Stereo Dino Optical Illusion

This one will load for a little bit since it’s 200kb big, but still – a great animation! Huge THANK YOU goes to James aka “access-denied” that provided me with free hosting solution on his server! If you like this flick, be sure to thank James in comments ;) As you see, this gif file looks 3D/Stereo even without wearing those red and blue glasses that you get in some stereo-vision cinemas. Did you like this one as well as I did?

82 Replies to “Stereo Dino Optical Illusion”

  1. appropriately scary; looks like a lot of work to me – Wagner would be jealous; few set designers have done as well with their fakey Fafners.

  2. I don’t get it, this is the 2nd time you’ve put up an “animation”, but ALL I see is a static picture, no animation at all, but judging from the comments I must be the only one – what am I doing wrong???????????

  3. i think, Baxx, that when the dino opened his mouth he pushes the bars inside :)

    @ Fritz, check my comment on the 3dfireplace, there’s an explanation on how to do it, not the best explanation but you’ve got to play with the images yourself a bit, it’s just a start. good luck!

  4. GERT7 – Heres a joke: When I scrolled down it’s nose got bumped with the browser frame…


    gert7 dnt wana hear no mre jkes frm u agn coz dat wos 1 of da woorrssstttt 1z iv herd n a lnnnnnngggggg tym!!!!!!

  5. GAH! That is soo awesome! They need to make movies like that where you don’t have to wear the annoying glasses…this is great!

  6. i feel sick i staired at it for ages but it is realy awesome i hate the glasses this is the beter one i would pay to stair at it again

  7. that’s pretty phenominal. I can’t wait till a motion picture takes this to the next level so we can watch an actual 3-D environment!! can’t wait 4 more!!

  8. I can’t see how that would work with video. It’s pretty neat with still images though. Video has the usual movement, and squeezing in this 3D wiggle movement could totally trip people out and even give them motion sickness.

    1. You don’t have to blink ur eyes its 3 pictures(mabe more/less) that go really fast and it looks like its 3d

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