Spinning Wheels Optical Illusion

One thing I love about this site is our really huge audience! But what I like even more, is when fans recognize good stuff and reuse some of the illusions in a spin-off of their own! One such example is Deskarati’s Bike Optical Illusion, which used Reverse Spokes for an idea! Just look how this bike’s wheels seem to be spinning forward, while in fact they’re standing still. Here’s what the original author had to say about his illusion:

Here’s an intriguing looking bike. The wheels seem to be going round but are they? Are the spokes really moving or is just an illusion – Deskarati

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  1. this is a two effectt spining, i mean the gray scale or cone loses its effect while rotating, the spokes seems like the dancing doll it can move right or left, it depends on your brain look close

  2. I see this as animation and not valid as an illusion, since the “wheel” segments are changing color in a repeating pattern that includes the whole thing going through a sort of hiccup/glitch in the animation sequence with every rotation. Perhaps the categorization is arguable since animation techniques are often based on creating the “illusion” of spacial depth, motion, etc., but in my mind questionable to the extent that it is a well known and often used animation process devoid of all wonder and therefore doesn’t belong here.

  3. The wheels don’t really stand still. Paste the picture into Word and you’ll see that the image remains stationary. See this: [img]http://www.moillusions.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/deskarati-bike1.gif[/img]

  4. the spokes might be idle, but the color is moving, by the strobe effect of the changing colors it could be construed that the wheel is turning, if the strobe effect was stopped and the color of the spoked wheel was fixed on a center pivot and spun it would be the same effect.

  5. Sorry, I love this site, but this isn’t an illusion at all. Sure, the wheels are not spinning, but as many have said, the picture isn’t static either. The colors of the spokes are “rotating”. And backwards at that.

    1. Well it’s pretty obvious that the colors are moving, this is what produces the ‘illusion’ of the spokes (the lines between the colors)moving clockwise.

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