Some Psychological Test Cards…

I’ve managed to obtain some black and white test cards which are used in some sort of psychology test. You should be able to see quite fast what these images below represent. They can’t easily be misunderstood, so once you see them, there is only one possible answer. Well, maybe if you are VERY imaginative, though. Solving these tests, just got me thinking how fun would it be to take some online IQ tests, and see how smart am I. I’ve visited my local MENSA website, and did a quick 20 minute exam. My result was “predicted” to somewhere over IQ = 147. Woah! Would be fun if it was an actual measurement of my intelligence, which I could brag with around, and place it all over my job-resume… Anyway, back to the topic – These black and white images remind greatly of our Sheldrake test part I and part II. Agree?

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  1. First one i see a sort of demented person wearing a saucepan hat.
    Second one i see a bear claw mark in some snow with mountains in the background.
    Third one Jesus
    Fourth one???? Maybe an abstract representation of a wine bottle. i really don’t know.
    Fifth one , a dejected-looking teddy bear?

  2. oh ! just realised the pics were seperate-

    1st: man
    2nd: part of world map ( italy )
    3rd: hand + shadow
    4th: man ( looks lyk jesus )
    5th: still have no idea
    6th: dog ??

  3. I can only get the first(a man thinking or whatever he’s doing) and the last(a dog) image.
    What are the other images representing?

  4. Okay:

    #1 No Idea
    #2 No Idea
    #3 Hand and shadow of hand
    #4 Is that you Jesus? or some other bearded man
    #5 A big breasted, yet slender woman being followed by a ghost?
    #6 A puppy.

    Please help me on 1,2 and 5…

  5. Okay.. an update…

    After squinting, looking away and casually glancing I got #1 and I think #2

    #1 Profile of a man in thought with his hand on his chin

    #2 I THINK it’s a map of the world, or part of the world (The italy boot finally caught my eye).

    #5 still has me stumped…

  6. pretty cool, it took me some time to find a meaning for dsome of them though, i guess i don’t have that much imagination


    The first is a thinking man, I don’t know what the 2nd and 3rd is… the 4th one is Jesus, isn’t it?? and the 5th one seems to be something bloody. The last one’s a dog

  8. 1st pic: some guy w/ his hand up to his mouth
    2nd pic: Map of Europe (se italy (boot?)

    3rd :?
    5th: a boat maybe?
    6th: looks like a front view of somebody on a horse.. i donno!!


  9. 1. A man, not sure who
    2. A map of a part of Europe including Italy
    3. A pair of hands with the fingertips touching
    4. A picture of Jesus (this can definitely be seen differently based on beliefs)
    5 and 6. I couldn’t make anything out of either

  10. Are you sure that you can trust the results of an online IQ test? Im skeptic. I did some tests too and there were always other results. But I like the pictures. When I was young I liked to watch them. Nice childhood memory!

  11. k so for the first one i got a guy thinking, or a curving road next to a mountain which suspiciously looks like a guy thinking

    second a map of south Europe/ north Africa

    third peaked hands

    fourth jesus

    fifth is though but i kinda see a guy faling

    sixth a sitting dog

  12. Ummm let’s if I’m crazy or not…

    A thinking man, A hand against a map of Italy, A bearded man, A ship, and a puppy!!

    Yep, I’m mentally unstable

  13. 1st?

    I saw the first one .. the rest.. well i see nothing .. the last one is a dwarf maybe ? and the one before is 2 umbrellas killing each other …

  14. These are really good and fun to look at :)

    I havn’t good the answer to all of them though… maybe I’m not that smart?

    btw they’re not all as big as the first one. At first I thought the 2nd and 3rd were joined it confused me :S

    1 A man thinking
    2 The Mediterranean Sea
    3 Penguins with shadows?????
    4 Jesus’ haed and shoulders
    5 I just see two dancers but it’s not obvious
    6 negitive image of a cow?

  15. 1. guy thinking
    2.Mediterranean sea in black
    3.two hands doing a high five
    I don’t get the bottom two though
    Can someone explain?

  16. I didn’t think they were so obvious. some were very easy but a couple, like the second one, i coulnt get. i think this is partly b/c it’s a big image and larger than my computer screen.

  17. Wow, I even don’t see what’s psychological in those pictures.
    Unless the 1st one that is a thinking man.
    And the last one a puppy.

  18. Can someone tell me what the image before the last one is? I see all the other ones: a man’s face, the Mediterranean Sea, two hands, Jesus, and a puppy. But I can’t get that other one for the life of me.

