866 Replies to “Scariest Optical Illusion”

  1. This made me wake up but did not scare me and gets reallllllllllllllllllllllllllly annoying. If you don’t take it off, then i’ll personaly strangle you. Even as I write this, i can hear the bloody thing screaming. AAAAAH! Take it away! (It’s so old. ‘Gentle car ad’ is better)

  2. Is this that gay thing that pops up and gives you a heartattack? Seriously it is NOT COOL at all! Not even an illusion…

  3. Ghaaa! I hate that one. It was on a fwd-mail once a few years ago. I knew I was gonna jump in the chair because of it. :P

  4. omg that is soo old it got me 4yrs ago but now its so fuckin crap even now i can hear the bitch screem!!!!!!frm hayden.d frm crawshaw

  5. OH snap lol the onlii reazon it waz scary iz cuz it like screamed yo lol also it was an UGLY face so of course i would scream lol (wen i saw it i threw my gummy bears on the floor lol)

  6. I was looking for a button to press to reveal the answer. only caught a glimpse of the “scary part” as I scrolled up and down idiotially looking for a “reveal answer” button. In one word………. Shite

  7. Holy SHIT!!!!! I almost cried!! I jumped and almost farted!!! (check my name) HAHA I HAVE TO SHOW ALL OF MY BUDS!! They’ll pry crap their pants!!!

  8. Okay….. I’ve seen it like 1000000 times and it still gets to me! Holy crap!! While I was writing this it screamed and I jumped!!

  9. Haha! Thats so dumb! Go to LiquidGenerations Sabotage page, theres way better, although you expect it from there, not from here.

    p.s. my speakers got busted last week. :p

  10. To everyone who said the illusion was frightning: Too right.. that is scary…

    To all you cussers and flammers: You suck at life… Why do you have to be so horrible? -_-“

  11. omg i so saw that coming. i turned off the sound the first time but i turned it on the second time the face appeared and it scared me lol. i dunno y.

  12. the first time that i saw this illusion was at my friends house and she didn’t have the speakers plugged in so it wasn’t all that scary. this time though, i showed my mom it, and didn’t realize how freaking loud i had the speakers. MY GOD IT WAS SCARY THIS TIME! DO YOU WANT TO GIVE ME A FREAKING HEART ATTACK!?

  13. Oh my gosh veiwers!!! It is just a cool image!!! If you were expecting something else go to barbie.com!!!! But it really isn’t good for children!!!

  14. come on that was really stupid, but i have to admit that the freaking bitch scared me and i guess i shit myself too >:|

  15. i knew it was going to do that as soon as i read the stuff above it….its only about the millionth time ive stumbled over that old joke…it was only good the first time

  16. HOLY SHIT i just about died! I had the volume on maximum and then i hear AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa
    I just about pulled out my gun and shot the screen! Don’t do that!

  17. whoa i’ve seen scaryer but this is a piiece of **** like im writing this and it is still screaming aghhhh i can do that 2

  18. oh my gosh when i saw that for the first time i was like 5 years old and it came with a story and it told us to look at the window for the guy who use to live there and now hunts the place and it was supost to be in the window so i was really close and then it came out and screamed at me and i jumped back and started crying there is no way i am ever looking at that ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I just sht my pants. I was looking, soo soo hard for something, anything to be tragically wrong with that picture, face probably 3 inches from the screen, then ahhh!!! Bastards…

    You see how everyone hates on this? It’s the same phenomenon over at imdb.com for scary movies. Those types of movies never score above a 6.5 and evvvveryone is always like “that movie was so stupid” blah, blah, blah (see above)… People have control issues- no one can admit to getting scared. I, myself, am such a huge p*ssy that I can’t help it and can only admit to it, but whatever…

  20. OMG!!!!!! THAT KNOCKED ME OUT OF MY CHAIR!!!!! I was like “whats wrong with this picture” then AAAAAAAAAA!!!!! “o my god!!!” i was shaking to heck

  21. wtf.. i think i just had a heart attack! I knew i saw this picture before so i kept looking… sooo unexpected, it was the noise that scared me

  22. I literally fell off my stool and through a glass table. Lucky I didn’t hurt myself. I have never seen anything so scary in my life. I had nightmares.

