20 Replies to “Spinning Watermellons Illusion”

  1. Of course they’re not spinning. I mean, look at that one in front, he’s not doing any-
    Hey, uh…
    Did that melon in the back just twitch there? And again…
    It’s SPINNIIIING! Stop them!

  2. For those of you who can’t see the spinning ‘melons’ (wtf is a “mellon?”), here’s the trick:
    1) wink with your left eye so that you reduce the visual field of your left eye by 50%
    2) cover your right eye with your left palm
    3) shut your left eye the remaning 50%

    And now you should see watermelons spinning! Great isn’t it?

    ps if you followed my instructions, you deserve to be shot execution style

  3. i like these knd. my science teacher has something like it. if you look closely the “watermelons” have black squares on one side of the light green and white on the other. this creates the illusion. its so cool. i agree it does make your eyes blurry after a while.

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