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This guy Liu slowly starts to annoy me… After I have finally managed to see him in each of his previous stunts, he does it all over again, presenting us with whole new set of photos from his latest performances. Not to mention he’s getting better with each blend! I guess we should be happy, […]

What you’ll experience today may ring a bell, as we already featured something similar (yet not as good) in the past. But let me first explain what all the fuss is about: On your right you can see an animated gif featuring a rotating array of blue crosses and 3 yellow dots. Your single assignment […]

Here and then I feel like having a burden of “responsibility”, where I remind myself it would be irresponsible if I didn’t al least provide occasional education, specially when there are so many young-ones among us, whose minds are still forming and thirsty for knowledge! Before I explain the science behind this interesting phenomenon called […]

Here’s one you probably missed seeing in the wild! Check out what Oxy did as part of their “Disappearing Dots” campaign. Sure, the effect has been more than re-re-cycled on our site, but the idea behind it qualifies it as very smart optical illusion advertising! Old-timers will probably remember how Ariel did something similar back […]