Sinking Volkswagen Installation

Laura Jani discovered what seems to be an art installation done by Spanish artist Ivan Puig titled “Hasta la Narices”. If you google for a translation you’ll soon discover it means something similar to “Fed-up”. What is obvious from these shots below, the installation features a “sinking” VW sedan – which in reality is all but that. Update: Laura has also provided this spoof on Puig’s installation, a version that features her own sinking banana. Interesting approach to art, I must say…

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  1. That’s not a sedan. That’s a classic Beetle. Even with only so little left of it, it is instantly recognizable.

    Cool illusion though.

  2. ‘hasta las narices’ literally translates as ‘up to the noses’, which is quite fitting considering the effect the artist is after…

  3. It’s “Hasta las narices”, and it’s a col·loquial expression that, politely, would mean: “I’m fed up of this”.
    Fun fact is that, literally, it means “I’m until the noses” :)

  4. The transaltion means “Up to your nose” I am guessing because if you were in the sinking VW you would be sinking “up to your nose”

  5. What is the illusion here. You posted an image of a car that appears to be cut at an angle and placed on a shiny floor. People have asked what the actual illusion is and you are not responding to them. I hope that you will respond to me, and explain exactly what the illusion really is. Did he cut the cars roof off and place it on a floor, or was there digital manipulation or what. I just don’t understand this one and it’s driving me up the wall. Thanks, Thomas.

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