Squirrels in Action Optical Illusion


I’m not exactly sure whether I already showed you this painting, but if my memory still serves me well, I believe we overlooked one particular item when presenting Octavio Ocampo’s marvelous opus! Those of you getting first impression on our new optical illusions via “Optical Illusion of The Day” widget will have a heads-up seeing the illusion here. The rest will probably see nothing out of ordinary at first. But if you move your head away from the monitor, or squint your eyes slightly, I promise the squirrels and their tree-playground will present you with a whole new meaning eventually!

  • Jerome

    I see the naked man in the tree branches, but the squirrels just look like squirrels to me.

    • hahaha it took me a while to kno what you were talkin about… i wuz looking for it in the sky

    • Christopher Jarvis

      That took me ten minutes! I SEE IT!

  • Care Bear

    OOOOO! I just saw the pretty lady.

  • Sami


    Oh, there’s two hidden pictures. Didn’t notice that dude in the branches before Jerome pointed it out. Yes, it looks something in the direction like David, or so.

    But there’s also that woman’s face in the negative space.

    • Kok F’ng Chong

      i cant see the face in the negative face!

    • Kok F’ng Chong

      space* lol

    • diane

      also didnt see the david image .
      so we have 3 pictures in one ;-)

    • Frost

      I can’t see the woman’s face what so ever.. anything i have to focus on?

    • Frost

      Hah! Okay.. i found her :)


    i dont see anything new 2 the site and i love it..


      o and i guess having the first comment is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • NeeL

      It took you an hour to type? This site works with confirmation. Each comment has to be approved of before it is posted.

    • diane

      remeber postes ( Comments )go to moderation So if you see NO Posts LOTS are waiting ,posts in the mode Q can be there 4 Hours / Days …

  • David C

    Let’s face it, she seems to be interested in something…

  • Kimon

    I see the lady (that took effort).
    Do you also see the naked guy? (that didn’t take me effort)

  • NeeL

    Love this Illusion!

    Through the widget, I thought I was supposed to see letters in the squirrels.
    Then, after ten seconds I smiled and said “oh hello there!” to the woman appearing on my screen.
    Too bad Jerome bluntly pointed out there also was a man in the branches before I could notice him myself.



  • Pixie-dust

    Yay I got it ….. finally

  • Grace

    A lady, as my friend Drew would say.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see anything unusual except for the naked man and lady’s face. Is it inappropriate or something?

  • jeo

    i dont see anything

  • mike

    what the heck is dis?

  • Phillip

    What man or woman? I see a squirrel farting and the other squirrel smelling the fumes.

  • vas

    i saw a girls face from far away to the monitor screen and one squirrel is like a eye and another one is like lip of the girls face.

  • There’s more than one nut in this picture. XD

  • Michael Gilmore

    Whoa! It kind of scared me when I actually saw it! Great illusion!

  • jack

    omg bacon

  • spider

    Beautiful illusion!

    I see the naked man and the pretty woman in the background!

    Also, the squirrel in the woman’s mouth with a cupcake :)

  • Miky Dallaire

    Yeah. I see too the naked guy and the woman face!

  • ramiro

    eeeeeewwwww i see dude dong thats disturbing

  • qwertyuiop

    wow thats kinda creepy (i mean the naked guy, not the pretty lady or the cute squirrels)

  • Jaxx Miller

    I saw the lady first and only saw the squirrels after I saw the title of the picture. The naked guy I only saw after I read the first comment.

  • Gwen Casey

    I didn’t see the naked man at all until I saw Jerome mention it. Best illusion I’ve seen in a while!

  • Benua

    Waou !! So elegant ! It looks like Dita…

  • Scott

    Go the branch man straight away but the womans face took a little while before she jumped out at me.

  • Jess

    i just see the pretty lady :) a great illusion

  • i saw it!!! the squirrel on the left is an eye and the other one is a mouth. Try tilting your head

  • ZL123

    Nice, better there are better ones!

  • Victor

    Nice illusion!!

    1. First squirrel from left is an eye and second squirrel is the lips of a lady.

    2. Naked man in the branch.

  • Lol

    :) i saw the Lady before anything else, i can see the naked man also.