  19. ************* Spoiler Alert ********

    I see 5 of the 6, can’t get the next to the last one. I see man looking left in profile map of Mediterranean sea hand and shadow bearded man JC maybe not sure and puppy dog


  20. there a bit harder then i thought when their that big.. also it would nicer if they had borders around them..

    but nice all the same… i hate how people expect just illusions from this page.. plane old illusions are just that. its nice to think outside the box..

    ohh and i would just like it fro once that i dont see people posting.. oh am i the first.. god give the guy sometime to accept ur comments.. they dont just all go up there at once..

    thanks for the good work :D

  21. Okay, either I’m extremely tired or I have an extremely low IQ but I can only get the first (a man thinking), second (I see a rat…), and the third. (there’s a white hand imprint)
    but for the fourth i see some sorta mask and the fifth i see like.. a building… and sixth i don’t even know what i see. closest i can think of is centaur. Hopefully the ones I don’t get are just hard and I’m completely normal.

  22. FIRST COMMENT!!!!!!!!!! (I think).

    The first one is easy. Its a man thinking with his chin in his fist.

    I’m not so sure ’bout the other ones. . .

  23. 1. a profile of a man
    2. a map, guess where?
    3. I have to hand it to you, if you can figure the third one out.
    4. Praise the Lord
    5. I’m the king of the world and unsinkable.
    6. How much is that doggie in the window?

  24. Well, apart from the first one, they’ve got me beat. I think I need to see them from a distance and have them clearly separated from each other. I’m sure once someone tells me what I’m looking at I’ll “get” it.

  25. Okay, squinting REALLY helps. I now have the first one, the third one and the fourth one. I’ll keep working on the others.

  26. Got the second one now. I think I need help with five and six.

    – 1. Side view of a thinker
    – 2. Map of Europe
    – 3. A hand and its shadow against a wall
    – 4. JC

  27. First? Great ones as usual, could get the middle 3 and can’t fit the bugger ones onto my screen… oh well; great though.

  28. 1st clearly is a man thinking.
    2nd is Southern-Europe
    3rd is a hand
    4th is a tree
    5th is a ballet dancer
    6th is a puppy sitting

  29. Am I the first one?
    #1 is a man picking his nose ;-)
    #2 the mediterranean sea
    #3 a pair of hands
    #4 and #5 ???
    #6 is a dog or a puppy

  30. 1st: guy in thinkinking position
    2nd: Mediterranian Area
    3rd: Hand with shadow
    4th: Two people talking
    5th: Ink maculas?
    6th: Dog in center of picture, but maybe that’s wishfull thinking.

  31. 1: Man in Profile resting chin in hands.

    2: Mediterranean sea.

    3: Hands with fingertips together.

    4: Jesus Christ.

    5: ?

    6: I think it’s a puppy.

  32. OK, I dont normally bother commenting, but as I can’t see any other suggestions fet as to what these are, here’s my guess….

    some of these look very obvious to me…

    top one, a man’s head, turned to the left “thinking” hand up to his mouth

    I’m bad with names of seas/oceans, but gibraltar to the left, Italy in the middle, I’ts part of a map showing coastlines.

    2 hands brought together at the finger tips

    this next one, first off i thought i saw 2 people kissing on the left hand side, then i noticed the “jesus” type face at the top in the middle

    next one is an ocean liner/cruise ship

    last one….a dog sat in the dark?

  33. First is a man side on contemplating with his hand on his chin

    Second is a map of Sothern Europe showing Spain, Italy, Greece and North Africa (land in white and sea in black)

    Third is a hand on a mirror

    Not sure about the rest yet…

  34. these are really cool but i don’t know what three and four are supposed to be. any help?? i like the last one though, cute dog!!!

  35. I just can’t understand what the fifth image is…
    the first is a man with a hand on his chin, the second is the mediterrean europe, the third is a hand leaning on a wall, then comes jesus and a dog.
    Great site!

  36. Very interesting! Took a moment to get some of these


    #1 Man with hand to chin,
    #2 Mediterranean sea over Italy,
    #3 Hand,
    #4 Bearded man,
    #6 Dog!

    Couldn’t get #5 though!

  37. These are cool :) Funny thing is that I had to open them up individually to see them (the one’s I managed to make out), they keep interfeering with each other when I watch them together :D

    What are fourth and fifth one supposed to be? I can’t make them out…

  38. I can only see 3 images out of the 6.
    1. profile of man with chin in hand
    2. ?
    3. Hand
    4. portrait of a man that looks like Jesus
    5. ?
    6. ?