  23. How can so many people say thats scary?
    Things like that tend to suck anyway, they try to make it sound like such a huge deal and so great.
    I knew from the way it said it was the ‘Scariest illusion ever’ that it’d be a video of something still with a scream in it.
    Why am I even wasting my time writting this?
    That’s it i’m gone, i got bored about 5 minutes ago…

  24. Second time I’ve seen one of these, just hit the mute button and relax.
    The words “within a minute.” give a large warning that there is something going to happen…
    Still, I’m off to go look at the other two “Scary” illusions. hehe

  25. take this off – this is a double posting. It keeps screaming in the background. Uh…. that’s not the purpose is it?

  26. that was like soo scary me and my m8 were in the house on our own last nite and wen we watched it we went and hid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  27. O M F G!!!!!!!
    that is da scariest thing ive seen in my life!!!!!!!!!
    o u bums now ive got a headache where i hit da shelf!!!!!(which i may say is one metre above me!!!!)
    heh heh o dear brother!…….mwa mwa mwa

  28. i have seen something like this before. there was this video about ghost spottings. it had videos of ghosts and stuff. it said one was really hard to see and you had to look closely. then it jumps out at you.

  29. i was close to the screen tryin to figure it out what was wrong, not nowin that my speakers were on full blast, it scared the holy shit out of me, good 1 guys!
    ps. to get it to stop right click and untick play and loop! u donkeys. but i think that cud be very dangerous, you cud give sum1 a heart attack! i screamed literally!
    :|. i started cryin and laughin at the same time, totally wicked

  30. all these kids typin in sayin there only 10 or 12 and they wernt scared, im 13 and THAT, scared the shit out of me!
    i screamed and woke up my baby brother. SHIT, just now i forgot 2 right click and hit stop and it scared me AGAIN!!!
    wen i went to show my sister, i couldnt even look!
    i had to hold my hands over my ears 2!!! lol, im such a baby but i wasnt crying of scardness, i was crying AND laughin not noin what 2 make of it!!! i seriously thought that you might see the devils face or sumthin in the wall and the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! and i scream bak at it lol. damn i type too much, srry

  31. i like it i think it is funnty and really scary i told my bro to do it 18 yars old and he tried to run out the door unfortunutly for him it was closed and he hit his head.

  32. *pant* *pant* that wuz the most awsome thing i’v seen everr!!! i don’t no y it’z just that i luv being scared and i give that a 100

  33. ahahaa… coooooool! IAL!

    i would never expect such thing on this website AND THATS THE WHOLE POINT!!! HAHAHA

    omg it really scared me

  34. whatever that’s for,i guess u deserve some beating,it’s far 2 lame and 2 make things worse,it’s not a damn scary.

  35. Ok, I jumped outta my chair! And ran throug all my house and screamed like a baby! xD … i was kinda expecting it, but it scared me anyway!

  36. nice try dude, but i HAVE seen these tricks before, so i turned off my speakers just in case and wandered my eyes a little then saw the change, it is as old as the wind….

  37. are ya kiddin’ me? that was scary? maybe if you hadn’t overhyped it maybe, but i think the warning ruins it completely (though i can understand the necessity)

  38. Oh sweet Jesus!!!!! Thats cheating!! I Know cool and that thats not kool………………………………………………………………i was expecting that but HOT DAMN.
    i scrolled my screen 2 they bottom and turned volume up like almost max and the screem got me the picture not scary tho.

  39. hey, whats so terribly wrong w/this pic? except 4 the scary face that pops up. is there even n e thing wrong w/it or is that just a trick to get u 2 stare at it?

