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Some of the best illusions on this site can be found categorised inside #sexy hashtag. It’s not that I’m such fond of provocative content, it’s because illusions such as this one have to pass some extra filters in order to qualify for our homepage. I have to be extra careful with these, as there are youngsters […]

If you ever watched that hilarious cartoon “2 Stupid Dogs”, title may already have sounded familiar. If not, it was a short sketch – One of the dogs wrongly pronounced a museum sign, reading it “Electric city is your friend”, and then said “Hi Electric City !!” to a lightbulb immediately next to the sign. […]

I love funny comics. I love them even more when they use an optical illusion as part of the joke. One such perfect example is this psychiatric session comic, sent to me recently by my friend Marin. I’m pretty sure we’ve already featured the floating beans wallpaper at some point in time, but today’s example […]

I receive over a dozen illusion submissions each day, and sometimes these submissions include somewhat “edgy” content. The problem is, they often work really well – sometimes even too well to be precise! Then it comes to me to decide how should I handle this situation most precociously. Even though I may endorse such optical […]

If you follow internet photo trends, then you’ve probably already seen planking and owling in action. While those memes have no real place here, the newest photo trend, horsemanning, is a perfect match for an illusions blog. Horsemanning is actually an example of everything old becoming new again. While the trend has been exploding across […]

Now let me show you something funny I stumbled upon recently… Actually, I’m not 100% sure whether I found it myself or it was submitted to me by one of our fans. Whichever it is, be sure to take a moment of your time and carefully observe the attached photo. Have you noticed anything strange […]

Ellen (erwtj3 from previous post) pointed me to another funny optical illusion. I definitely agree with her evaluation how this probably isn’t the best illusion around, and even though quite obvious, it’s still one in a million shot. What it depicts is a gigantic baboon bearing down on the packed car, angrily pounding his clenched […]

Back in February, I promised I’ll post another one of them marvelous animated submission E. Dubya aka elvisweathercock created. Have to admit I completely forgot about my promise, but I believe it’s never too late fixing these kind of errors! So here you go… see what Crazy Car (one we already blogged about) looks like […]