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A blivet, also known as a poiuyt or even more often refereed to as “The Devil’s Fork” is an undecipherable figure, an optical illusion and an impossible object we’ve encountered many times here on Mighty Optical Illusions blog – yet I feel we’ve never given it proper attention, explained how it works nor talked how […]

Dunno whether you’ve heard of Frazz or not (I haven’t), but I guess it’s a popular comic in western hemisphere. From what I’ve learned, the comic regularly appears in over 200 newspapers worldwide, including the Los Angeles Times, Seattle Times, Chicago Tribune and Detroit News. Invented by Jef Mallett, it follows the adventures of an […]

I love funny comics. I love them even more when they use an optical illusion as part of the joke. One such perfect example is this psychiatric session comic, sent to me recently by my friend Marin. I’m pretty sure we’ve already featured the floating beans wallpaper at some point in time, but today’s example […]

Just received this optical illusion submission from two sources, almost at the same time. Usually when such things happen, it means that the illusion in focus just went viral around the net. I guess same goes for the comic below. Depending on are you a Marvel Universe or DC Comics Universe fan, you might see […]

Just a quick update before I fall off my knees. It was one of the most exhausting days – ever. Summed up, it all comes down to me moving out, and moving in to a new place. After months of construction and architectural businesses, I finally got rid of all the workers who were practically […]

So, Wedde-Lynn Doe sent us this funny comic the other day. Her timing was perfect, because just today I’ve stumbled upon an exactly the same real life illusion! Both of them can be seen inside this article. I think that guy is going to be disappointed when he sees what’s casting that shadow in the […]