  40. lmao!
    i almost pissed my pants!!
    … i dont get why people find that annoying…
    it still scared me even when i WAS expecting it!!!
    that’s really cool!

  41. i watched it first without volume and thought soooooo not scary then i did it again with volume and nearly jumped to the ceiling. God lol haha it was funny though!!

  42. dude. i thought that was pretty awsome. it took me four pictures till i stopped jumping. now my eyes hurt. i will look for some more scary illusions like that one. they should help me to relax. (lol)

  43. that is really scary my friend is here and she told me to look really closley to find it . wowwey did i almost pee these pants.

  44. holy crap that scared me! I thought you were jokeing about the scaryness so I stared really close and Bam that thing poped out at me and I was holding my laptop and droped it and it broke! I got it fixed though.

  45. At first I didn’t see anything, started looking at the comments and suddenly… AAHH! That really scared me! I didn’t see the face at the first time, but when I showed my mother, that ugly thing appeared and almost gave me a heart attack!!!

  46. omg i seen this at school 1 day and i just about fell off my chair cause it was so funny. and those people who dnt like listning 2 the scream wen they r typing there message y dnt u try turning ur speakers off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. That is so much more funny than it is scary. I just about wet myself it was so funny and my brother was staring at me like “wot the hell”. it also made my cat jump

  48. ahahaha….gudoy???,

    heheehe…you’re filipino right??


    hmMm… i think it was scary but i already saw that a year ago…hehe..but it went well!!!

  49. haha
    i sent this to my friend aouple of years ago
    she freaked
    she hid under her bed for an hour
    her brother saw ti and laughed his head off

    i reconized righ t away

    very funny

  50. You guys scared the sh*t out of me. i had to take a shower after that. My friend and i were bored so we decicided to look at scary things.

  51. well, me n ma cuz actually fought the site would show as sumfin scary. howeva, she chikened out n closed her eyes while covering her ears. n i stared rite into the screen. aghhhhhh!! that ugly dracula face came up sounding like he was being raped. i got so frightened. i fought i pissed maself.

  52. Ookkk….tat was no the scariest illusion ever.you know what would be a scary illusion..? my moms hairy legs! BOO.But anyways get something new jesus when was this made 1866

  53. you know, i was wondering what that stupid scream was about! that wasn’t very funny and the picture wasn’t that scary. well, maybe a lesser man would die!

  54. omfg! not cool! i was trying to figure out what that freakin thing that was screaming every 15 seconds was for like 20 minutes!

  55. Dude, that thing almost made me break my keyboard. Wow I really got freaked out. It was good though. I give you props for this one.

  56. i thought it was the purple thing on the side of the dresser until that dumb thing yelled at me and it made me crap my pants

  57. I thought it was the thing in the corner until that thing made me crap my pants…I mean holy hannah make me spill my STEAMING HOT coffee all over myself! Jee thanks now I have ANOTHER reason to take a shower!

  58. omg!!! i dont care what any1 says. that was scary!!!!! ok im getting sick of people saying “im 10 and that didnt scare me!!” yeah well im 12 and it scared the living hell outta me.

  59. was that supposed to be scary? i mean come on add blod or guts or something accully creepy. all it was where no eyes and white skin how is that scary? no offence to people who think its scary but i think thats patetic! i thinkthat super natuarl scary it has blood and a story to it. but this it has no point to it no offence to any storys about it or any thing the screem is ok but the face add some thing to it! i mean like come on the sceem made me scream but the face is not scary at all! no offence again to any one who thought it was and i have a lot to say that was retarted ok the screem gets annouying but besides that its really bad and once again ADD SOMETHING TO IT ACCULLY SCARY!!!!!!!!!!omg i mena like thats not scary at all but yet im not easlly scared my pictures and as long as it not true.

  60. okay… i wasnt excepting that. And i was in the middle of searching the room zoom mode. And it was freaky. I was excepting someone in the window or something.