    Nice illusion

  • i see the ladies face as well as the nakes man in the tree branch…but nothing else..

  • tashi

    awesome…,great illusion

  • Angelgirl888

    ok i can c te naked branch but where is the rest?

  • me


  • me

    Vampire woman. That may make a different meaning to the man in the branch!

  • William

    Is the squirrel farting? I don’t get it…

  • Star

    Is the man the branch, kinda laying with his head down & feet up? I can’t find the woman’s face?

  • Once you see th lovely lady, the squirrels seem to disappear. Nice optical illusion……:)

  • debbie

    everytime I squint my eyes they water so everything looks blurry – must be the hayfever!!!! will try again later!

  • fossda

    where is the naked man in the branches? i cant see it!

  • fossda

    i get it now! turn you head to the side and you will se a big face! but i still cant see the naked man…

  • Teri

    Can’t see a woman, just the man in the branches…

  • Muhammad

    Its a sad lady!

  • Cyphis

    I didn’t notice the man either. I thought I’d solved the illusion. I saw the women before the squirrels lol never noticed the branches.

  • GeorgieP


    Squint and turn your head towards your left shoulder! fantastic! x

  • hahaha i found it without looking for it… i wuz reading the article && it just showed up!!!!

  • Jasmine

    Very Erotic Illusion lol

  • Aianna

    i actually saw the illusion before seeing the squirrels, gread pic

  • Rick

    I saw the lady & the squirrels IMMEDIATELY but not until I read sami’s post did I recognize the man.

  • dana


  • josephts

    I must be tired…..don’t see anything.

  • The squrriels turned into yje eye and the lips of of a beautiful girl , so nice!!

  • PG

    WOW, it take tike to recognize but greate

  • Chelsea

    I saw it!!!! AWESOMES illusion! This is a great example of a great artists!

  • Iris Rivera

    I saw it immediately, I thought I was the only one who notice the beautiful women, so I shared it with every one at work.

  • Kimberly

    I saw the woman immediately, took me a little longer to find the man.

  • At first I wondered about the fat squirrel: was is holding a big nut or was it fat and wearing shorts?
    Then I figured out the girl’s face.
    I didn’t even know to look for anything else until I read the early comments… then I found the man.

  • Jess

    if u look at the squirrell on the left with its tail up that is the lady. the rest of her is in the sky.

    the man is on the tree ranch that they are standing on

  • Rich

    The branch is also part of the illusion — a separate one. It is a main reclined on his back with one leg extending into the air.

    The lower squirrel is standing on the man’s head.

  • Carl WhoDat Fuglein


  • AmyThaShyzz

    AGHH! FINALLY! It took me like, forever to see the lady. I got the man right off. I was really starting to get frustrated!

  • Tiffany

    o.o I had to look at the older comments before I could see the lady. Looks like a mannequin face :D

  • dan

    had to zoom out to 50% before seeing the face of the women. Right squirrel makes out her lips; the left squirrel is her right eye and eyebrow. The branch marks out the contour of her face(right side). The out of focus trees between the two squirrels outline the negative of her nose.

  • Petra

    Wow! It took me a while to see the lady.

  • Daniel

    Who actually notice a owl at the tree hole?
    i cant find any of the illusion except the owl D:

    • kate

      thank goodness, i thought i was the only one that saw the owl!

  • Buck

    What about the woman’s face on the head of the lower squirrel on the right? Squirrel’s left ear is her nostril and left eye is her mouth which is open like she is scared. Her right eye (which also adds to the scary look) is the tip of the tail and the squirrel’s right ear. Her hair is the squirrel’s tail. Part of it anyway. That is what I saw first. I didn’t see the other woman that is made from both squirrels for a while. After I found the man leaning back.

  • Jeremy

    I saw the man quickly.it took me a while to see the lady lol I freaked out when I saw the lady. hahaha
    nice illusion

  • Anonymous

    !!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

    The man is in tree branch. The woman is harder to find. The left squirrel is one of her eyes, the branched hanging from the top are the other. The other squirrel is the lips, and the branch forms the shape of her face.

