The Six Million Dollar Man on 8TV Commercial


Another superb advertising idea done by 8TV. The crack on the elevator you see, is nothing but a painted optical illusion. Jump inside this articel for another simmilar illusion for Slimming Sanctuary bust enhancement treatment. These were also submitted by Daniel Comar, the guy that sent us previous Duracell Illusion. Thanks Daniel!

  • Weirdo

    That is weird

  • Carl Johnson

    Weird but nice!

  • Fivos


  • kristen

    the boys must have liked that one

  • disasterMaster

    Where can i get that last poster?

  • MMM


  • Pandas


  • meeow


  • ♥G e o r g i a

    weird lool

  • Anonymous

    kinda odd.. elavator 1 is funny it looks liek it got like pryed open

  • Yoda82


  • lil

    Would it b possible 2 have the link for the slimming sanctuary illusion?

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