  61. What an annoying sound. I expected an actual illusion. The only illusion was the idea that there would be an actual optical illusion here. A flash to a different picture and a sound effect is not an optical illusion. Find a dictionary. Look it up.

  62. SO NOT COOL, MAN! scare me half to death! but i have ot to admit, i love being scared, and i dont scary easliy. that was good. i see people getting scared by that kind of stuff all the time, but i always say, “oh come on its not that scary”, now i know… IT IS!!

  63. JESUS !!!!!
    I didn’t look at it, maybe because I just heard it !!!
    Christ, after that illusion, an ant was in front of me and I accidentally killed it !!!
    AND it seemed to me that my school bag moved, so I screamed out loud (sol) and I fink my parents heard it too……
    I learned a lesson- NEVER look at scary illusions when 11 years old !!!

  64. My 3 year old lil bro dnt even get scared by that.The volume was turned up all the too. Its so loud that u cant hardly hear any thing else. NOT SCARY AT ALL.

  65. I didn’t turn my speakers on lol…at first, I was a scaredy cat…I made my mom and my best friend look at it…but I watched it now…and turned my speakers the 4th time lol…first I only looked at her eyes, then mouth, then the whole picture…but it won’t affect me bad this way….and, the sound is NOT scary at all…I sound more scary when I hit myself……but it’s scary when it plays non-stop…but you kinda get used to it….

  66. omfg, i had my headphones on full volume coz i was just on the audio illusions page. I was concentrating so hard and was getting a bit confused… I screamed like a little girl when the face appeared. Now I can’t stop laughing! haha

  67. That did not scare me one bit though the pop out picture looked retarted nothing else I can’t belive it did not scare me (and i’m a girl)

  68. When I saw the normal setting with the table and stuff I thought BORING! but when the pop up picture appeared I was not scared the pop up picture looked retarted and i’m normal a scardy cat like I get scared easly but I was not scared (and i’m a girl)

  69. Long story, short did not scare me in fact the pop out picture loooked retarted but when I sent it to my friend at a sleepover she screamed her head off!

  70. although i seen it before, its still very scary!i can hear him screaming!!!!lolz.does anyone play runescape?
    by Az(i just wet ma boxers)

  71. Okay I can’t look I can’t look….trust me when you play the maze prank game it does not get any easier to see this….I was too scared to look…

  72. sent chills of fear threw my body. my sis told me to just stare at the picture on the way, so i did and i was very relaxed. not now

  73. I had to go to another website to see this but I finaly did…
    It scared the hell outta me

    I would hate you guys so bad

  74. if ur wondering wats gonna happen in a bout 20 seconds a face with no eye balls pops out wen ur not expecting it and “scares” you

  75. this was not even scary….. i guess also because i didnt have my speakers on…..i didnt even know that it was showin the picture!!!! y’all need to do better than that….

  76. That’s pure evil! I’m the idiot that’s looking for something in the window or under the table and then this stupid freaky thing pops up and makes me jump three feet in the air! But I must admit, that’s REALLY funny! (But it’s still oh so scary! Specially when you”re not expecting it!)

  77. Looked at it once, it almost made me jump. Looked at it another time, I jumped out of my skin. That picture is really gonna haunt me for the rest of my life.

  78. K, my 10 yr old bro just watched this and he ddnt even flinch! I totally freaked out! No fair. Guess Im just a big baby.

  79. If you dont want it to pop out just right-click and unckeck ‘Play’ and ‘Loop.’

    Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have it as your desktop and it could keep on doing the popup thing? :-)

  80. O.O That thing scared the living daylights out of me, and I don’t scare easily. O.O At first, I was thinking “Well, the lighting looks a bit strange,” and then “Aaaah!!!!!” and I jumped out of my chair and stood a good ten feet away from the computer. *breathes* Then I sit down and it goes off again!! >.< Clever. I love it!! ^-^

  81. I’ve seen things like that, but I thought that it would be a real optical illusion, so I did not realy expect it, although I did think of it.

