Sometimes Book Isn’t Just a Book

Sometimes a book is just a book, but luckily this time it’s not the case. What you see below can be interpreted as a plain opened book, but if you are more twisted, you will probably see fine woman’s breasts first. So what is it, let’s decide together. This has to be one of my new favorites! Great optical illusion, don’t you think? If this isn’t enough for you, then jump straight forward to body art illusions, like this one. If you don’t prefer this kind of illusions, then better jump over to some more double meaning pictures, like this one.

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  1. Well i see the breasts, because the bottom of the “book” just kind of fades off, which is unlike any book i know.

  2. wow that’s really cool! i saw the opened book first and then i thought there were like 2 cylindrical things. i read the description and it mentioned something about the breasts. to be honest i didnt see it till my sister told me LoL

  3. Obviously it is a book. No wait it is breast. Nah, it’s just a book. On second thought it does look like breast. Book…breast. Breast…book. I see it’s boost or break. Now I am confused, maybe it is boast or brook. I give up, think I’ll just stick my nose in a good book. No wait I rather stick my nose in a good …….

  4. I thought it was a butt at first but then i realised it were a pair of breasts. Very nice! I like the dress style aswell!

  5. I saw breasts first, because the bend in the middle doesn’t go all the way up like a book, and it hasn’t got any cover really.

  6. If it is at all possible, I saw both at the same time…On my left, I saw the cleavage, and on the right, I saw the book. Hah, it’s a psychological test, too!

  7. i see both, however the edges are not the right shape for a body. Im afraid its just a book. It has either been digitally manipulated or underexposed with a strong light source on the paper. Hence the fading in to nothing look. Also its a blank book, chances are it has no cover. It might even have been put together simply for this illusion. Therefore its a book. Sorry to the other avid fans of breasts.

  8. well you can clearly see it’s a book. the “cleavage” isn’t realistic enough. if it were actual breasts they would be contured, not flat. the pages are also clearly visible on the bottom, and for the person who sad the book “faded”, it’s called a shadow.



    Freakish joker

  10. Am i a perv? I saw the breasts first w/out reading the little blurb and then i saw the book if i concentrated F.Y.I. I am a completely straight female and i have a WONDERFUL bf

  11. this was actually a picture used for my school districts library site, the one you would use to search for a particular book on the library computer, and all the way through elementary I thought it was some lady’s breasts ._.

  12. Hmm. This reminds me of this picture I’ve seen on image hosting sites. It’s one of those motivational posters. If you look at it with one sense of mind it looks like a lamp. If you look at it the other way you will see a woman’s…. nether regions.

  13. I saw Breast first. I quickly saw the book, and that’s all I see now. It likes like a book thats bottom is in the shadows.

  14. Look at the top left page’s end point. Unless that lady got a slice that didn’t bleed, these aren’t breasts.

  15. Again, this is photo shopped!, Look precisely at the upper half of the picture. That is the real photo of a breast, why? the “cleavage” or the “center line” is not as fine as a “straight line” compared to the “fine line” or the “centerfold” of the real book down below.

    They cropped out the “bottom side” of the photo of the book then paste it on the photo of the breast, then make some “Fine tuning” on both edges, to look like as if they’re one.

  16. Nerj,get a life.Can not just be typical and say woooo tits!
    And anyways. maybee…jsut maybe.. its actually boobs that look like a book.
    its a wild guess. so im craaaaazy!

  17. It’s obviously a few pieces of thick cardstock creased and folded slightly at the bottom- just look at the left side of the picture, the “dress” will be asymmetrical to the other side.

  18. you’re all wrong: if you rotate it 90 degrees you’ll see it’s obviously a picture of 3 penguins caught in a mudslide while debating the social implications of the taft-hartley act.

  19. It’s a blank book, like a notebook.I have just opened a fat little notebook, and at the right angle it looks very like this. It’s been cropped in just the right place.

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