Soulwax CD Cover Illusion

Reader NiteSpeed from Holland submitted these two ubercool album covers yesterday. His short description says: “Take a look at this album art cover from the band Soulwax. Look at it from different distances”. In short, that’s all you have to do. You’ll probably think that NiteSpeed and me have gone bananas, but there is a hidden message in these two pictures below! I assure you! Remember the time, we tried to guess which celebrity was hidden in that “How TV Works” illusion? This optical illusion is quite frankly the same, only much better. It works best if you open the images full size. Step away from your monitor for few meters, and you’ll feel enlightened! Similar illusions include Einstein in Dices and Marylin Monroe seen through Pixels. Magnificent! Thanks NiteSpeed. There are probably few more illusions of this type on the site, I just can’t remember them. Did you know we now have over 900 posts on this site, and more than 3000 illusions altogether? I’ll have to make a new category for these illusion album covers probably – they just don’t stop appearing in my mailbox :)

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  1. Che figata!!!

    I’m Italian, I think the meaning of this is about “What cool!!!”
    Congratulations at the creator!!!

  2. Interesting! I got the message in the second image right away, but I couldn’t see the first message clearly until I was scrolling the page. Somehow, vertical movement made the first image reveal its message.

  3. So far as i can tell, i am NO 1 comment. I guess these (kl) illusions are all about the changing sizes of the dots and how far apart the lines are in the lettering compared to in other places.

  4. Of all things…THIS IS SO COOL, I WANT TO KILL MYSELF!!!

    If you stare at the black one for a LOONGGG time, you see intersecting lines.

    If you stare at the red one for a LOONNGG time, you see…rainbow spokes and the lines become moving waves!!!

  5. That’s amazing! If you look closely, it seems like some of the circles in the cells are smaller than others…

  6. Click and hold the CTRL button and scroll down on your mousewheel. You should see the message easier on the first graphic then. Pretty cool huh!

  7. This effect is actually pretty damn easy to make. Just make a simple repeating pattern like in the background of the first one, and put some large black text over it with an opacity around 10%.

  8. That isn ‘t the way to do it, Joseph. The raster of the words has a slightly smaller dotsize than the other dots (but all dots are white, not 10% grey). The easiest way to make this is by putting dark grey text on a black background and then raster the image and invert it. A perfect tool to do this is by using vectoraster, where you can adjust dot size and spacing manually.

  9. please could someone tell me how he did this exactly? i already tried vectoraster and dark grey on black but it didnt worked.

  10. I saw another one like this on the sight which was a picture of John Lennon. I sceamed for about ten minutes. I didn’t know they could do that

  11. in the black and white one it sais
    soulwax any minute now, the red and white one sais soulwax nite version. (if you were wondering i’m 11 years old- yes me again).

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