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This beautiful painting by Donald Rusty hides more than meets the eye! Check it out and see if you can spot all the animals hidden somewhere inside it. How many are there? Don’t forget the proper way to submit your findings is using the “submit illusion” email link that can be found at the very bottom […]

Another spectacular picture was sent in to us by Anthony! It’s just one among many illusions crafted and painted by Donald Rust, yet this one is a bit different and steps away a bit from Rusty’s usual style. At first the illusion isn’t so easy to notice, but once you see it you can’t ignore […]

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Here’s another great optical illusion puzzle by Donald Rust: Can you find the King in this painting below? When you’re done, just please don’t tell! Instead, comment you found him and share this post further. Let’s see how long does it take before you see him! BTW: don’t forget to check other illusions by Rusty […]

I always loved Rusty’s illusory paintings, mostly because they look so nice, and all of them carry special atmosphere surrounding them. Rusty’s works sometimes include hard to find hidden stuff, but most of the time the illusion is simple and not so hard to spot at all! Yet each of his works turns out beautiful! […]

Art done by American artist Donald Rust “Rusty” is already well recognized within our optical illusion community (The Hidden Tiger!). It’s actually quite strange we haven’t already featured this one below, as it stands as one of Rusty’s more prominent works. Depict below, a romantic scenery includes it all – an idilic porch, a swan, […]


As we already once said, Donald “Rusty” Rust is an artist with a repertoire as extensive as his talent. Most of you will know him for his magnificent Hidden Tiger Illusion from our archives. This time Rusty painted another optical illusion, and once again your assignment is to try and spot the hidden tiger. Don’t […]