Skull Art Optical Illusion

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is almost here and hope you all have a good one with a lot of great plans! There is an old saying about art being a matter of taste and style, and that is definitely the case with today’s optical illusion!

skull art optical illusion


What do you all see? Do you see a lovely couple sitting down having drinks, or do you see something more sinister? Now, some people may see the skull before they see anything else, and some may even say that those with a wicked mind may see the skull before they see the happy couple, but honestly, it all has to do with imagination. Now whether or not someone has an innocent pure heart.  The happy couple are sitting down enjoying a bottle of wine or possibly champagne, and the two of them are truly in love because they are clasping hands and gazing into one another’s eyes.

Frankly, this is an amazing illusion because a couple having a drink together also forms an amazing skull that is actually pretty detailed! Do you like the skull? Want to see more amazing illusions? Well check out this amazing illusion involving animals! How many animals can you find in this picture with the beautiful model?

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