Simpsons In Escherland

I’m certain that 99% of you have at least heard of TV episode called The Simpsons. Moreover, you are aware that every episode has it’s unique opening, where the whole family is running to their couch, and then something original and funny happens. But what I saw few days ago, surprised me! In this episode, called “The PTA Disbands”, the family is running through an Escher-like living room. At the end they sit on the couch and finally calm down. Have you seen this episode? If you find the original opening on YouTube or Google Videos, be sure to post a link inside comments – I’m sure it exists, only lost the original link. I’ll post a screenshot in meantime. You should see it below :) You can see original Escher’s Relativity here and unknown artist’s replica, can be found here. Don’t forget to watch commercial for Audi – it also takes place in a strange Escher World!

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  1. ESCHER, not Etch-a-Sketch. Geeze, read before you post people. Escher is the artist who coined this style of crazy-stairs-to-nowhere type pictures. Etch-a-Sketch, while a fun toy, is something totally different.

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