all started with Johan Lorbeer and Flying Yogi. Remember those guys? […]

dude fly

Ever seen something so dumb, that it’s actually good? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you obviously missed Evil Dead trilogy, and haven’t seen a single SNL episode. Well, when I opened my mailbox to see some optical illusion trends, I was amazed to see how popular this photo became in such a […]