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Monday Morning Brain Teaser

When you first look at the animated gif, you might think that the image is swirling faster and faster the closer it gets to the inside. If you take the image and look at it further, you can easily see how the animated brain teaser moves at the same rate all around the image. As […]

Picasso’s Guernica

How many times have you looked at an optical illusion and sat there just trying to figure it out what’s going on?  I was looking diligently to find a quality brain teaser and I found this, Picasso’s Guernica, one that you should try and sort out for yourself.  I don’t know about you, but the first time […]

penrose triangle illusion

The Penrose triangle, first popularized back in the 50’s by mathematician Roger Penrose is a peculiar impossible object that resembles an illusion only from a certain perspective. Check the animated #gif below and try and follow the ball moving around its path. It seems to make sense at first, but there’s just something off about […]

Psychologist Richard Wiseman posted this Ponzo illusion, telling us all three cars are of the same size. Ponzo illusion, first demonstrated by Italian psychologist Mario Ponzo in 1911., suggests that the way we judge an object’s size is highly dependent on its background. Just browse this site’s #Relative Sizes category and you’ll see many examples […]

By observing the smaller animated #gif on your right, you may fall under the impression that all of the dots rotate together, simultaneously forming a spinning circle as they move along. But look what happens when we map their trajectories, and make their paths visible! As you can see, (as can be seen from the […]

We had some “Rorschach test cards” in the past, where your assignment was to guess what they really represented. Now let’s see if you can “crack” this one! If I only showed you the image on the right (with no accompanying #gif animation) – would you be able to see the most probable solution? Most […]

Phenomenal optical illusion was just sent in by Melanie. Even though she can’t be sure about the author and its origin, Melanie noticed how the hole animated #gif seems to rotate (when observed as a whole), which is just the opposite from when you observe each and every individual dot by itself. Crazy, isn’t it? […]

Here’s an excellent “wavy” animation discovered by Till Hartmann. It’s a great illustration of a collective phenomena. When you observe closely, each dot travels along a regular circle-path. Since most of the circles are mutually out of phase, they form illusive waves floating steadily across the screen. Things like this happen all over the place; just […]