Stars Like Dust Illusion

I’m a big fan of science fiction – specially Isaac Asimov, the father of 3 laws of robotics. If you haven’t heard of him, he’s the guy that wrote “I, Robot” and “Bicentennial Man”. I’ve just finished reading his Foundation series, which received him a Hugo award. You’ve got to read this – best SF ever, in my opinion. Anyhow, this is the reason I’ve entitled this post “Stars like dust“, which is another novel by the same author that I’m preparing to read. But let’s jump to our regular illusion business. I found this picture below quite amusing. It’s the same old “checkers” story again, only this time in another example. The goal is to make yourself believe that both stars (A and B) are of the same color. Not so easy, ayeh? You can see the proof inside. By the way, I’m in some sort of developing over the last few weeks (connected with this site), so be sure to check regularly. I may have another surprise for you.

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  1. mmm sorry but i see here some much better illusions :o$ but i really agree with you about Asimov and hes wonderful writing ;o)

  2. wow, i find this type of illusion really mind blowing and freaky! i have to give it to you, this is the best i’ve ever seen, i still can’t get my head round it, even with the blue stripe. staring at it gormlessly…
    loving it! keep up the great site!
    ps. i’ve never heard of this author- he’s not in Watersones, that’s for sure. do you only find him in weird cult bookshops? also, i’m getting quite sick of having to create a new account every time i leave a comment. google doesn’t remember me. any way round this?

  3. That is pretty sweet. I just used Apple’s Digital Color Meter to measure the color, and they surely are exactly the same. Nice!

  4. OK! I don’t like these kinds of illusions for messing with my mind, with the different but same color, and ARGGG!!!
    But i like them overall. lol
    This one its fairly easy to spot that its the same color, its just the shadow that makes it look different. Without the shadow, all we would see would be an “A”
    Otherwise Pretty Cool.

  5. damn it i wrote somthing cool, but had to register, its goone!
    asimov kiks ass, best author eva, we were talking about him not 2 days ago, i signed up not realy for the ilusion, but for asimov lol, READ HIS BOOKS, but anyway cool illusion, hard to believe there the same colour :)

  6. that is IMMENSE! Immensely am”azing!:P heh – because i was like – what? they ARE different colours!”(in the second picture i meant) then i realised that they were both going into the same filled colour up top and was just like :| wow… Brad you idiot ^_^!

  7. its really cool, but its been done before a lot. its still really cool. at first i thought it was a sign for a sports team called “stars” anyways…uh yeah

  8. Unreal, I would have bet an extraordinary large amount of money that they were different colours! And I’m someone who has to be DAMN SURE of something to bet any money!!! Amazing!

  9. no offence, this is a cool illusion but there have been a lot of illusions like this where the colour changes because of shading…

  10. i really cant believe that those are the same color!!!!! its such a cool illusion. anyway, i love ur illusions and come to this site every time theres a new one.

  11. You are amazing! I am a self taught artist and I would have never believed the two stars were the same color. I'm looking forward to checking into your recommendation to read Mr. Asimov's books. I hope I like them as much as your web site. ;<*

  12. The colors are not the same. The color, even on your compare panel, is are different shades of blue. The one on the left is lighter than the one on the right.

  13. this is not a real life object, it is an IMAGE and in images color IS light, light IS color. if you were to draw or paint this image you would in fact have to use to separate colors, so in my opinion, i see two separate colors, my opinion… the end.

  14. Sorry to burst any body’s bubble but… the stars aren’t the same color. The “A” star is the same color as the lettering and the outlining of star “B” which is white. It is just in the shaded part of the sign which is making them look similar in color.

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