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  1. I noticed the sparten helm first and only really fully noticed the golfer when i got to the site, Top illusion keep up the great work mate =D

  2. That’s one of the best I’ve seen in a while! It took me a while to see the helmet, but now that I see it it’s really cool.

  3. Definitely one of the better illusions I’ve seen in the past little while. If you notice, the helmet/swing bar and the little swoosh at the bottom of the player/face make it look a little like an ‘S’ (for Spartans) as well. Awesome.

  4. Definitely saw the golfer and swing motion first. In fact I thought the “illusion” was going to be about the arc — like it appears to be tapered as the sections get thinner, but isn’t. That sort of thing. Once I read your opening line about the title, I stopped and looked again and THEN saw the Grecian soldier!

  5. I actually saw a speedometer first. Thay may have been largely to just getting home from work not 5 mins beforehand

  6. I actually saw both at roughly the same time. I use the widget, so it was a bit smaller when I first saw it. Still, I recognized the golfer first, but even as I did, I was thinking, “That looks like one of those helmets.”

    Though, admittedly, I was thinking of Trojans.

  7. At first, I saw only the arc, and thought it was a speedometer. Then I scrolled down and saw a golfer. Then, I looked at the title and saw a Spartan head with corresponding helmet. :)
    Anyway, excellent design and illusion!

  8. i know it’s
    hard to tell
    how mixed
    up you
    but this is true, there is both,
    and a face too!
    by the way can you spot the lyrics?

    scroll down for the

    “I know it’s hard to tell how mixed up you feel”
    Is lyrics from VNV Nation’s Illusion

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