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Last year I saw this Hollywood movie starring James Franco, called “127 Hours“. It goes about a mountain climber who becomes trapped under a boulder while canyoneering alone somewhere in Utah. In order to survive, he then resorts to desperate measures. It was an ok time-waster for me as I appreciate Franco’s talent, but there […]

These days Hollywood has a bad reputation for being filled with some of the most unpatriotic people in America, but back in World War II, things were a lot different. In fact, between their celebrity-filled war bond rallies and moral-boosting films, Hollywood played a huge role in driving support for the war effort. But while those […]

Strangely named user – BitPartDamaged, discovered two movie posters containing a “hidden” face. One is more obvious than not, and the other… heck, both of the faces are obvious! What is not so obvious is these aren’t faces at all, rather parts of the surrounding material that only resemble a human face. In first case […]