• ?man

    that looks weird and asome

  • RaiderX

    cool pic, but they arent exactly shimmering, not much rotation either

  • ¬loony¬

    nothing happens

  • niki

    again, i think they rotate from the inside out.

  • M 2 the H O

    thats pretty cool! the shimers spiral towards the centre but its only cause your eye can only focous on a few things at once and then it moves to the other details!!!

  • M 2 the H O

    ps. u really have to put it in full size to see it right

  • kristen

    its more of a fliker to me

  • Nachos Yummy

    Its like its supposed to hippnotise you to me!

  • Anonymous

    ughhhhh my eyes!!!this is so confusing!! i hate optical illusions!

  • mango

    nope. nada.

  • Cornelius

    Try moving back and forth while staring at the center. Total trippy galactic swirl on acid!!!

  • Whoa

    gawd i had know idea a circle and a dot could make u crazyyy……. o.O

  • maheep

    i also saw another pic in it


    Looks like a weird looking worm hole that I just stuck my dick into.

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