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Here are three impossible #LEGO constructions for you to solve. Can you explain them? It’s important to understand there was no tampering with none of the showcased photos. Nor were they digitally manipulated in any aspect. I’d also like to distress how the illusion works from a single specific angle – it’s up to you to try and […]

This is what you get when you combine LEGO and optical illusions. Main effect – the circle made of the studs, produces the appearance of curved pieces. However, the design can appear very different depending on the angle it’s viewed from. I’m still discovering surprising patterns in it. If you still got some LEGO brick […]

As a huge Apple fanboy I’m more than excited about tomorrow’s iPhone 5 event. I just hope it won’t end up being the same thing, only taller. What do you think? In the mean time while we await, here are some impossible structures created and photographed by #Eric_Minnema. Up till now I didn’t have a […]

A little birdie told me how you can’t get enough of 3D street art illusions! So here we go again: Warner Bros. has recently commissioned “Planet Streetpainting” art crew to create something that would help generate buzz for their upcoming video game LEGO: Lord of the Rings. It’s interesting to hear how all this came […]

After Sandro Del Prete started the trend with his Folded Chessboard, many artists (inspired by his work) made an effort to recreate similar works based on Sandro’s idea. David Macdonald’s modern attempt even managed to surpass the original in internet popularity, and Megafon’s promotional poster went even further! But if you ask me, I’m almost certain none of […]

Seems when M. C. Escher created his famous lithograph Ascending and Descending (all the way back in 1960.), he didn’t have a slightest clew how many people will get inspired by this exceptional deceiving work! Just look how cute R. Watson’s escher-inspired Lego Penrose turned out to be! But what I also think, is that […]

There is this guy on Flickr… he recreates strange things using nothing but Lego. Remember the little mushroom-fellow from Super Mario Bros? He seems to be his favorite! But one of his works fully captured my attention. Check out the checkerboard below! In the beginning of this site we’ve introduced Seemingly Bent category (one that […]

Lego Impossible Object 2

Before I started writing this, I’ve browsed our #Lego collection for fun. It has dozens of interesting posts, some of them even I completely forgot about. What I’ve noticed is that most of the themes repeat themselves, specially impossible triangles (I think there is no need to post any more triangles for some time now). […]