  82. hahahahahaha… OMG… I was so sure there was something wrong with that picture, I was so focus and then… wow I can’t stop laughing… the worse: I’m at my work, so everybody is asking me what happened… see some of my buds jump, scream is priceless =D… I’m still laughing!… even when I didn’t expect this from this site I’ve to admit it’s a brillant idea… lol


  84. HOLY CRAP!!!The first time I tried it I was reading the reviews untill I heard the screem so I decided to check it out and BOOM! the scary face pops up out of nowhere.I still have a head ach from that.

  85. lol, i’ve seen that before. The first time i saw it i was with my friend. we got really into it. we were really excited to see this scary thing that was wrong with the room….and we had the volume all the way up, and we were so close to the computer, just staring at the screen without ever looking away for that whole minute, and then suddenly that guy jumped out and screamed, and so we started screaming, and jumped back and hit our heads on the wall, it was hilarious, and i tried to do it to my sister but she didn’t fall for it.

  86. Dude, thats not the scariest screamer ever. I don’t even consider that scary, its just some green dude holding his head. :P

    Have you seen the Lord’s Prayer flash yet? Or Where’s Waldo? Those are pretty scary.

  87. Okay….. First to all the HATERS Ya’ll are a SAD CASE!! Cause it was just a fucking joke!! Damn ya’ll on 10 for NOTHING!! I think ya’ll ass was scared too it just caught ya’ll off guard!! LoL, Now…….. I Sooooooooo Didnt expect That, Now the funny shit is I was sitting here in the dark with just the light from my PC, lisening to music and had my speakers up LOUD!! So then I stumble upon this and I was like ok well lets see whats so scary bout this pic, I paused the music and sat my ass here and stared That shit SCARED DA HELL OUTTA ME!! the scream was what did it 4 me!! I had to get up from the computer and take a BREATH!! I just knew somebody was DEAD!! LMFAO

  88. i didn’t want to hear it b cuz i get scared easily so i turned the volume down, but i almost peed myself when i saw the ghost face thingy!

  89. that was wierd it was so loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but still those screamers r old

  90. I sat there for about 50 seconds then I though “wait, this is one of those trick shock… GAH!” I figured it before it happened though.

  91. Lol , i’m so stupid, i like did it wiht my volume AlL the way up, and i stared into it, and BAM instant #2 (i didnt really do #2) it scared me to death. o.O thats snots funny. i should have worn more underwear.Also it scared me to death, when i had the volume ALL the way down, (maybe it was ghost thingy) heh, but its funny.

  92. The picture is actually a still of a regular ugly person pulling his eyelids up with a night-vision camera. yawn.

  93. ok first i was looking at these comments at school and the sound was on. at first it was just comments and then this scream came it was like


    Ok it wasn’t that long and it was kinda obvious cuz i saw this one before

    holy shi* i think im going to show somebody

  94. I have seen this “illusion” before, mostly on youtube. To be honest, I expected better from this site. I thought we were interested in the pursuit of real illusions…? I feel betrayed. And my skin’s still crawling. I absolutely HATE being startled.

  95. geez, it was just annoying because I had like 7 tabs open with optical illusions in them and I couldn’t figure out which was screaming at me.

  96. oh my god i looked for a while and thought what the hell theres nuffin wrong with this picture it’s not even scary and then that pic came up this is so bad it gives u a heart attack

  97. X3 God I love these things. I’ve watched so many videos like this expecting someting, I dunno, profound XP And then that :P Wasn’t expecting this at all from an optical illusion site X.x *whines because no site on the interent is a safe zone from these* And, being my stupid self, I didn’t close the page after seeing it the first time, so when I looked up from laughing, it happened again X3

  98. Lol i expected that :)

    it is just like that ghost car add, my brother said did u c the ghost near the car and i said no then he said look closer u will c it again and it just appeared and scared me so lol..

