Secret Message Optical Illusion


Another spectacular picture was sent in to us by Anthony! It’s just one among many illusions crafted and painted by Donald Rust, yet this one is a bit different and steps away a bit from Rusty’s usual style. At first the illusion isn’t so easy to notice, but once you see it you can’t ignore it. So, what does the hidden message say? Have you noticed it at all? Happy hunting!

  • neo way de

    found it the minute i saw it nice message

  • LarsW

    The name of the picture says it all…

  • z2d4th

    i think the message is about peace — —–

  • Saeed Yaqoob

    the message is: PEACE ON EARTH!

  • Helbeast

    Peace on Earth

  • Wess

    Peace On Earth

  • Peace on Earth

  • The text is very easy to make out but it’s still a decent illusion. If the text hadn’t been so white it would have been a bit more difficult.

    I’m an eternal optimist personally and hope the message does come true eventually.

  • Uros

    Easy, found it in 3 sec. =)

  • Izhar

    Peace on Earth

  • Matjl

    Its okay, but a bit easy to find, especially with the thumbnail

  • Louie

    I won’t say what it says but if you squint, view the picture from far away or shrink it down, you’ll be able to see what the hidden message is. :-)

  • Darren

    That was too easy

  • Phoenix gal

    It says “Peace on Earth”.

  • Anonymous

    Peace on Earth!

  • herzmeister

    a bit hard to read, but I’m afraid what it says is an illusion. In at least two meanings. :·\

  • L

    i… eace on farn. what?

  • Anurag

    The Message is Peace On Earth

  • Steve

    Peace On Earth

  • Abi

    Peace on Earth.

    Amen, my friend. Amen.

  • Auto

    Peace On Earth

  • [email protected]

    Peace on Earth!

    (Difficult to read, even if I noticed some of the letters at once)

  • Colleen

    Peace on Earth!

  • Karen


  • yujihb

    Well concealed. Cool!

  • Phil

    Took me less than a second.

  • DJ

    — And goodwill to men–

  • Clivey Walshy


    peace out lol

  • wow

    Oh yeah, i see that!!! The trick is to pull your eyes in a deep squint to see the message.

  • LarsW

    The name of the picture says it all. Why Dont’t you change it?

  • Maddie

    Peace On Earth!:)

  • Nadeem

    Peace on Earth.

  • fire

    peace on earth ..nice :) ..i love the painting and the illusion

  • Barby

    I can see Peace on Earth! Shame that the dream wont become true :(

  • shelby

    yeah peace on earth

  • Peter

    Only problem is the “secret message” is easy to spot in a small image – like the widget! So when viewing a larger image I had already seen the “hidden” message and, as Vurdlak stated, I could not ignore it!

    Still a very nice painting with an interesting way to illustrate the theme.

  • Chakka


  • Pengu73339

    i think it says “peace on earth” but i may be wrong ’cause i cant find “rth”
    keep em comin’ :) =)

  • Hetz

    If you don’t wanna know what it is don’t read any further but…

    I think it says Peace on Earth

  • lee bruckner

    Peace on Earth.

  • Ibnsina

    Peace On Earth

  • popesantaxiv



  • peace

    peace on earth

  • Joy

    “Peace on Earth”

  • Peace on earth!

  • Easily seen from the widget; also if one squints…

  • Skye Simmons

    If anybody wants the deets it says ‘Peace on Earth’.Everything that’s bright is the letters.

    • Skye Simmons

      And 1ST!

  • diane

    Well I just made my screen a tad darker and it showed up. Nice ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Annie

    What a nice picture !

    Well,it’s easy to see-a nice ego boost-but who cares ? What a lovely positive message !

  • bob

    easer to see on thumbnail pic

  • jeanne

    “Peace on Earth”

  • Beverly

    Is it Peace on earth

  • Panashe

    I see peace on.. but nothing else

  • Nosa

    Peace on earth

  • SAM


  • Illusionist

    Peace on Earth.
    Like this site.
    Move away from screen.

  • MM

    Peac on Earth…………may prevail!!!

  • Sakura

    That’s a really sweet illusion.

  • Dan

    very clever!

  • George

    The hidden message is “Peace of cake”, which makes no sense because the right phrase is “Piece of cake”.

  • breandan

    It took me awile but I got it. It showed up better in the wiget.(SP?) I noticed no one is toting weapons.

  • Ace

    Peace on earth!
    wow! am i good or what?? lmao.

  • onyxbutterfly

    Well, The thumbnail gives it away – not to mention the name of the gif. But hey, it’s a great painting with a timely message for all that. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Hypersapien

    Very cool, but I wish you wouldn’t put the answer in the title tag. I’m glad I didn’t see that until after I saw the message.

  • Dave

    Peace in Earth!

  • Kiryuu

    It took some careful looking on my part, but I finally saw it. Beautiful work.

    Sometimes, you just need to sit back and assess the situation as a whole to truly understand a message.

  • joshua calloway

    it says peace on earth

  • Rolando

    Ok I got it
    A good wish

  • Eddie

    What we haven’t got now

  • yuraj rajvansh

    Peace on Earth

  • Roosie

    :D Thats quite cool!!!

  • Anonym

    Peace on Earth

  • John

    That’s easy to see from a short distance away.
    It says: Peace on Earth.
    I wish that was true!

  • Theresa

    What a beautiful message, and wouldn’t that be nice!

  • Jess

    peace on earth

  • rocio

    the message is peace on earth

  • lee bruckner

    Hidden message: “Peace On Earth”.

  • Gabriel


  • GenCat


  • Noah

    peace on faith

  • Sunny

    Peace on Earth… too easy

  • eric

    could care less about the corny message – but is that Chuck Noris in the bottom corner?

  • Deb

    All ya have to do is squint to see “peace on earth” :)

  • Hostar

    Peace on Earth

  • Rebekah

    It says Peace on earth

  • Pinyot

    Peace on Earth

  • kelly

    Peace on Earth?

  • Savannah

    “Peace On Earth” GOT IT! :D

  • Care Bear

    Great message. May it go from your illusion to God’s attention.

  • MC

    It says ‘Peace on earth’ in cursive. So cool!

  • Tish

    It helps to squinch your eyes so the picture is blurry.


    Took me 3 seconds. Look at you monitor from the side. “……and good will to all men”

  • minecaricature

    I’ll admit it didn’t take all that long, but I love the concept and message.

  • eee efff geee

    Saw it in under ten seconds! :D

  • vapor30

    peace on earth. nice illusion

  • Essy


  • brad dayvisone


  • It says “Peace on Earth”
    Amazing work!!
    Kudos to the artist :D

  • Dany

    “Peace on earth” … I discovered it in 5 seconds.

  • fdskghlkjdfg

    it says peace on earth lol

  • prp

    Too easy i got it in first sight its peace on earth

  • Anonymous

    Move farther from the monitor to find the secret message(a.k.a. “Peace on Earth”.

  • Waleed


  • Joseph

    Peace On Earth….duh

  • Susanna

    All you have to do is squint your eyes to see, or simply roll over with your mouse :P

  • Anonymous Pagan

    Peace on earth… Not. Challenging. At. All.

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