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How many differences can you find? Are there any at all?!

While ago, one of our fans who was obviously inspired by Atomium’s impossible structure, sent this in as a suggestion for our little’o website. I was distracted and couldn’t see it at first, but the photo below contains both the illusion and “spot the differences” game all wrapped into one single package! Can you see […]

Jeff Absher struck a great find while playing an on-line game called “5 Differences“. Even though the original assignment was to spot all of the differences among these two otherwise-identical pictures, Jeff also noticed how both roads should appear parallel, yet somehow they don’t. I believe Pablo Salto-Weis Azevedo was the first person to discovered […]

So, in the lack of “spot the differences” optical illusions, I have added this one that took my attention. These kind of “illusions” appear rarely on the site, and only reason they do is because you like them so much (at least so I heard). We can hardly consider them illusions. Only reason is because […]

So, we haven’t had this type of “Spot The Differences” game in a while. Last one I can remember, was the one with the University Classroom. If you can remember any other, please remind me. You should see the photo of a NY street, with a Taxi cab in it. The image is full of […]

Hy people, glad you liked my previous illusion video clip. I see you managed to write over 100 relevant comments in less than a day. I’m still under impression of that illusion clip. Not to bore you with my sentiment, here’s another illusion of the day for all of you. Well, its more of a […]