23 Replies to “Sleepy Hollow Optical Illusion”

    1. ah……..the wall is so obvious…….according to me……
      which dumhead cant see dat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!duh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Are you stupid? Can’t you see the wall covering the heads? Plus their necks are thicker than is normal, so I think they taped the shirts to that wall and then connected everything down from there, placing the shoes on the steps.

  2. simple!!!! theve taken the pic thru the window, leaving the heads behind the top.
    also… theyre probly wearing scarves….

  3. It would look more like an illusion if you had two heads at their feet with no body connected but I do agree with some of the other’s this does not look like a true illusion!

  4. Oh bother. If you think it’s stupid, just move on. The one with the little boy is obvious too, but it’s still cool looking.

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