Stereo 3D Animated Images

Here’s what I just found. Really interesting gif animation called “Old Stone Gate” taken in Garrison, New York. You can find more of this great Illusions if you visit Jim Gasperini Homepage. The gif below is done in a way, where you take a picture of something from two different angles and combine it in animated .gif. It’s the same as “Shiva Illusion” and non animated “Stereogram Chair”.

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  1. i cant believe that u put this on here because anyone can do this any where, you are just a CLUELESS DUMASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What makes something look 3-D is two different views combined. So if you have two pictures with the almost congruent perspectives, with the pictures switching very fast, creates the illusion 3-D. Thats why when you see with only one eye open, your depth vison isn’t very good. The earthquake is again done by the do different pictures switching so fast, but if you focus on the bottom left corner, you’ll notice a small black shadow that it disappears very quickly and vice versa. This is how movies make 3-D movies, is they shoot the scene with a special camera where it has two cameras combined on one screen, so when you go to the movies and see it without the glasses, is looks wierd because you can see an object’s outline twice. So when you put on the special glasses, which have special shudders that change each eyes perspective creating the illusion of 3-D. This is the future of 3-D movies, but the red and blue glasses for 3-D are not even close to the experience with the other glasses.
    IF you want more email me @ [email protected]

  3. Oh my god this is awesome even if “Anyone can do this anywhere”
    I make my head shiver & I feel like I’m getting hypnotized!!! LOL

  4. @lewis:
    anyone can to this anywhere!
    maybe – sure – are you sure!

    you have to hav the idea, to make things look great.
    The are even great if they are made in an easy way.
    Its like the egg of columbus!

    its fine i think

  5. hey can i say ur pages r really cool but u should put a warning for dizzy ness and fits and stuff like that cause it plays wit ur brain too much but its pretty cool!!!kepp up the good work …..but this optical olluision dosnt work 4 me

  6. wow! it wasnt moving the first time i looked at it.i read the comments to get some clue, when i got back to the pic, whoa! i cant make it stop!

  7. It’s a stereogram.
    Split it into two images and put the next to each other, then cross your eyes until they overlap (like in those magic eye books) and you can see it in 3D.

  8. AHHHHHHH at first i had no idea, so, like cared, i read te comments, than i went back and BOOM! headaches, i felt like i was hypnotized! :P

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