    and no affence but i think the time thingy (people usually c it in a min or more.. or wateva it said lol)also gav it away and the pic isn’t really that scary i’ve seen worse trust me and it is not very nice lol :S

    yeah still cool :)

    Keep up the awesome illusions :)

  99. Lol cool… but i kinda expected a scary pic so i kept my face away from the screen lol i hav seen plenty of those illusion things or tricks, wateva u want to call them especially that car one :(

    Lol still awesome, keep up the kwl illusions :)

  100. Lol that was soooo scary!! i mean the sound btw i hav seen the illusion b4 but last time i didn’t hav the speakers on lol but this time a friend was ova my house and i had my speakers on full volume cause yeah we just listened to some like rock song so yeah it really freaked me and my friend out!! i mean i expected the pic just the noise was so freaking scary!!!! :O

    lol my friend is very angry at me :) lol i dun care tho it was funny i was watching her face the whole time as soon as she (and i heard the scream noise thing) she jumped like 10 feet (well maybe not that much lol but she jumped so much) and she fell outa her chair and hit her head on the concrete lol (please excuse my spelling :P ) she was fine but it just freaked her out so much :) hehehehe lol sorry for using lol so much lol :P

  101. guys, this is not an illusion. it is a video. pretty obvious since you cannot copy and paste it, only play and rewind. so it isnt an illusion. its a video. and how can it ve an illusion with that scream?

  102. this is probably the most retarded thing i’ve ever seen and the biggest waste of my time… a boy who likes me sent it to me cuz he thought it would make me like him even though now i just hate him more than i did b4!!

  103. I know my comment is like SO frickin far back that no one is going 2 read it, but i dont care. Anyways, this thing really reminds me of the maze thing where its like SO calm, and then all of a sudden chucky pops up screaming with a knife. That thing is SO frickin’ scary! even though i’ve never done it before, but still! i am never playing a maze game again! But anyways, this illusion was SO scary! And the thing is even if ur TOTALLY expecting it, it still scares the crap out of u! But what’s really funny is if u show it 2 a friend and then they start screaming! But the thing is u start screaming 2! My comment is way 2 long and random! Anyways, it doesnt matter since no one will probably read this! But I’m warning you… don’t fall for this thing!

  104. I FELL out of my CHAIR laughing when my friend saw it! But I had to clean up!:(
    (I turned on the mute after 5 AAHHs.):)

  105. LOLZ I am 11 and I found this funny,not scary at all.I didnt even ask my parents first ;) I found out whats wrong with the picture,they have a dog bed but no dog lolz

  106. My god, the scream is hilarious. I used the face for an anti bullying ad in my school. I’ve got so many hits it’s not funny.

    Anyways, nice screamer, love it. But why do people call it scary? It’s just a woman with no eyes. =(

  107. this is the stupidest one so far ye losers we actually wanted somthing scary do u hav nothin betta 2 do wit ur time??? okay 1 word CRAP i mean wat da hell its really really awful

  108. omg that was weird ….actually more unexpected,,,,, i thought there was a face hidden in the background,,,,,,darn i had the volume muted,,,,its so annoying the face keeps popping up when i typed the comment

  109. Lol omg that kinda got me. after like 30 seconds i was like this is dumb nothing is happening. And as soon as i was going to hit next illusion it screamed. i jumped a little then i started laughing. lol nice work.

  110. it wuz so not scary i mean that warning before this made it sound so scary. ive seen better and plus im a kid riting

  111. Yah, this is called a screamer. Other screamers on youtube include: Ghost Car (which scared the living hell outa me because i wuz home alone and i wuz a kid), secret message in 50 cent song, and The NEW World’s Fastest Rapper (which the screamer is repeated from Ghost Car). This warning will be very impotant for youtubers.


