Smiling Happy Kids—Nothing Wrong With This Picture!

Summer is here and it’s time for a little summer fun!

For kids, that usually means hanging out with their buddies. It also means fun photo ops! Like this photo of three kids huddled together…


I’ve gotta say, the angle of the photo is pretty cool. They’ve all got their heads together and they’re looking down at the camera, which is—I’m gonna take a shot in the dark here—on the ground.


There’s actually something a little off about this picture. Can you figure out what it is? If you can’t, no worries! It took me a little while to figure it out too. Okay, that’s a complete lie—I didn’t spot it on my own at all.

I couldn’t figure out this optical illusion until I saw this image…

smile upside down

I’ll bet you can see what’s wrong now! When you flip the image upside down, it’s actually quite obvious that the girl at the bottom of the image (previously the top) has an upside down mouth, giving her a rather creepy appearance.

You have to admit, the upside down mouth is very obvious and noticeable. But, do you notice anything else a little out of place with our friend the creepy upside down mouth girl?

That’s right! The upside down mouth isn’t the only thing that’s upside down. Her nose and eyes are also upside down. I actually only noticed the upside down mouth, and my daughter just pointed out the other upside down facial features to me! (Drat! One upped by a 12 year old!)

Granted, this isn’t really a true optical illusion, but it’s still pretty interesting! Apparently, our brain has difficulty processing upside down faces. We basically just see the face and as long as all of the facial features are present, accounted for and in the right places, we don’t usually notice things like and upside down mouth.

If you want another example, check out this kid with an upside down mouth! Or, check out one of my personal favorites, the fat face thin illusion!

3 Replies to “Smiling Happy Kids—Nothing Wrong With This Picture!”

  1. I only noticed the upside-down nose! I didn’t see the upside-down mouth and eyes until the picture was rotated!

  2. Jesse hurt her eye because jr punched her at a flyer event,”kids Earth Day.” Sept 7th,77?
    Oh man,idol elvis suk for kids!

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