Spot The Critical Visual Errors

3 Critical Visual Errors - Optical IllusionHope you had a nice weekend, like I did. Sun began to show-up, and I believe spring has finally arrived to this part of Europe. To celebrate, I have prepared another seasonal illusion for you. Even though the trees in this picture appear to prepare themselves for winter, just ignore them – they’re wrong :)

Before we begin, I’d like to give credit to Gianni A. Sarcone of Archimedes’ Laboratory for creating this puzzling card. Erica, visitor who shared this with us, suggested there are numerous oddities hidden inside this picture. How many can you spot? To be sincere, I noticed only one. How many are there? Be sure to point them all out!

By the way, some of my friends warned me they had certain site-loading issues over the previous weeks. They also pointed out some ad-serving errors, as well as firewall problems while accessing Mighty Optical Illusions headquarters. Would you be so kind to share your experience? Is the site fully operational for everyone? What kind of problems (if any) have you experienced over the last few days? I’m eager to know! I need as much information possible, so I can fix the issue, provided it actually exists…

Last week I added some slight modifications to speedup the site loading times. I think it’s fully operational for everyone, but can’t know for sure without my fans sharing their view

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62 Replies to “Spot The Critical Visual Errors”

  1. ooooww me mareaa xD esta bueno si
    I love your site, and your comments before illusions! greetings from chile!! everything is fine here in this zone. Bye!! Chaitoo :)

  2. And the roof is twisted: dormer faces left, door header faces straight ahead.

    What’s the third one? The picture title implies 3 problems.

    Also, everything is fine with your application for me. I access it through Yahoo and I’ve had no problems. Love the site! :D

  3. There’s the screwed up door, the same thing happened to the house, and the trees on either side of the path are all leaning away from the path.

  4. The third error is just to the lower left of the door. The small patch of grass is growing over the canopy of the tree.

  5. OH boy! Makes my eyes dizzy!
    Where’s the gutters?
    Top roof line of bay window needs finished. Where’s the brick wall go…back of house or connected to front house wall?
    Treetops meld into fallen leaves on the ground.
    Green patch in sidewalk should have fall leaves on it.
    Light fixture is it flush with door or in front of post?
    White patch on left back tree shouldn’t be…if the sun is casting tree shadows to the right.
    Why a triangle white spot in sky….indicates roundness or reflection yet there’s clouds. Oh, boy!

  6. The perspective of the handrails is opposite wrong to the rest of the house. according to the shadows of the trees the right side of the left hand trees should be much darker then the left side of the right had trees.

  7. A few wrongs:

    1. Door is open to both sides at the same time;
    2. Roof line perspective is not correct;
    3. All windows are supposed to be in parallel planes, but are facing to different directions;
    4. Roof above right topmost window does not cast shadow like trees below and roof above doors do;
    5. Trees grow right on concrete;
    6. Foliage of the bottom left tree blends into the ground above by the masonry fence/wall;
    7. A street (supposedly) runs straight into house entrance – while not impossible, but certainly conflicts with common sense;

  8. 1. Considering the shadows of the two trees at the bottom-left corner, there should also be strong shadows coming from: a. the railings on the little stairway b. the tree on the upper-left corner and c. the left part of the wall from which the door is opened.
    2. Taking evidence from the shadows on the bottom-left, the way they are stretched means that the sun is setting or rising (its position is very low on the horizon) at the far left side of the picture, so the sky above the house couldn’t be of so bright blue color.
    3. The screwed-up door: we see the inside of the house in such an angle, which tells us that the door is opened by being pulled IN. So the upper part of the door is completely wrong.
    4. The horizontal line of the roof seems too weird to me, I don’t think it should go so diagonally :)
    5. The boles of the two bottom-left trees have a slope to the left, which should not be happening in real life. Their boles, should be going 90 degrees vertically to the ground, just like every other tree’s bole in the picture!

    I hope I made myself clear :D

  9. The door and the dormer, of course.

    The tree on the upper right appears to be growing out of the tree “below” it.

    The bush on our left of the door is growing over the tree in front of it.

    No shadows from the left (from out viewpoint) railing and from the dormer (but that’s probably because it’s screwed up to start with).

    Has to be something wrong with the wall on the left but I don’t know what. Just doesn’t seem proper.

  10. The trees in the foreground are really tiny, and there is no guttering on the house. Also top left, between the cloud and the roof, part of the sky is missing :)

  11. angle of the left side of the house (look at the roof) and the front (look at the ground line) suggest very different perspectives.

    One tree is planted in the leaves of another on the left, and/or the grass near the house is in the foreground over the nearer tree’s leaves.

  12. The main problem, Perspective! There are at least 3 different perspective points which throws off the whole image. (It makes the house all screwy.)
    The door is opening in on the bottom but out at the top.

  13. 1. The door…showing outside on the top and inside on the bottom

    2. The Dormer showing two panes of glass…unless a strange design was intended

    3. The roof is aschew

    4. The trees appear to be growing out of cement…while possible, not likely

  14. Bottom of the door seems to be open inward whereas the top seems to be open outward.
    The perspective of the roof doesn’t match the perspective of the bottom part of the house.
    The shadows of the trees [growing out of concrete] don’t match the shadows elsewhere.
    The shadow of the tree furthest right is wrong. It’s on the wrong side.
    The perspective of the road and the trees is different from the perspective of the house.
    The window on the roof is facing right whereas the part of the roof encasing the window is facing left.
    Left side of the house is lying on grass whereas the right side is behind bushes, making the right side a lot lower than the left.
    So, basically, someone very skilled made this picture… or someone lacking any real knowledge of perspective XD Haha.
    Good picture though! Was fun. I want to see if there are more I missed [probably].