  39. Oo shit, I must be foolish.. I just and only see the 2nd and the 3rd.. The 5th looks like some kind of cuddle bear to me, but it won’t be that ;) Help..?

  40. The last two, I really can’t see them. Does it mean I’m a psychopath?

    anyway, first? No off course not, because first it has to be approved. Why so many people are happy if they are first? I don’t get it, just like the two last pictures :).

  41. these are point of view images, in each of these there are 2 images, the last one is a puppy or a dress to those who are wondering.

    Also the online tests are lame, my stepfather took one, 149, he took A REAL ONE, 92. Believing an online test that takes 20 minutes shows that your intelligence isn’t as high as it says. A comprehensive evaluation of your IQ can take days. I suggest hmm I believe it was Wisc IV for children, either you are not 18+ or you are just very childish.

  42. I’m not buying a ship for #5. I see where you can say it’s a ship, but that doesn’t account for the weird right side thing.

    Anyone wanna help me out with that? Cos with what I see I can kinda deduce the cruise ship, but I can easily say it’s a big-breasted, yet slender woman being chased by a ghost that’s pooping ectoplasam….

    So help me see #5 better, cos the others come in crystal clear now…

  43. WOW, ok, noone bothers reading this now that it’s at the end, but i can’t believe my message was first ( and the third one ) ^^ !!!!

    so, i guess nooone has found out what the second last pic was huh ? call me weird and a psycho, but doesn’t it look kinda like a knife to a babies head ( straight part, left, and baby, bit at the bottom )

  44. Even i think i’m annoying now-
    ( 1st, 3rd AND 111th comment ! )

    you guys shuld see that the messages have to be checked first
    b4 being published so it looks liek there’s no comment, but thats not true… ^^ sorry to burst ur bubbles – still cant work out 2nd to last one !!!!

    – i thought my 3rd comment was spoiling but you ppl are just as bad ¬¬ ( XD )

  45. Don’t think its the actual answer for number 5, but it almost looks like the statue of liberty with part of the arm, but this cannot explain the line at the bottom..

  46. I can see all, but the fourth one… one of you said is is perhaps a ship… I don’t see a ship…. and I

  47. 1st: a distressed, man, thinking a lot.
    2nd: Birds, swimming in water, going towards a dark, scary sky.
    3rd: A bird’s eye of a city.
    4th: A hand pulling at a small creature.
    5th: A puppy.

  48. I got all 6 six of them.

    1:Man – The profile of a man with is right hand on this chin

    2:Map – Mediterranean with South Europe and Northern Africa

    3:Hands – two hands with all fingers and thumbs touching

    4:Jesus Christ – if you believe in him you will see him or if you don’t you’ll see a man with a beard

    5:Ship – big ship in ocean with cabin and smoking coming out – your view is from the ocean looking up at the ship

    6:dog – a puppy looking down at you or a teddy bear. A puppy and a teddy bear look alike so either one works.

  49. you will laugh but in the 5th one I see a microscope lol…

    the 6th one I see nothing. All the other ones the same you all already said: profile man, map, hand & shadow, jesus

  50. 1. old man with hand by his mouth.
    2. map??
    3. hand with a shadow of a hand.
    4. i dnt see jesus!!
    5. how the f*** does anyone see a dog in this???
    6. a teddy bear

  51. 1: A man with his hand on his chin, deep in thought
    2: A picture of Italy
    3: A hand and its shadow
    4: Jesus
    5: A steamboat
    6: A dog

  52. SPOILER!!


    Ocean liner/steam boat comming towards you!!

    the long black stick on the left is the shaded side of the bow, and the large white triangular shaped thing on its right is the right side of the bow…
    black wavy lines @ bottom are water being pushed by boat!!
    black poofy shapes near top is smoke!

    Hope you can “sea” it!
    (sorry i know crummy joke) :P

  53. first one is an old man
    or a scary looking man with a big hat

    the second map of italy area
    or i dont know it

    third a hand and a shadow
    or a curled up evil hand

    fourth jesus
    or an evil face and lots of bats

    fifth im not sure
    but it is also a man robbing a store (the white is the gun and casheir)

    sixth a teddy bear
    and i dont know the other way

  54. Here are my guesses.What do you see?
    1-Einstein thinking
    2-A map of Europe and North Africa
    3-Hand on a wall with shadow
    4-An image of Jesus
    5-The Titanic
    6-A man on horseback

  55. 1st – Man thinking (quite easy)

    2nd – Mediterranean Sea (Just locate tha boot! It’s that easy.)

    3rd – Pinky and thumb sides with remaining three fingers in their entirety between (should kinda jump straight at you).

