• anonymous

    Didn’t quite stand on my head, I got the image onto my computer and flipped it, and you can see that the jaw and eyes are upside down or he is about to fall apart into a million pieces and reveal in his place a very angry inhuman being that is about to tear apart anything nearby. I think the former is unlikely and the latter is a result of flip of these features. When seen upside down the person looks happy and fine, more likely then not the features are flipped from the start via some sort of editing or this guy had been in extruciating pain at the time.

  • Anthony

    Holy crap! The guy looks like an insane megalomaniac about to tear you to pieces and destroy the world. Almost like Bush/Chaney.

  • monkeyman


  • Jibby

    Gosh man this is bloody scary mehn.I got my hair on end man at the first sighting

  • Annie

    i flipped over on my chair, fell onto the ground, cursed the evil little man, the chair, the hard ground, my stupid little head, then tried again :D. I fell over again… then cursed everything all over agiain… then finally suceeded and fell over because i was so surprised at the evilness, and this time i didnt even bother cursing, i just punched the monitor. BIG MISTAKE, i ended up sucking on my fist and mumbling curses for 5 minutes :D!! whew….

  • isaac


  • Farted

    I agree with Anthony and Jibby. THIS GUY IS WACK!!! But it is just computer animated…..or is it…….ugh!! I’m creeping myself out!!!

  • eumorphapandorus

    haha he look slike a pervert, seriously.

  • xiomara


  • Bun-Bun

    Again it’s because our brain perceives faces in a special way. Like, babies at first can only focus on the eyes. There is a condition that destroys your hability to recognize faces. It’s called “prosopognosy” i think (can’t spell it in English)

  • Ashley C.

    While the whole picture is flipped upside down, I think his eyes are right-side-up. I wonder why no one else has noticed that.

    I think his mouth is the same way, too.

  • Chelsea

    this should be on Scary Illusions

  • cubicles


  • GreenDayGirl

    omg. hey!!! thats my friends grandfater!!! he never did get a job…wonder why and who would post him on. my friend is probably imbarrassed!! i feel her pain!!! lol…..

  • Hai

    holy shit im gonna have nitemares!!!!!!!!

  • Me

    anonymous dont double post!

  • Lem

    scary illusion! maybe those kids outside are wondering why i was standing on my chair letting my head hang down this way… whatever, cool thing, this pic

  • enigmas

    the condition that renders you incapable of recognizing faces is Age Related Macular Degeneration – ARMD

  • jkbena621

    That is the freakiest thing… I mean seriously! AAAAAAAHHHH!!

  • loser

    see those eyes?…they will folow you for the rest of your life….remeber that…

  • Anonymous

    The mouth is also right side up.

  • Sinead


  • Anonymous

    these people are called prosopagnosiacs and the disease is called pagnosia, has to do with receptors int he brain not functioning to be abe to recognize certain characteristics and rember them as ppls faces

  • Anonymous

    God that scared the heck out of me.

  • Anonymous

    this isn’t an illusion, this guy actually has a rare disease called thisreallyisanillusionia that makes his face look normal upside down and scare the crap out of people and make them curse their chairs normally.

  • Anonymous


  • Shelby

    That was scary, and I am only 12

  • Anonymous


  • abbierocks

    i think thats just plain creepy.even if ur upside down, right side up, side ways or backwords. its still creepy.

  • abbie rocks


  • Anonymous

    thats just plain creepy. it dosnt matter if ur up side down, rightside up, sideways, or backwords. its still creepy.

    my name is abigail, not anonymous!

  • Anonymous

    wohh that is insanem in the craniam doug

  • Shit My Pants

    Just like that.

  • Anonymous


  • n dubz

    freaking hell that scared me it is liek he is gonna blow up so god fuck

  • Anonymous

    that illusion is so insane…..

  • Anonymous

    omg omg omg
    this guy is like homicidal or something- he scares the s**t out of me

  • Anonymous

    Totally freaked me out!!!

  • ssuuok

    i dont get it… that sucks

  • Rakhtael

    D***. that scared the living daylights out of me!!!

  • Nimeru

    His mouth and eyes are “pasted” right side up when they should be upside down like the rest of the picture. I could see that right away. I don’t get what the illusion is supposed to be…

  • Lejla

    Before I look at illusions, I look at the comments. Well, they weren’t that pleasant so I asked my dad to look at it then he laughed and then he said it wasn’t scary then he left. I went as far as I could from the computer, then looked at it upside-down. Well it’s not that scary if you’re far away!

