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By observing the smaller animated #gif on your right, you may fall under the impression that all of the dots rotate together, simultaneously forming a spinning circle as they move along. But look what happens when we map their trajectories, and make their paths visible! As you can see, (as can be seen from the […]

Check this modern version of “Black Spots” illusion, how many black spots can you spot? The spiral, which is consisted of famous illusory pattern known to produce things that actually aren’t there, wraps around a pole painted in more subtle illusion – one we also featured at some point in our history. Let’s see what […]

Here’s an excellent “wavy” animation discovered by Till Hartmann. It’s a great illustration of a collective phenomena. When you observe closely, each dot travels along a regular circle-path. Since most of the circles are mutually out of phase, they form illusive waves floating steadily across the screen. Things like this happen all over the place; just […]


Greenpro is at it again! This time giving us something that can most easily be seen by viewing the following video. As it appears, something strange happens to the scattered dot-pattern if it’s accompanied by the simple rolling object. I promise you shall be surprised at how your brain processes these simple (static) dots. Watch […]

Either once again I failed to explain the difference between simple animated gifs and cinemagraphs, or I really stink at choosing illusions for you :D Shame you didn’t love our previous post as much as I did, but heck – there is no purpose for me to push something you really don’t like. I hope […]

Here’s one you probably missed seeing in the wild! Check out what Oxy did as part of their “Disappearing Dots” campaign. Sure, the effect has been more than re-re-cycled on our site, but the idea behind it qualifies it as very smart optical illusion advertising! Old-timers will probably remember how Ariel did something similar back […]

Along with professor George Alvarez, graduate student Jordan Suchow from Department of Psychology at Harvard University made a new discovery in the filed of optical illusions. The paper titled Motion silences awareness of visual change was published in Current Biology on January 6, 2011 (PDF here). The effect is called Silencing, and it demonstrates how […]

Here’s an incredible optical illusion David D. Dario D. created and submitted for our consideration. You’ll need to wait few seconds before the .gif file fully loads, but when it does I promise you’ll love it! Once the animation has started, you’ll quickly notice how outer-rim dots begin shifting themselves up and down. But what […]