Society Portrait By George A Wotherspoon

This is second illusion Amy Baggetta submitted! It’s called “Society” and was done by George A Wotherspoon. If you look at the picture well enough, you will see the hidden mesagge implementation by author! The funny part is how this hidden illusion is connected with the title “Society”. Funny! When you spot this one, visit more of simmilar hidden puzzles in our most recognized “Spot The Object Category“.

92 Replies to “Society Portrait By George A Wotherspoon”

  1. Hmmm… I see the illusion –it’s right in the middle– but I’m not sure I understand the relation to the title “Society.”

  2. Unbelievable! If you have trouble seeing it, try scrolling until the woman’s nose is at the top of the window, then take a look at the man’s pocketed handkerchief, down to his left hand.

  3. Wow.. I’m the first one to leave a comment. Greetings from Singapore!

    Love your site.. been a huge fan.

    Ok .. about this pic… obviously a mule or donkey or horse.

  4. The man’s coat is the head of a jackass (Society) and the two ladies’ hats are the ears of said creature. Very clever. It reminds me of the line from Shakespeare’s comedy TWELFTH NIGHT: “Have you ever seen the picture of We Three?” The line refers to a painting of two jackasses, meaning the “third” is the viewer.

    Another apt title for the Wotherspoon picture would have been “The Politician.”

  5. Umm to me this is implying that in every society you find a jackass(donkey) and htis man is a jackass looking at him… he’s a candidate for a jackasss

  6. A.J and anon are onto it… hi class, hi society… possibly have Government or Political power or pull… but they are just the mule/donkey doing all the ‘dirty work’ of the higher powers… and they probably dont even realise what is going on!

  7. What i don’t get is what the ears are supposed to be besides ears… is that dude wearing massive shoulder pads? wtf? if i may ask

  8. I couldnt find the illusion so I gave up and read the comments, I think it does indeed mean that in society usually the jackasses are popular… that and or just the rich in general…

  9. Well it is an ass but he is sitting if you will look closely the lady on the rights dress is the back of the ass. Also on the left the people talking becone another animal and the arm of the lady on the left is a hoof.

  10. This picture depicts a gentleman of high society dressed to the nines in between two adoring ladies. or is he just a jackass.

    Also check out ‘all is vanity’ by the same artist. and ‘gossip, and satan came too’ they’re both very good.

  11. its actually a donkey, and its linked to society in that we are asses because we care about the most foolish things, like donkeies. and btw, horses dont have ears that long =)

  12. what the? a donkey, how the? why the? what has this world come to, its the end of the world as we know it, and i feel fine!

  13. it is saying that society is an a** because it is titled society and the man looks like a donkey…ok i got it

  14. You are all so wierd. t’s a kangaroo. its like so obvious.
    i get that part, but what i don’t get is what the message is, or how it links to society.

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