  15. Obviously the door is open and letting out the heat – very bad for energy conservation. That, and the inside of the house is an Ames Room.

  16. 1- the door opens in at the bottom, out at the top
    2- the right dormer ( see the right side of dormer roof-suggesting the roof juts forward but the perspective of the roof line is that it juts back)
    3 – front landing and steps. Steps are not square to the front of the pictue but imply perspective to the right. Yet the railings are paralle and imply front on view.

    4- Sun shine apparently on top of trees but trees on left are throwing a long shadow.

    5-in the forground of the picture we appear to be looking “down” on the trees from on high. However as you look at the roof line of the house we appear to be looking “up” to the sky to see the clouds and blue sky in the background.

  17. The name of the piece is Three Critical Visual Errors. Therefore, I am assuming there are three errors.

    The first error I see is the door which is both inside and outside of the house. The bottom of the door swings inward while the top opens to the outside.

    A second less obvious error is the alignment of the roof and the body of the house itself. The roof and the windows are facing to my left, while the front of the house is facing to my right.

    In my anything but humble opinion, I do not see the trees growing out of the concrete as an optical illusion.

    I think the third error is the small bush on the left side of the steps. the bottom of the Bush is growing in front of the treetop.

  18. personally i think that the contractor who planned and built this house should be fired. obviously it is autumn and that screwed up door is gonna let in a draft. someone could get a cold. also if there are twin bedrooms up top, they are both gonna have slanted roofs and it wont be fair unless one is tall and the other is a midget. finally the dog that has to pee on that tree to the right is gonna have to climb all the way to the top of the tree in front of it since the trunk is portruding from the canopy all in all, i feel sorry for the cartoon family living here.

  19. The main problem I see with the picture is that there are two different points of perspective, one to the right of the picture and the more usual one towards the back of the picture. Some items in the picture use one of the perspective points, and the rest use the other giving the picture a very twisted look.
    Other issues:
    . The door is both opening and closing (depending on if you look at the top or bottom of the door)
    . Shadows on the railings and inside the front door are missing

    The site works fine for me (IE8 (NOT compatibility mode), Windows7)

  20. Where did you get one of my 11 year old’s pictures ? All his drawings look like this, I gave up looking for errors long ago.

  21. this may be unintentional but it seems that the concrete leading up to the door takes the form of a human look towards the right of the picture. the profile is created by the tree canopy and the shadows. one shadow shows the face and the other shadow is in the area of an arm

  22. 1. roof angle is wrong to the building – it is twisted.
    2. Door cannot open inside and outside at the same time.
    3. Stairway is disproportionate and out of perspective to the building and street.
    4. Back wall seems to appear level to the front wall.
    5. Wall lamp casts no shadow
    6. Front tree anglesare “fisheyed” compared to the rest of the image.
    7. Railings cast no shadow.
    8. Hedge and steps on left appear on top of and above the tree.
    9. 3 trees at bottom are disproportionately small for their shadows.
    10. Windows are flush with the walls.
    11. There cannot be a shadow from a structure that is flush with a wall ( Right hand side of the door)
    12. A shadow is cast by the “roof” above the door, but no shadow from the “attic” roof.

    but if the errors are resumed into 3, then it is :

    proportion, depth and alignment.

    There, my thoughts on this illusion. Had fun doing the head scratching :-)

  23. Hi guys awesome opyical illusion!!! i can spot them all!! The Roof, the door and the trees and if one of them are wrong try the window!!! Well see yahs later!! thats all folks bye for now

  24. ooh! another one of these…i like it..ok here are my answers which nobody guessed it yet.. one is opening the door!!
    2.where’s the other lantern?its supposed to be left and right,right?

    YO ROCK MAN! i may be fooling around but actually this shows im having a really good time..

  25. Umm you just have to realize that the image is not messed up and bam you’ll begin to notice it come together, the door will close!!!

  26. The door (slanted wrong), the roofline (ditto), the windows are all facing in different directions, the bush looks like it’s on top of the tree (left), the tree (left) looks like it’s on top of the other tree, and the tree (right) looks like it’s on top of the other tree, stairs end on top of the tree (left) and are slanted wrong compared to the railing, and last thing I notice is that the house is either on a hill or the sidewalk is messed up. I’m sure I’d realize more if I looked longer…

  27. the door opens both inwards and outwards, some of the trees are at different angles to the path and the house is crooked.

  28. The trees look brown and dead while the grass and shrubs are green, the door opens both inward and outward, top of house is facing a different direction than the front of the house, trees are growing out of the sidewalk adnd not the ground (prolly explains why they look dead), one of hte shadows on the ground looks like it belongs to the onbe across the street from it, the steps are angled wrong, and there is a strange curven/angular looking shape to the right of the clouds in the upper left corner.

  29. what’s up tith the weird door?

    and the weird roof, too.

    and the crooked trees.

    and the side of the house.

    and the wall in the back. but i like the illusions with the people in the trees better.

    1. say no to drugs lol that’s what drugs can do if you do drugs and make this picture

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