    4th – Took me forever to find a bearded JC man!!!!!

    5th – Well… kinda left everyone stumped there!

    6th – Am I the only one seeing a highly deformed skull with small dog ears at it’s top?!

  56. Ok, I’m pretty sure I got them all, except the second to last…
    1) Man thinking (Don’t quite recognise him though… Probably should)
    2) Map of Mediterranean
    3) Hand touching a wall with shadow cast on wall
    3) I’d say Jesus and the disciple pictured 2nd on Jesus’ right in The Last Supper
    4) A large ship at sea, fairly modern
    5) That’s a puppy ^^

  57. First, I see a sherlock holmes kindof dude thinking
    second I see the mediterranean w/ europe and northern part of africa
    third I see a hand’s shadow
    4-6 = definetly incorrect
    fourth i see a monster that got mauled
    fifth i see a inkblot test
    sixth i see a dog

  58. ok for all the people who are not understanding this, there are 6 card things, not 5.
    1 a mans profile, thinking hard, fist against chin.
    2 is a map of the medeteranian sea, if u cant tell that the bar claw marks and this one are two different pictures highlight it and it will show
    3 a bear claw mark, (in snow i guess)
    4 mostlikely jesus, also looks likes a volcano explosion tho
    5 is a ship, a giant cruise liner facing towards the bottom left corner (the long streek at the top is smoke the very bottom is water)
    6 is a puppy, either walking towards our view or siting down facing us, with its tobgue out

    these are not exactly what they are, im just giving my best guess and i seem to have an idea of what ALL of them are and they actually look like what im saying they are so i believe i have a good guess=]

  59. 1 – an old man thinking about his life
    2- a map of some islands
    3-a monster’s scratch
    4- a castle’s crowd dancing with 2 of his dancers kissing
    5- i can’t explain but it’s something REALLY sad
    6- DEATH… totally!

  60. kay, i’ve pretty much guessed the same as everyone else, except number 4. for the record (i don’t capitalize, and) i came to my conclusion before i read the comments herein.

    when it comes to four, it looks to me like a person clutching their head and screaming in agony (white bits to the left) and all these malicious thoughts pouring out.

    haha … ha … is that bad?

  61. 4. I saw this years ago and it has an urban myth behind it – some guy was flying over the Himalayas and had a huge desire to take a photo -after he developed it – he saw the face of Jesus Christ in the mix of snow and rocks. I have seen this when it looks more like a photo.

    1. Man thinking with hand on chin
    2. Map of Med Sea
    3. A hand reflected
    4. As above
    5. Ship (copy it and reverse the colours – it becomes obvious)
    6. A dog ? (not great if it is a dog)

  62. I'm still not buying a boat for an answer, but when i can see it- you all have permission to laugh at me :P

    doesn't anyone find the whole
    1# : numbering
    2# : thing
    3# : annoying
    4# : now ?
    5 & 6# : dunno- help ? ; ) joking ^^

  63. alright, you all have permission to laugh at me now.

    if you invert the colours, you will see the black ( formerly white ) triangle in the middle of the pic being the smooth underside of the ship and then the blurs on top some smoke, and the bottom is some waves- hope that had helped- but the bottom blob still looks like a baby on its back with a funky hat coming out – yes. i am weird. note previous comments : 1st ( really it is : uh, old man, dunno the second one.., ) 3rd, 112 th ( not 111 th sorry ! ) and 112nd and this one and the one b4 it ^^’

  64. 1) man in htought
    2) Mediterranean (with a demented shape to norther spain)
    3) hand with shadow
    4) either jesus in front of a forest or a columbian rebel with an rpg on back)
    5) a useless scribble that roughly resembles a ship… (but thats a horrible representation)
    6)a boxer puppy?

  65. What the crap guys. Where do you guys see Jesus in the fourth picture? The bottom left corner? Wearing a hood? Looks more like Death.
    The last three have me completely stumped. In the fourth one I see, I don’t know, a little guy who’s shooting out an axe out of his throat and Death at the bottom left corner. The fifth one looks like a squirrel that’s been stabbed by a giant icicle, and a pine cone beside the icicle. The sixth one I see absolutely nothing.

  66. Yippie… I finally see al the illusions in the images. The Jezus picture took me the longest. It must have taken me half an hour to see Jezus. I almost gave up on him ^l^.

  67. First is Edward R Murrow.

    Second is a dead skunk (or cat), looks like it was run over.

    Third is the talons of some creature.

    Fourth is a hunter carrying the carcass of a small deer on his back.

    Fifth is an abstract skateboarder.

