Schüco’s Window Bodypaint Models

As I was instructed by one of my visitors, there is popular company in Europe called Schüco. Supposedly it is one of the biggest European companies involved in the global creation of envelopes. Schüco is also known for their great advertising ideas. I’m not exactly sure for which campaign they used models photographed below, but can say they did extremely good job doing it. Two beautiful ladies below, posed for the to one of the best Russian body paint artists. Results speak for themselves. Interesting thing is we already posted very similar camouflage optical illusion long time ago. If you remember one of our first body paint illusions posted on Mighty Illusions, you’ll understand what I mean. Do you like all of this? Can’t believe this wasn’t photoshoped, but done for real. Many, many more awesome examples can be found in the bodypaint category. Has someone seen this campaign in person? What was it for?

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  1. These are some of the best and most amazing illusions on the site. Not as good as Steve Irwin of course, but still really good.

  2. The 1st painted lady seems artistic, i like the photo.
    But the photo of the 2nd lady i dont like it at all, i just dont like how the painted her, i dont see any illusion in this picture.

  3. i love the first ones, those are amazing. not necessarily great illusions, but very artistic :] the last one though… it’s not artistic, and it’s not a good illusion. she’s pretty hott though :D

  4. good work,yes there is a face ,its a reflection of some one in a hi-visi waistcoat,probably the photographers assistant.

  5. Wow good spotting, that has got to be one of the saddest faces ive seen and what is she wearing?

    The lighting is good in the first one, crap in the other two. The last one is just a hot naked girl sitting on a window sill.

  6. There is a face in the curtain, thats freaky! The 1st lady is really well done, although she doesnt camoflage perfectly its pretty close. The 2nd I can help thinking is just an excuse to have a hot naked girl, shes not painted very well at all.

  7. Yeah – there’s a reflection of a woman in the window of the third picture…looks like she’s wearing an orange life-saver vest! (or something like that).

  8. (A company) involved in the global creation of envelopes.

    There may have been some kind of translation error. Schüco is a known window maker.
    Not that strange a campaign then — “before and after” shots, old and new windows, with those ladies added.

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