Slowdown Fixed… We’re Back in Full Speed!

Urgent News – You probably noticed a problem loading this website in last few hours. Mighty Illusions and Mighty Tricks had some major server problems, which obstructed you in viewing our website efficiently and smoothly. I’m glad to report everything is fixed, and that our technicians managed to remove the issue which was causing this major slowdown. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone who had problems loading the website in last few hours. Please comment if everything is working properly again for you (now you should see improvement in speed, even grater than before the big issue). Hope we didn’t loose YOU, our loyal visitors, and that we can continue in our quest to bring you best optical illusions each day!

Don’t mind the food Alien picture above, it’s just something to fill your widgets during this news announcement… Also, if you would like to help us in some way, you can by referring new visitors to this site, since we lost some big amount of traffic duet to problems you had. At least use the “Save this” button in any illusion you like the most on this page… This should help us gain back some popularity from before! Stay tuned – new illusion coming in half an hour!

23 Replies to “Slowdown Fixed… We’re Back in Full Speed!”

  1. i like this site verry much dude who makes this you rulezzz :D good illusions i like special the andy collection with 3d effects but everone is good :D

  2. wow! if that vegetable alien-like creature approached me i would be very afraid… it doesn’t look too tasty to eat either..

    anyway, great illusions.. keep them coming Vurdlak!

  3. I didn’t find anything missing or slow…it’s working fine…and the site is terrific..I just love these illusions.. :)

  4. Why don’t the comments ever say anything worth reading? And why do most of the comments written seem like they’ve been written by people who don’t have any experience with the English language?

  5. I’ve tried for the first time the audio illusions, but I can’t access the mp3 files. The page of your file host appears, with the player, but I’m not able to play or download, and have sometimes a message saying “can’t access the file”. I don’t know if it”s related with your latest trouble, but I wanted you to know about it, just in case…
    By the way, go on, I LOVE THIS SITE!

  6. BRILLIANT, love this site, keep up the good work. Look forward to the different illusions each day. I would recommend this site to anyone.

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