    Sixth is a minotaur.

  68. Are you really supposed to see a certain thing, or aren’t these up to you? Because I see pretty random stuff that doesn’t seem to fit with anyone else.

    1. A thinking man
    2. Clouds and an elephant
    3. A huddle of penguins
    4. An explosion, wit a ninja… and a tiger.
    5. One of those well pumps, only the water drip is going side ways. Must be a strong wind.
    6. I see the dog now, but before I only saw a boxer with his head bowed.

  69. #5??????????? wtf? NOT a boat! common… someone elsee can find anything else on that one?? i cant see it! pleaaaseee help! :(

  70. the first one is SOOO a servant bowing down to her “master” (a woman) probably in the 1800’s (that’s what it looks like to me)

  71. Ok in the first picture I can obviously see a man thinking faciong left. But does anyone else see a fireman holding a hose looking up and to the right?

  72. 1.guy with his hand on his mouth, thinking of Europe
    4.Jesus(or just a bearded man)
    5.the sinking titanic?
    6.a puppy

    someone plz help me with #5

  73. 1) Old Guy
    2)Map of the Medtranian Sea
    4) Jesus or a grizzly bear
    5) A guy lying on his back with a spoon sticking out his mouth.
    6) The devil

  74. 1. Sigmund Freud
    2. The Med – looks like
    3. hand and it’s shadow
    4. Jesus Christ
    5. Hand lighting a candle
    6. A dog

  75. Ok The 1st One Looks Like A Man Thinking
    The 2nd One I Think Is A Bear Paw In The Snow With Moutains In The Background
    The 3rd One Everyone Is Saying It’s Jesus But I Don’t Get How They Got That?
    The 4th One What The Hell Is It?
    The 5th One Is A Dog OrA Teddy Bear.

    I Hope This Comment Helped For People Who Couldn’t Figure Some Of These Out.

  76. 1st a man thinking
    2nd a map of southern europe
    3rd hand with the shadow
    4th jesus duh
    5th is a big boat coming towards you
    and 6th is either a puppy a man on a horse or a teddy bear wicth ever way you see it.

  77. oh come on everybody, don,t stare ad the screen so close by, take couple of cm distance….and u will see
    the man thinking,
    part of europe map,
    a hand,
    jesus(or some lookalike…),
    A BOAT….,
    and a puppy…
    difficult eh?!?

  78. ITs not s squished world. it is the
    mediterranean skewed.

    you can see the top of africa.. the line of death libya, and then you might see italy..etc.

  79. !. Man thinking
    2.Italia XD
    3.Hand with it’s shadow
    4.Man with woods around him
    5.A water pump, the old ones with the lever that you have to crank
    6.People dancing, seen through a window

  80. A man covering a cough.

    A giant paw swiping at a couple of fishing boats.

    A big bear walking against a giant wave.

    The disembodied head of Ren Hoek floating over the staked body of a dead squirrel.

    A black dress with white pathes.

  81. 1) an old dude thinking
    2) A some what view of a road through tree foliage
    3) somebody touching a window at night where the porch lights wud hit the window VOILA a reflection or shadow or whatever
    4) Someone placing there hand on a mirror (black is the reflection)
    5) screwed over ship
    6) Dress

  82. ok so here is help with #5

    The big virtical line is the ships sail.
    The horizantal line on the bottom is part water. There is one small bump on the left side that is the bottom part of the ship.
    And just ignore the rest of the picture. It took me a while to see it but if you step back it is easier.

  83. Wow it’s cool that some people can’t see jesus at all it took a while for some people and that was the only one that I saw immediately. And I’m not even religious.

  84. 1) Thinking Man
    2) Waves crashing into mountains
    3) Not sure
    4) Japanese symbol
    5) Manikin of a bust

    Thats what i saw.

    And all the comments about the “answers” are very ignorant, there is no right answer to an ink blot test, its just what you see

  85. that was so easy…
    but i would really like to see jesus…on the 4th one rigth? i don’t see him.
    and the 2nd one.. it’s just a map, don’t be so imaginative

  86. this was quite easy.

    1. Stalin(?) with hand on chin (profile)

    2. the mediterraneans

    3. hand, almost touching wall (with shadow)

    4. Jesus (or someone with the same features)

    5. wtf?

    6. a puppy? (front)

  87. thinking
    2.mediterrean map (you can see italy as the boot)
    3.guess it’s talons, but i think it looks weird
    4.Jesus!!! (right in the middle, his head is at the top)
    5.took me awhile, but now i can see a ship moving towards you, kinda to the left. very hard to see.

