Shrinking Cross Optical Illusion

David Cherry (whose Unreal Movement Triangles we already covered) created something we haven’t had the opportunity to see for quite some time now. His “animation” effect works flawlessly! In order for you to see the effect in its full glory, I was forced to edit David’s original attachment, yet it’s still available if you click on the picture and open it full size. Am I imagining things, or does the phantom cross really appear to continuously shrink?

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  1. I have a feeling you are seeing things :’) Lol nah waht i see id the triangles in each square getting closer but i dont see any movement with the actual cross.
    Maybeim just strange

  2. You know… I’m not seeing it. Not really.

    Every once in awhile, it kinda-sorta looks like it’s shrinking… maybe. But sometimes, kinda-sorta, it also looks like it’s expanding. But the perceived movement, in my case, anyway, is very, very — as in VERY — slight.

    Maybe I’m an exception…

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    Peace. And, oh by the way — GREAT site, and thank you!

  4. after trying the ‘shrinking cross’, i tried most of linked examples. less than 50% worked for me leading to the assumption that astimatism is not a friend of the viewer. i do enjoy the ‘magic eye’ series of ‘3d’ images that came out in the early 90’s. thanks for the effort. p.s. please forgive all lower case; shoulder surgery has severely cramped my style.

  5. Hi everyone. It seems to be like my last effort. Some people see the ‘illusion’, some don’t. I can’t explain why this happens. I did not set out create an illusion, it just happened. I was just playing around with a fractal program (Ultafractal – yeah!) and saw the ‘movement’ when I made this pattern. At first I thought it might be just me, but some others seem to see it OK. I’ve reversed the pattern to see if the effect is reversed – does it work for you?[img]crossout.jpg[/img]

  6. It appears to be shrinking because you are focusing on the direction in which the points of the corners are facing… they’re all facing inward.

  7. I think that I have a theory. All of the ‘arrows’ point inwards, and we are trained to look in the direction of said ‘arrows’. So, simply, our eyes are always trying to follow ALL of the arrows, thus leading us to believe that the cross is infinitely shrinking. However, we all process information differently, so for those of you for whom this illusion did not work, your brain might be wired a little differently, so don’t feel strange because of this beguiling image. If anyone can prove me wrong, please reply and I will correct myself. How was that for a twelve-year-old?

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