Amazingly Simple Way to Draw Optical Illusions

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Anyone fascinated with optical illusions has probably wanted to try their own hand at it at some point. Drawing optical illusions, though, can seem pretty impossible, partly because the objects of your art are themselves impossible at times. However, it might be a lot easier to draw optical illusions than you think.  Make sure when you don’t deceive yourself when sketching your work.

Draw Optical Illusions

You don’t have to start huge. The secret is to pick a simple optical illusion to draw. And, even some seemingly complicated optical illusions are a lot easier to draw than you’d think. Take today’s illusion, for example…

draw optical illusions

The circle in the middle of the paper appears to be moving or hovering, doesn’t it? Well, it’s pretty simple to recreate this illusion on your own. All you need is some graph paper, a pen, and something to draw a perfect circle to be on your way to draw optical illusion images!

Here are more inspirations.

See how easy it is? Now, get artistic and give it a shot!

Enjoy finding out how to draw optical illusion images? Head over and check out this awesome video on the making of an optical illusion hole!

We feature our reader’s work all the time.  These were drawn by Jovert Ante and he eagerly wanted to show us.

draw optical illusions

draw optical illusions



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