Sinking Volkswagen Installation


Laura Jani discovered what seems to be an art installation done by Spanish artist Ivan Puig titled “Hasta la Narices”. If you google for a translation you’ll soon discover it means something similar to “Fed-up”. What is obvious from these shots below, the installation features a “sinking” VW sedan – which in reality is all but that. Update: Laura has also provided this spoof on Puig’s installation, a version that features her own sinking banana. Interesting approach to art, I must say…

  • breandan

    cool, like the banana even though it was easy to see how it was done

  • John

    Love it on the shiny white floor. Looks like it’s flooded in milk.

  • Wilson

    Awesome !

  • Kelsey

    Clever – but in principle, very simple :)

  • Emma

    1st Comment!

    Those look really cool althouh i do admit i realised strait away that they arent really sinking

  • Kimon

    That’s not a sedan. That’s a classic Beetle. Even with only so little left of it, it is instantly recognizable.

    Cool illusion though.

  • edderiofer

    I like the banana. >:D

  • DudeMan

    Love the sunken car! I can imagine walking in that room and feeling like I should be sinking.

  • Care Bear

    You find the coolest stuff.

  • About to take you off my favourites after your last silly attempt to ammuse. How you thought you would survive that is beyod me. Good luck and good bye

  • oh and by the way, this website is accessibe to young children who have shown an interest in illuison, not sexually perverted nonsense

    • Smartguy

      That is not fair because I am a kid. And I love optical illusions.

  • j

    ‘hasta las narices’ literally translates as ‘up to the noses’, which is quite fitting considering the effect the artist is after…

  • eee efff geee

    in the first one look closely…….that gel stiff is a floor there a doors on the wall :D

  • Yanni:)

    im confused- is the illusion that its not actually sinking its just half of it on the floor??

  • It’s “Hasta las narices”, and it’s a col·loquial expression that, politely, would mean: “I’m fed up of this”.
    Fun fact is that, literally, it means “I’m until the noses” :)

  • Luie

    The transaltion means “Up to your nose” I am guessing because if you were in the sinking VW you would be sinking “up to your nose”

  • Dave

    Nice, very cool.

  • Thomas

    What is the illusion here. You posted an image of a car that appears to be cut at an angle and placed on a shiny floor. People have asked what the actual illusion is and you are not responding to them. I hope that you will respond to me, and explain exactly what the illusion really is. Did he cut the cars roof off and place it on a floor, or was there digital manipulation or what. I just don’t understand this one and it’s driving me up the wall. Thanks, Thomas.

  • Ktee

    its quite obvious…. especially the bananna…. its just cut at n angle and plced on a flat surface

  • Santiago

    Ivan Puig is from Mexico.

  • Aaryash Nayak

    LOL the sinking car happens in GTA

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