Stairway To Heaven Stereogram

Another cool stereogram, provided to you by MI. Basically if you cross your eyes, third image will appear. Now try focusing on this 3rd image, sharpen it and voila! – 3D staircase. Now post your comments – does this illusion work for you? It’s the same as the Chair Stereogram I posted in the past. You can find it in Stereograms Category in my sidebar, along with other 3D Illusions.

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  1. woha…if you cross your eyes….it gets in foucus then out…idk how to explain it but it looks like its geting closer than farther…its cool

  2. After looking at stereograms elsewhere, I can finally look at them correctly, and without struggling! They look amazing now.

  3. damn my eyes hurt now i looked to long but im not sure if i saw what everyone else saw but i saw a stairway going down lol like into hell : / lol

  4. the stairs are going down so wouldn’t it be a ‘stair case to ‘hell”

    and you can see the guys feet who took the photo (look down the bottom on the ledge)

  5. I don’t know whether more people do stereograms cross-eyed or wall-eyed, but all the ones on this site seem to be cross-eyed. I can’t seem to do cross-eyed, and getting them wall-eyed sends STRANGE signals to my brain…

  6. THere are A-LOT other stereograms like this one on the internet..
    If you cross your eyes you will see double.. so the two images will become four.. Now try to look so much crossed that the 2 middle images become one.. now it’s 3D ^^

  7. ok im sure its really cool and i probably sound really weird when i say this, but i can’t see anything when i try to cross my eyes. is there another way to view it and/or how do u do it to be able to see!


  8. great , i’ve never seen real photos do that effect. and cross eyed is way easier for me to see than the other method looking behind the image …

  9. WHOA!! The first time I saw it I was all ‘what the heck is this suposed to be’? And now I’m all ‘AWESOME!!’ cuz i get it! TOTALLY STELLAR!

  10. I can’t see anything. Is it the same thing you do with regular stereograms? When I do it the same, it just looks like a copy of the first pictures, but it’s in the middle. What is different about it and how do you do it if i am doing it wrong?

  11. Sorry but this “3D” image is not 3D. I am a producer of stereo images these two images are the wrong way round.

    The gap that appears orange between the stairs on the right and the stairs underneath is wider on the right than the left. It should be wider on the left where your left eye is further away from it.

    No wonder a lot of the commenters above could not see it in 3D. And yet some still claim to have done!

    I’ve put them the right way round on my site, all be it smaller. Click my name and search for “3D”.

  12. sorry but i can’t see anything. i’ve tried to cross my eyes , although i don’t know surely how to do it. can anybody explain me where to look and how to cross my eyes exactly?
    god bless ye

  13. Damn i got it! woow thats so cool i was like looking at 3 picture and then i cant hold it but after ca 10th try it worked :D

  14. OMG! That was great. At first sight I saw a room such as a living room area with a stair case on the right; then I see the photos on the wall to the left of the staircase, then I see steps coming out of the back wall and then I’m thinking this is photoshopped. Then BOOM, I see it. The view is as if you were standing at the top of a 20 story staircase looking over the hand rail, & down the stairwell, like in an old fashioned apartment building. WOW, that was the best so far. Thanks.

  15. I can’t believe I rambled on about how cool this was for me, then I read this info at the top of the 2 photos. I did wonder why there was a second photo almost exact. That was waaaay cooler than I origionaly thought it was.

  16. If you look in a mirror whilst doing this, you see that one of your eyes is crosses while the other is straight.

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