  113. i was stairing into the picture and it came up
    and i was totaly freaked out if there was any sound my dad took the speakers and he used them when he was cleaning the garage

  114. OMg i had the speakers on loud and i was staring and that scared the livin shit outta me, i had to walk away! when i came back to type this i had to turn down the speakers! Plus i hate those ones on youtube cuz they scare me to death! im still shaking as i type!

  115. omg that wuz so scary, it scared the crap outta of me…..NOT!when people type up scary illisons u will exspect somthing to pop up so u get the mental note to cover your eyes.So if u wanna post a scary optical illision put it in the normal illisions

  116. ok some people are saying that this is so freakin scary and some aren’t. so i don’t know if i should look at it or not. cause when i look at scary illusions, i read the comments first.

  117. OMG totally freaking scared me. i screamed multiple times ran out of my room and had to get my dad to come up and turn off the speaker before i commented. its a good thing i flew, not fough or else i wouldv’t killed my computer!

  118. the face ain’t scary…(but then again…it was predictable i’ve seen this b4) and the scream made me laugh…it sounded like my friend when she sees a bee…lol

  119. omg I read the warning and you know thought damn sounds scary so i hesitaed then my brother came in and pushed the button i was so a fraid i ran out of the room ( before the face poped on ) then I came back in and started laughing as I read the thing then the face poped on and my brother flew up screaming like a girl and we laughed are heads off together LLLOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL!!!!!

  120. OMG! r u ok Kitty? I missed it cause I looked at the comments.:)! But I was watching somthin called ‘Dumb and dumber: Goast’ It was like this. It was on youtube! BEWARE!

  121. holy crap! my cat was on my lap when i saw this and she ran from the room and my heart stoppped! =D ahah good one though, super funny!

  122. omg and i was staring around thinking “what is wrong with the picture?” :D ahaha lol and all of a sudden this face comes up!

  123. ahah man, i thought i was stupid because i was thinking, “okay, its already been a minute and i havent seen a thing wrong” and then the face comes up and screams! i was scared at first and then started laughing ;D

  124. At first I thought it wasn`t really scary so I just looked at the comments,but when I looked at it again,I saw a very ugly face which surprised me and made me cover my face and I almost fell on my chair and into the floor!!!Then my brother showed up and I told him to watch the illusion,and so we waited for the ugly face,and once he saw it,he got so scared he went into my mom`s room and stayed far away from me as possible!!He won`t even go near the computer!!!Good illusion,guys!!!Love it!!!

  125. I knew what was going to happen because my dad pulled this on me when I was 3 years old. I was crying for 30 minutes afterward. BTW it’s not an illusion.

  126. Okay well to start out one of my friends sent me this at like midnight and was like “i can’t find the illusion, can you try and find it because i can’t find it” so i was like okay i’ll find it and i was staring really hard at the picture trying to figure it out and it had been a long time… well suddenly that stupid face popped up and i didn’t know my computer was on full blast and it screamed at me and then i screamed and almost fell off my bed and i started to cry! lol i love these things but it really scared the crap out of me which is surprising cuz it takes a lot to do that lol well thats my crazy story with this thing!

  127. Omg That Was Soooo Funny I Was Trying To Look Out Of The Windows To See What Was Wrong And It Popped Up…My Heart Skipped A Beat And Then I stated Cracking Up!

  128. LOL you wimps!
    That’s not scary at all.

    I heard the scream twice before seeing it because I was looking at a different page, but then I looked at it twice and it’s not scary at all.

  129. LOL, nice one, though it scared the shit out of me, was listening to Bryan Adams – Lets Make A Night To Remember, while trying to figure it out (at 2 am at night)man it has got an awesome sound track too.

  130. My cosins and i were looking at illotions and then we saw this one we staired into it wondering what the illotion was then the face appered and one of my coisins ran with her bare feet into the cold snow out side screaming aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh runing around a tree in front of all the neigbores.

  131. Great. I couldn’t fall asleep so I was wandering the internet until I got sleepy and almost had a heart attack. My heart is pounding and now I will NEVER get to sleep! AND NOW I have heart burn! I am going to show it to everyone I know.