  • You all are wrong. The squirrel on the the right makes the lips, the squirrel sitting higher ir make the eye and eyebrow. The backdrop with the trees contours her nose. And you also have to turn your heaed slightly left.

  • JessMoneyyy

    i can’t find the woman AT ALL! it makes me want to cry… i can see the man… reading some of these comments just mkes it worse! everyone sees a different woman!AAAAAHH HELP MEEE!!! (please!)

  • JessMoneyyy

    EURICKAA!!!! i finally found it! heehee!

  • Anna

    Tilt your head left, squint your eyes.

    • Jafranko

      Haha! Finally! I saw the man immediately, but it never really registered. When I looked for the “woman,” i kept expecting to find an entire body. Tilting my head to the left really helped! A beautiful piece of work.

  • Yogi

    I have no idea what you guys are talking about all I see is an evil tree trying to eat the little squirrel, no woman or man, although the squirrel with his tail up looks like a small face?

  • dandrealevy

    I FINALLY see the man lying down and the lady’s face. I even see the man’s penis…really. Look at it again.

  • Elizabeth

    It took me forever to find that dang women!!!

    I had to til my computer screen back and tilt my head :]

  • emily

    this took me FOREVER to find! you really do need to squint and tilt your head to the left! AWESOME ILLUSION(:

  • jeremy

    HOLY SH*T, that was good

  • Mcfly_11

    I was looking at it for ages!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then I saw the face.

  • Maria

    oh my!!
    I was going to share this with my students in our illusion of the day, but I just found the man!!!
    Great illusion!

  • rudy

    to see the women just tilt your head to the left and look straight and you will see the women

  • Mysty

    Best one yet! Saw the man right off, but it took some effort to see the woman.

  • olyyyy

    i cant see it someone explain

  • olyyyy

    where’s the man

  • A Banana

    oh! tht is soo cool!!! :)

  • DSM

    Hmm.. i turned my head the wrong way… jeez, i was confused from the comments. The squirrel are the lips… o.O turned out to be the left one.

  • leperchaun


  • CiCi

    oh my crap!!
    it took me so long to figure it out!!
    like once i finally got the lady i almost started to cry of happiness but im still tryna find the man

  • chris

    try to drag the image

  • Ricky

    Very tricky. The way i found it was I saved the image, then i rotated it. The entire squirel on the right is the lip…the left squirel is an eye and an eyebrow. That thing hanging in the middle of the painting is another eyebrow..just half..the trees between the squirrels are shadows of the outline of her nose. Best way to notice the face right off the bat is turn your head sideways, left squirels tail is the left eyebrow, that stuff on the top of the painting (branches) is the other eyebrow and eye.

  • Dan

    I finally found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My brother is struggling……

  • Dan


    My brother found it, too!

  • eee efff geee

    i saw the woman before i saw the man >.<

  • Catherine

    omg!! took me forever!!! I saw the man after reading where he was, but for the woman, I had to zoom out as far as my computer would let me. yeesh!!! I like this one!!!

  • aayush

    I FOUND THE LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EUREKA!!!!!!!

  • claudiac-09

    I can only see the man…any help???

  • adrianne

    i saved image to desktop and looked at the small picture icon of the file on my desktop and i was able to see the womans face :D even now i can only see it when its small. the woman’s eyes are the left squirrel and the branch in the air. she is looking down towards the baranch on the bottom… which is also a naked man laying down.

  • Grace

    The man is the branch he is loads tinyer than the lady and his whole body is there. The man has a leg up. The right squirrel is on his face. The right squirrel is the lady’s mouth while the left one is her left eye and brow. The man is the branch not the space under it

  • odie

    i cant see the woman or man:(

  • Elfed

    Great illusion.

  • Kat

    saw the woman right off, took someone to say ‘man’ for me to realize what all it was. saw the legs and *cough, cough*. :) had a hard time seeing his head.

  • Vicky

    Oh God, when I saw the woman I shouted. To see her I closed my eyes a bit and then she showed up o.o

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