Some Optical Illusion Videos…

There weren’t many optical illusion videos to choose from on this website before – but from now on, we decided to open the whole new category – optical illusion videos! Here are just some of the illusion videos to start with. Simply, click on the pictures, open them in new window, and videos will start to play themselves! Also, if you have other simmilar video illusions, upload them yourself to YouTube, and provide the link to us, to share them with our numbered audience. If you have a spare minute, be sure to check dozen of more interesting videos inside the “Videos Category“. Enjoy!

On the first glance the mirror appears to actually reflect whatever is placed in front of it. However, on closer inspection all is revealed to be not as it first seemed. Video: Optical Illusion Mirror

Click here to watch it!

Convex or Concave, that is the question! Watch the video yourself, comment the illusion, and guess (or listen) who’s face is used in this illusion. Video: Hollow Face Illusion.

Click here to watch it!

10 Replies to “Some Optical Illusion Videos…”

  1. oh poo the first one….the second one RULES
    IT IS SWEETNESS comparing them the first one is total shit…anyone agree w/ me or am i on my own

  2. The second one is alright but it only works on the computer or tv. If you saw it in real life it would not look as good as it does in the movie

  3. Not true, Smart. In Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion they have this same illusion and it is VERY convincing. I should know, I go to Disneyland all the time.

  4. oi yea chris is right ive been to that haunted mansion thing its awesome when i first look ed at it i didnt notice but then i really looked at the face and i was creeped out cause it was looking at me lol (thats what it looked like anyway)

  5. I knew what was goin on with the first 1, so i wasn’t impressed, but i still don’t know if the 2nd one is concave, convex, or flat, at times i thought it concave, and sometimes i thought it was convex!!!

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