  88. 1, Man in thought
    2, Angels in Heaven, with trumpets and stuff
    3, A hand
    4, A Ping in a forest
    5, A knife stabbing a mouse
    5, At first I was rly scared of this picture, I thought it was a tired doll with scarey eyes, then I saw it was a puppy dog!

  89. 1. map of the philippine islands
    2. M0untains
    3. Hands.
    4. Jesus
    5. Sange yasha,
    6. A puppy or a dress.

    Mga eng0t kau.. It is just a simple image, but you can’t even distinguish the facts . . . Long live me. Mwah

  90. I CANNOT SEE A BOAT ON #5??? all i see is a leaking tap

    but i suppose there is no right or wrong answers in blob tests

  91. Easiest way to see #4 is to save the pic and open it in say photoshop/irfanview etc. anything that allows you to zoom out. Keeping zooming till it get small enough to see the pic.

    1. easiest way to see num 4 is to look through chinese eyes.. you know.
      hold your eyes with your hands and pretened to be a chinese man while you see jesaus

  92. 1. Man facing left thinking with his hand to his face
    2. Southern Europe/Northern Africa (it’s pretty obvious once you find Italy)
    3. Hand with shadow, I think.
    4. All the comments are saying “Jesus/Bearded man,” but I don’t really see it.
    5. Ship facing towards you, and slightly to the left
    6. Dress with weird design
    I only got 1, 2, and 6 without looking at the comments.

    1. haha im bad at this i only got the first one without looking at the comments. the first one was pretty obvious 2 me.

    2. I can now see all of them (thanks to the comments), except I see a dog instead of a dress for 6. Try harder to see Jesus/Bearded Man. Once you see him it’s hard to miss him.

  93. 1. man thinking
    2. med map
    3. fingers
    4. jesus (or someone alike) in the wood
    5. a ship
    6. dog/people in a cave???

    i found 3 and 4 on my own… #2 is difficult since i didn’t recognized the place, #1 took me the longest time and I saw many things in it… #5 make sense after reading previous comments…
    once you see the hidden images, u’ll keep seeing them!

  94. I didn’t see #4 as a bearded man/jesus at first: I saw two people kissing. If you look at the top left handside of the picture…

  95. I was wayoff. I got
    1.) A homeless man holding his hand out for change or darth vader with an AK-47
    2.) A duck taking a shit in mid air.
    3.) Telekinetic pidgeons
    4.) The aftermath of a bus crash
    5.) Man polevaulting over a tar pit.
    6.) Micrograph of protists.
    Only when I read the comments then looked at them again did I see the man thinking and Jesus and all that.

    1. yeah me too,
      1. a thinking man OFCORSE?
      2. someone on a scuter with a flag jumping above a clif
      3. chupacabra’s foot step
      4. a young boy with a hand-held fan riding through clouds.
      5. a chinese letter
      6. slut house

      …oh well

  96. What I’m curious about is why is number 4 Jesus. None of us have ever seen Jesus and have no idea what he looked like yet we all agree that looks like Jesus.

  97. 1. Woman sitting in chair
    2. An airplane with a sign behind it
    3. Fingers
    4. Jesus
    5. Ballerina
    6. Puppy

  98. 1. i see an african woman leading a baby elephant down to a river.
    2. i see a panda sort of creature
    3. i see hooks
    4. i see shadow puppets
    5. a finger that has just been cut by a sword stuck in the ground
    6. a woman and man dancing

  99. These are interesting. Try staring at each image for one minute, then close your eyes and wait for a few seconds.
    Also try staring at image and then look at a blank white wall and just wait to be amazed

  100. I got

    1. Juggernaut or Golum possibly with a gun
    2. Weird pheaotal position zombie thing
    3. Claw
    4. Evil Dragon Spectre.
    5. Weird Blobby thing i really had no opinion.
    6. Pretty Dress.

  101. or to be perfectly honest i just read 6 at first i saw either a flaming skeleton head of if u start lower some kind of flame demon lord u see its eye and mouse at the bottom and the horns go up (black) and the white is flames

    or i see a dress

  102. and no johnjoe we dont all agree its jesus.

    no matter how hard i look tbh i cant seem to see the jesus at all (and there is basic renders of the global basicly immage of what people think jesus looked like thats what we are going by)

    but damn i just dont i mean where is his eyes or hair its just a mess.

