She’s Not Alone Optical Illusion

Hello to everyone! Saturday is here and the fun and excitement of the weekend can really begin today.  Today’s optical illusion is an old looking black and white photo of a woman walking, and the point of view is between two trees.  If you look just right, you can see that the woman is not alone, and the famous face may look familiar. Can you all see the face and name the famous person that the image just happens to resemble?  Here is a hint, this image may look like a very famous writer that is considered to be the world’s best that ever lived. If you all figure out the illusion, and who it is, please be sure and leave a comment below, and possibly give any hints to those that have not figured it out just yet.

She's Not Alone Optical Illusion

There is nothing more fun, and time consuming, then finding hidden images, and here is another great one for you all to work on. This poor hunter looks lost and confused, but you all need to do is to see what you can find in the picture. You may be able to find some animals and people in this image, and good luck in your search!

3 Replies to “She’s Not Alone Optical Illusion”

  1. I also saw the face first. In fact, I had trouble seeing the woman.
    And who’s Bill anyway? Is he also known as Shakespeare?

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