Sunset Baby Optical Illusion

Some time ago, there was a Photoshop contest held by worth1000, where each contestant had to recreate one of the classic old-school optical illusions of his choice. Recreations results had to show great photoshop skills, as well as realistic looks. In my opinion, they were mostly created to look life-lie (real life illusions). Few months ago, I have even dedicated a post to some old-school illusions revisited in this contest. Some of the results are truly amazing. Well, I have forgotten to include this interesting flick below. The image isn’t that extraordinary, but the reference to original Baby in Picture optical illusion, triggered me to post this one as well. If you got to know me, you should have realized by now there aren’t many illusions on this website that I didn’t understand, or have misinterpret, since all of them have to pass my quality check and review. Well, the original Baby illusion was one of the few I didn’t understand, and had trouble finding the hidden baby. It was not hard, I simply missed to see it until few of you pointed it out to me. Well now our new visitors have chance to play with this new version, that is very similar to the original. Enjoy!

Baby sunset illusion

41 Replies to “Sunset Baby Optical Illusion”

  1. illusion is ok… the baby is the big yellow field with the city shown inside.
    But there are better illusions ^^

  2. I think it’s pretty good.
    Who cares if it’s a baby or fetus? A fetus is, in fact, a baby, so why make a big fuss over a baby that’s either curled into the fetal position, or is not yet born.

  3. Anyone who thinks it’s a fetus is looking in the wrong spot! If all you see is a fetus look directly below it -that’s the baby

  4. “The baby (fetus possibly) is etched between the branches of the tree. it was quite easy to find.”

    No its not the baby… the baby is the size of the whole image… stand alittle more away and maybe ull see it.

  5. The fact that it’s in a foetal position doesn’t automatically make it a foetus. And it doesn’t matter anyway.

    I like the original better, but that’s not to say I don’t like this one too =)

  6. The size of the head relative to the body and limbs suggests a fetus, which is a baby who hasn’t been born. Remember: all fetuses are babies, but not all babies are fetuses. (Except in latin. lol)

  7. as i commented in the other pic of this that isn’t so sunny, but has 2 ppl in it: CAN NO1 SEE DA G** DAMN RABBIT?!

  8. WOW I was nearing reading the end of the paragraph and I managed to find it! The left hole in the trunk of the tree is the leg, you can see the five toes clearly. That started me off and you work from there

  9. Vurdlak, you have told us previously that you look at the comments sent in before you let them be posted – if that is the case, why do you allow crass stupidity on your otherwise excellent site?

    Took a while, but did see the baby.

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