Skull Chaser Optical Illusion

Check the animation below, or simply click this image
Check the animation below, or simply click this image

Here’s an interesting approach to original Lilac Chaser illusion, invented many years ago… Wait for the animation to load, and concentrate on the center dot for a minute or so. Normally the skulls are disappearing in a clock-wise direction, but if you manage to stay still and concentrated, you will experience an afterimage of the rotating skull in places (where there shouldn’t be any). Hope you understood all this babling.

Originally I got this optical illusion from here, and have to admit: I was forced to crop the above and below embedded letters. Sorry dear fellow webmaster, hope you don’t take it against me – it’s just that the letters were too big and spammy for the illusion to be useful anywhere elsewhere than on its original website.

Flying Skulls Afterimage Optical Illusion

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  1. Hello. I can believe there’s no connection between the success of each illusion and the number of comments. I visit your site everyday, for a long time and I’ve never left a comment. So that’s done now. Great site, that’s true. Some illusions are so impressive that you haven’t anything to say: you are dumb ! I’m a French woman math teacher, and sometimes I show my pupils ( 15-18 years old ) some of your pictures. Never mind about your english… I don’t speak english very well and I understand everything you write. Best regards from Normandy. Laurence.

  2. when i stared at it i didnt see it but when i looked at it for 60 seconds then looked at a white wall and blinked really fast i saw a smiley face … try it

  3. I can’t get it to work
    I can’t concentrate on the center skull long enough because of the moving in the background

  4. Look at the imgae for one minute.
    Then turn away (look at a wall or something) and blink. You should see a white smiley face.

    Hope this helped you :-]

  5. it is cool….if u focus ur eyes on the red spot without blinking ur eyes..u will see that there’s a light under the images of skull moving clockwise..and that what makes the illusion going ;)

  6. i dont see anything?i dont get it no matter how long i stare at it and i tried the looking at the wall thing i just dont see it!it loooks the same):

  7. court: you look at a wall or anything. you keep staring and then after a minute you will see a skull on the spot where a skull disappeared. it took me a while to see it too, but then i understood.

  8. stare at the centre dot fot 1 minute .then close your eyes.the smile with the eyes and nose you can see(when your eyes closed) is the afterimage of the addition of all the skulls.

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