Strange Statue Illusion

It seems our provider had some difficulties this afternoon. Seems everything is fixed now, and the site is back up. Now I can post another interesting illusion for you. What you see here may not look so interesting at first, but if you open the article and see full set of photos, you will understand what’s so strange about this statue. It appears that the shape you see, isn’t the only one present – in fact, this sculpture changes it shape, as you walk around it. I needed some time to figure this out, but at the end I got it! The Unity Triangle, posted few months ago is even better example! If you know where both of these statues are located, feel free to share the info… For more interesting installations check: Fatamorgana, Mark Jenkins, Lord Of The Rings

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  1. It does indeed take some time to see what’s strange about it. You notice it better if you take notice of the orientation of the base of the statue. In the first three foto’s it is clear the statue is not placed straight on it (more diagonal), but in the fourth it looks straight.

  2. you can tell that all it is doing is taking pictures in weird angles, it slightly looks like it looks illusional, but u can kinda tell after looking at it after about a minute or two

  3. oooh, I found something! See how the cube looks like it stands straight on the base in the fourth picture, like Toine said?

    It doesnt.

    If you look closely you can see that the left corner bit is much closer than the right one, yet the statue looks flat.

    That means that the shape must be distorted.

    Or at least the right foot is not as it seems…

    Oh, wait, I GET IT NOW!!!


    Yessssssss…. I got it!

    The squares are really diamonds or rhombuses or whatever, but viewing them from the right angle makes us think they are squares! Am I right?

    also, sorry in advance if someone got the answer before me; I didn’t see it. Blame it on the delay.

  4. No, it’s not in Germany.
    Traffic signs are probably very similiar around Europe, so you can’t tell which country it is by only looking at that.

    On the brick building in the fourth picture there’s a symbol just over the entrance. That’s the Swedish Police. I assume no other country than Sweden has that on their buildings.

    No doubts remain. :)

  5. no it’s not germany. it’s located in Göteborg, Sweden. it’s placed just outside one of the University buildings (the one in the background), in the corner of Fågelsången/Olof Wijksgatan.

  6. you can see it just to the right of the marker here:

    and no, it’s not the sign of the swedish police. it’s the offical swedish coat of arms used by the swedish government. the building somehow belongs to the University of Göteborg.

  7. It is situated infront of the drama school, uni of Göteborg. But there are several other variations of this sculpture in the city. Don’t remeber the name of the artist, but I can check it out, and maybe post images of the other sculptures on the same theme!!

  8. It’s according to your perspective…the front(the cube that is bulging out) of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pictures is actually the upper right corner of the 4th picture…the 5th picture looks like there are a lot of cubes in it but it’s just the same amount of cubes in it..we just see the silhouette that’s why it looks like it has a lot of cubes…look at it closely…

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