Symbols of Mystery Optical Illusion

Got this image recently, composed out of some strange “alien looking” symbols. If I had no experience with optical illusions, I would consider this nothing more than plain gibberish. But since illusions are something I consider “my expertise“, immediately have I remembered my “Eye Examination Test” – which can be found inside optical illusion Tests. Tests category is section we mention rarely, really. Still, some of my favorite posts from early days can be found inside. Anywayz, back to the topic; if you have no clue how this image is even considered optical illusion, I recommend visiting some of the previous posts I mentioned in this text. Ok, did my duty, gave you newest illusion, and now I’m off to prepare for my Birthday – it’s tomorrow, and since its already 22h, this means 2 more hours and I’ll be 24! For old time followers, this I bet is something you didn’t know. Now if you are regular visitor, you may already know which country I live in, my age and my educational status :)

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  1. yes yes yes, this is a good one indeed. Step back and you can see what it says.

    Happy 24th! One more year and it’s a quarter of a century haha
    live it up!

  2. happy birthday!

    (I’m a long-time visitor…I used to post as “me,” and you can find posts of mine for…oh, i don’t even know….how long has this site been up?)

    and since i use the widget, i saw what the illusion before even seeing the image. it’s easier to see when it’s smaller

  3. i wear glasses, so i was looking at it and i couldnt see it, so i took off my glasses and i could see it immediatly :]

  4. Don’t look down if you don’t want the answer


    Chinese Food Festival

  5. I have seen one of those somewhere before. It took me ages to work out back then but as soon as I saw it here I knew what to do lol.

    For those who can’t read what it says, “Chinese Food Festival” is what I read it as lol.

  6. If you put lines left to right on the tops and bottoms of each box you can see black text in a white box. It reads: CHINESE FOOD FESTIVAL

  7. Happy birthday!!!
    IMHO the image would look better upside down – in that case I doubt anybody would notice the hidden text

  8. EASY !
    my grandma used ot have a sculpture of something like this,
    i think it said “good bless you” or somethinglike that, same concept, though.

    CHINESE FOOD FESTIVAL sounds delicious,
    i think i might have to order out tonight. =]

  9. Chinese food festival, look at the white letters, it actually becomes 3d after a while… oh and happy b-day

  10. The smaller version that appears on Facebook is legible right away. I could read “Chinese Food Festival” without any difficulty. I was wondering what was so “illusionific” about so I came here. Now that I “see the bigger picture”, I can understand it better.

  11. Congrats! im pretty new to the site(been here 6-7 times) but gotta love it! Im a big illusion fan. still i dont get this…

  12. Easier to resolve from a distance. As you back away, after a certain distance the brain instantly flips foreground/background.

    and by the way– Happy Birthday!

  13. I saw what the illusion said on my widget, and I had to go to the site to actually see what the illusion part of it was. (Happy 24th)

  14. Ah, the “alien symbols” tells us of something delightful.

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Vurdlak. I’ve been visiting MOIllusions for about a year now, and I regret to tell you that I didn’t even know the slightest thing about you…

  15. Cool, and for anyone who’s wondering, it says “CHINESE FOOD FESTIVAL” I wonder if there is a program used for creating these, or if it’s just drawn.

  16. Happy birthday, Vurdlak!

    Clever illusion. I had to let my eyes go out of focus to see it. (And it made me a little hungry. ;-) )

  17. It’s funny…my birthday was also yesterday and for fun I googled famous people who were born on that day. They include Bob Dylan and Priscilla Presley, and many others. While I was reading that list I wondered to myself about all the other anonymous people in the world who shared my birthday. And then just today I stumble on one of those people. Kind of cool. Hope you had a great day, and I’ll probably think of you fleetingly every year on my birthday now! Thanks as well for the interesting site.

  18. Happy Birthday from Japan!!

    At first, those symbols look a little bit like
    katakana (a kind of Japanese character).

  19. stand far away from the screen & then its easier to see. you’ll have to get out of your chair to get to a decent distance.

  20. If you blur your eyes a little, it’s easier to see it. Just concentrate on the black and it says, “Chinese food festival.”

  21. may sound racist, but if u squint ur eyes u can read it alot better and the reason i say may sound racist is because it says “chinise food festival” XD

  22. yes it says CHINESE FOOD FESTIVAL if u squint ur eyes like chinese eyes.. but i donno y some ppl says “happy”!!!

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