  103. 1 – a hunter in a mask in the shadows, pointing his finger at viewer
    2 – two people in a canoe, heading toward the far shore
    3 – swans or some sort of peeps candy-like bird
    4 – a forest spirit looking down at a traveler from the treetops
    5 – washing hands in the sink
    6 – an owl

    i checked comments after… #4 jesus?… and #5 a boat?… i can see the dress, even the flaming skull dark lord horn thing for #6, if you look at it right… but not a puppy

  104. 1. Zebra. Or an evil surgeon if I look hard
    2. Sad man looking down and to the right
    3. Cat’s claws
    4. Skeleton dog. He’s sad
    5. Either a noose or a drill, not sure which
    6. A demon/alien/fish thing

  105. 1. A Native American guy picking his nose.
    2. Negative photo of a fire-breathing monster
    coming out from under the sheets!
    3. A turkey.
    4. A partially finished, all black jigsaw
    5. A drunken game of “hangman”.
    6. A sideways screenshot of a randomized world
    in the game “Civilization”.
    P.S…doesn’t sound like you need an online test to rave about your IQ. Think you’re doing a good enough job already!

  106. 1-Man Thinking, staring left into space
    2-At first I though of woods, but the mediterranean coment got me.
    3-Hand with a scar.
    4-Obviously a couple kissing, I’m impressed only I saw that, I can’t even see trace of Jesus.
    5-Man pissing (what, I saw that ok? Took me some time though…)
    6-Clearly a dog.

  107. This is what I though the first time I saw these. I know they aren’t correct, so don’t yell at me about that.
    1. Man thinking.
    2. Clouds, maybe smoke or leaves.
    3. A weird looking fire.
    4. A bear with a peacock tail.
    5. A leaking water pump.
    6. A puppy begging. Or possibly an Ewok.
    I see all of the correct ones now, except the map. All I see are clouds

  108. 1. man pointing at himself
    2.some cartoon guy in his something like a car going to his house with trees around it
    3. a hand(white part) and the darkness in front
    4. it kinda look like jesus looking at you
    5. a man doing a back fleep in the ocean with a boat behind infront of him
    6. look like a muscular body of a man

  109. 1. a thinking man OFCORSE?
    2. someone on a scuter with a flag jumping above a clif
    3. chupacabra’s foot step
    4. a young boy with a hand-held fan riding through clouds.
    5. a chinese letter
    6. slut house

  110. Not everyone sees the same things in these kinds of Psychological quizzes. They are supposed to test your mental state so there is no right or wrong image for each picture, there not even real optical illusions

    1. what are you talking about? of course there are certain figures in those. and only 1 for each. they are not that sort of pictures in which every other person sees a different image.

  111. 1) Man thinking (left hand on chin)
    2) The top looks like 2 hands holding some sort of triangular object, and the bottom is one giant hand, with the black shadow underneath.
    3) I see 2 people kissing on the left hand side, while the middle looks like there’s a mask, and on the right I see animals like sea horse’s.
    4) Looks like some sort of Japanese Warrior bowing down (its all i can really work out, i cant see much..)
    5) Some sort of crazed face, from a mad animal? or sort of a demonic face xD

    What I can see is far off from what everyone else has seen…o.o

  112. Pic 2 actually looks like some of the cartoon characters (i can’t remember which 1 exactly) but it looks like they are trying to climb or look over something. Looks kinda like the whoville characters on the Grinch or maybe Mickey Mouse characters?

  113. Number Five: You are at water level looking forward and somewhat up. You can feel the warmth of the hot sun on the right side of your face. The vertical line in front of you is the corner of a wall which rises up out of the water about four to six feet. The sun is casting a slight shadow a few inches to the left of the corner, but shines on the wall to the right which goes back into the distance. The horizontal blob at the bottom is a crocodile. The part of him which is above the water is reflected in the surface of water. There is the black silhouette of a man can be seen from the waist up, standing behind the wall. He is muscular and dressed Aladdin style with a vest and a turbine. The turbine is blowing off to the right in the breeze. He appears to have one hand resting on the wall, an the other arm is high above his head, his vest flapping upward under his arm. He has just hurled a heavy pointed object up into the air and it can be seen coming down just above the corner of the wall. It is about to hit the crocodile on the head. I hope it lodges in his puny reptilian brain and kills him. If you think that is terribly bigoted of me, just remember I said it with your welfare in mind. After all, you are the one who is sitting there at water level.

    Psychoanalysis: Definitely unstable, but I like it better than any other explanations so far.

    1. hell, yeah! my fovurite explanation for the fifth one as well. the rest are crap. (sorry guys but, a ship? come on!)