  • max

    upside down eyes and mouth SCARY

  • Molly

    Whoa. Scary.

  • ….someone?

    gunna have nightmares!!!



  • analia

    i don’t get this ths is dum really dum get more real stuff please

  • analia

    okay i get it thats scary

  • kayla

    the eyes.

  • shit ma self

    lol thats wierd and scary

  • nobody

    omg when i first looked at it it scared the crap out of me!!!

    • annaj:)

      hahaha inr!!!! i accually screamed in home room:) hahaha!!! embarrasing!

  • eric

    all the facial features are upside down

  • Great

    i thought he was smiling

  • Josh

    his teeth are upside down

  • Me, Myself, and iPod

    This is creepee………..

  • rajesh

    eyes r same wether u look upside down or otherwise

  • purplepeopleeater

    i didnt have to stand on my head to realize his mouth was upside down but for me the question is , are his eyes upside down to come on look at them they could be

  • purplepeopleeater

    but when you do look udside down he is frowning creepy as heck

  • hello peeps

    ok, that dood creeps me out!

  • valkyrie

    he looks practically happy… then turn your head 180 degrees… HES EVILL!!!!!!!!!

  • Sara

    I didn’t see it. So I copied the image, pasted it in Photoshop, Flipped the image, and then almost cried. Scary.

  • cada

    i think it looks like walter the puppet from the jeff dunham show

  • Wiggele

    at first i thought it was a crap illusion, i read scheisse illusion :$

  • Someone

    everything is upside down, and when i turned it right it creeped me out
    Ive never really been fond of the Scheibe Illusion…

  • ali

    His teeth are upside down and so are his eyes its easy dumbos

  • Anna

    omg! it’s so scary upside down :(

  • Jez

    O.O nightmares..

  • ghjkil;

    i dont get the illusion. If the illusion is his mouth,how is it famous?

  • cindy

    half the the face is up-side down

  • Davo

    Looks like the human eye and/or brain can’t distinguish when a mouth is upside down or right way up. Simple yet effective.

  • theEgg


  • Whoa

    WHOA…dude he looks like like like a something! O.o i didnt really get it lol

  • Klitch

    The dude is SO FREAKY.AH.

  • frit.

    his whole face is upside down! :0

  • bubbleh

    his eyes and his mouth r screwd up man, note 2 self never get plastic surgery

  • Anonymous

    If you look at it, it’ll steal your soul!

    • Annie

      im eight and im too scared to go anywhere myself for a WEEK after i look at him upside down!!!! FYI i post my middle name as my name ;)

  • oh my god…this is creepee…poor man:)))))

  • McFly

    His eyes are upside down!!!!!!

  • Hi

    omgggg!!! me scared now!!!!!

  • ed

    creeeeeeppy old guy

  • anno-mus

    Aggghhhhh creepy but he looks like he is smiling!

  • mmuz

    I’m going to have nightmares.

  • Someone2

    as soon as i looked at him upsidedown and rightside up i noticed: he is freaking creepy and almost all his facial features are upside down. one more word to the face upsidedown: CREEEEEPY!!!

  • KaL

    dem… onios…
    que miedo!!!

  • blabla

    he’s freddy kruger

  • MSN


  • redja

    JESUS. Why is it so creepy? I don’t think it’s the face itself; the changes are small and simple. Is it in realising that you thought something so OFF was perfectly fine?

  • sdjkfhsv

    LOL, I nearly shat my self after seeing that and im 27, fucking hell

  • Break

    Tht scared me!

  • ha ha ha funny as it is a bit creepy but funny init!!

  • leek leek


    • im cool like that

      im only eight and this freaked the poop out of me… btw i can do a headstand :D CREEPY !!!

  • tatatata

    this picture is not scary
    this is a fuck

  • hahaha

    oh I seen sth like this. The eyes and mouth are the wrong way up. It somehow looks creepy even on the most pretty person.

  • gil

    they eyes are upside down

  • LeechnLoad

    hmm.. i bet thats what a stroke victom looks like..

  • alexia

    His facial features are upside down

  • Anna S.

    Omg! I almost pissed myself!

  • justin

    his eyes and mouth are upside down

  • Kaos


  • unanimous

    creepy!!! i just saw that when i stood on my head!!!

  • Rob

    He looks a lot better upside down .. not so old

  • dude his mouth,the upside down way is normal the normal way is weird

  • Vanessa

    smile is upside down

  • summer


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