  114. i c a zebra, clouds, claws, more clouds, a pitcher or a gas tank, and a dog. here’s what i think…dog lovers see a puppy in the last pic…other see other stuff. wow i am such a genius. *rolls eyes at self*

    i guess im obsessed and with animals and due to that i hate all this pollution. then the gas makes sense. clouds? i guess i didnt see much of anything.

  115. I don’t know about the rest of you but in the very last one I actually see a Giraffe.. As for Jesus… I can’t even see anything in that one. Maybe the Statue of Liberty’s flame over Liberty Island…. The Ship was hard to see at first. And the morphed globe picture was hard to make out but Paris is easy to spot.

    1. im weird
      i see a man in deep thought, a map, a hand, Jesus w/ a weird background, a male gymnastics person

      and on the last one i can see either a dress or a puppy, either one

    1. the second one is a map of the bottom of europe/ top of africa and the little place between that and china i belive

  116. Interesting… I can’t understand how one is able to capture some of the right images hidden in the figures and yet not be aware that the rest of the figores are not correct…. I mean, the thinking men in the first, southern europe map in the second, two handprints in the third and bearded man in the woods are ok. of course no doubt. but once you can see these clearly, how can you settle with only-maybe-kind-of things? the fifth and the sixth are not as solid as the first four ones dont you see that? some say puppy, some say dress, some say ship, all these are not correct. everyone can see the difference in the certainty between the first four figures and the rest. Am I not right? So, I say the fifth en the sixth figures still remain as a mystery

  117. 1) Thinking man in profile

    2) Map of the Mediterranean region

    3) Left hand and its shadow

    4) Jesus

    5) Ocean liner

    6) Puppy (sitting)

  118. 1) Guy thinking bout something
    2) cows
    3) a hand and it’s shadow
    4) guy in a forest
    5) knife on the floor and blood splattered on the wall
    6) the shadows of people in the light coming through the window


  120. 1st: man with his fist close to his mouth.
    2nd: an island.
    3rd: hand on mirror
    4th: Jesus ( it’s at the very top in the middle. U could see his face)
    5th: blood
    6th: shadows? ( I really guessed on that)

    Ok I’m not sure about the 5th and 6th one but I think all e others are right.

  121. Am I the only one that can see a person kissing another person’s cheek to the left of Jesus in the fourth pic? Judas maybe?

  122. ok umm heres what i see
    #1 a man with his hand up by his mouth
    #2 a dragon breathing fire
    #3 I have no clue lol maybe a wave?
    #4 people playing in the snow or an old man
    #5 again i have no clue lol
    #6 a puppy or a dress

  123. I took the images and turned them negative and found the answer.
    1. A man with is chin on fist, looking west.
    2. Map of England ( partly )
    3. A hand and its shadow.
    4. A sailboat at sea.
    5. A dog. (our brains fill in the spaces)

  124. 1 Man with his hand infront of his mouth
    2 Mediterian sea You could se Italy
    3 Two hands
    4 Jesus
    5 Splash water
    6 A Dog

  125. I think Freegan got it right (though maybe 6 can also be a dress). But N° 5 and 6 are more abstract than the others.

    Now what makes you think Jesus had a beard ? The guy probably never existed in the first place.

  126. I honestly saw nothing but blotches until I started reading comments. And even now, I still don’t see Jesus or a bearded man or whatever in picture 4 or whatever picture 5 is.

  127. 1. Profile of a man thinking. That white diagonal line 2/3 of the way up is his nose. The folded fingers of his right hand and lower right palm are visible just below.
    2. Most of continental Europe. The boot of Italy is very visible near the center. The black part is the Mediterranean sea.
    3. A left hand on top of it’s own shadow
    4. Jesus, or some man with a beard. Most of the pic is irrelevant. Just look at the very top center. His right eye is partially shadowed but his nose and left eye are very visible. From there you can see his beard and long hair.
    5-6….I haven’t the FOGGIEST. Even after reading the comments I can’t see a boat or a dog or a dress or anything.

  128. #1 I think it’s a guy.
    #2 World map. I can see Italy.
    #3 A hand with shadow
    #4 2 people kissing. Where you see Jesus? o-o
    #5 A Ship. (look it’s like from front)
    #6 A puppy. Labrador <3

  129. 1) profile of a man thinking (if he’s somebody specific, I don’t know who)
    2) map of the Mediterranean
    3) hand & shadow
    4) Jesus
    5) ship
    6) puppy

  130. #1 It’s a guy thinking
    #2 A Dragon blowing out fire and scorching the lands
    #3 A mouse that is surrounded by dust.
    #4 A 3 bladed weapon
    #5 A hand and it’s shadow.

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