  132. What really gets you is if you have headphones on. It comes in so freakin loud, that’s what shocked me way more than the surprise of the image itself.

  133. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    that’s how the scream is
    the pic’s not scary
    and if u don’t get rid of this post it just keeps screaming in every 30 seconds
    very annoying

  134. There is a balcony but there is no door. I noticed that and then I saw something moving in the picture while watching coments. Luckely, I turned off sound before that.

  135. damnit i got scared twice! i was lookin like 2inches away from m screen then aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh then i came down here and was scroling up and it happend right then and there i almost cried lol

  136. It’s not that scary because I turned my speaker off ;)

    But it’s scary @ the first time though… my face glued to the monitor, then it went and I almost fell off my chair and my sister looked at me with a weird stare.. damn.

  137. how can you guys fall for this? this is the jaybill screamer. it came out like 9 years ago. it was one of the original screamers!

  138. That made me laugh… I don’t know if that’s a good thing but it just made me giggle… It’s funny in a twisted sort of way I guess.

  139. OMG THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING EVER! GOOD THING MY DOG WAS IN THE ROOM! I NEARLY HAD A MAJOR HEART ATTACK! Keep up the great work, I’m a huge fan of this website… I’ll tell everyone I know about this CRAZY illusion! Keep it up! Make me happy man!:)

  140. OMG i’m 30 yrs old and that just scared the crap out of me, I ran, I’ve never been so frightened, I triped over the coffee table and Just kept going till I was in the corner of the room, my cat was in the other room and came running all freaked out like he could sense my fear.

  141. Fail, was sitting relaxed back 3 meters away from the screen, headset on the floor and right clicked to zoom in to see better and just saw an one second grey image appear suddenly.. Didn’t even blink :D

  142. The scream without the video is still scary! While typing this response, it scared me 2 or 3 times forcing me to correct typos


  144. OOOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGG! ive seen those type of pic/videos and every single time they scare me so bad. I was watchin it in class and everyone made fun of me when i screamed. lol its scary but kinda gay

  145. I ALMOST GOT A HEART ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BUt i still don’t know what the picture was. But I jumped

  146. All I can figure is the radiator heater appears not to be installed up to code?? Hard to say, when studying the picture it keeps blinking off to a face, I think the picture is defective.

  147. Well, I wasn’t scared.. But then again, i was totally expecting that, and had the volume turned almost all the way off…

  148. @scarelet HJR’s comment was meant to be a witty retort, I’m sure. He was making it seem as if he was seriously studying the image for a flaw and the “blinking to an image of a face” was merely a glitch with the picture.

    I was a bit startled, but a childhood of horror movies and being subjected to scream tactics far too often has made these things less effective. I’m surprised I jumped at all…

    TL;DR – Witty retort. Lame trick.

  149. Listen up, whoever put this on here.

    This was an abusive thing to do. My daughter and I thought we were engaging in a genuine intellectual exercise (puzzles are good for developing our brain power), and then were frightened out of our wits by the screaming face on the screen.

    It is one thing to visit a site where one knows in advance that they are about to get a jolt; after all, many people enjoy being given a fright. However, this was uninvited and unwelcome, and we are very uncomfortable and offended at being betrayed in this way.

    The headline is deceptive in its description; it says “OPTICAL ILLUSION” – and we want to express our disappointment and anger at being frightened against our will.

    Just wait until the day when you actually incite a serious heart or brain reaction in an unsuspecting viewer; I hope your website and its advertising sponsors get sued into oblivion.

    This is disgusting.

  150. Now I see that my comment is “awaiting moderaation”. Oh gee, do you suppose my post will be found to be offensive? Just like WE were offended by this garbage?

    Once again, disgusting.

  151. 12.30pm at night, all lights switched off, screen on full brightness, just randomly browsing around the net for crazy illusions. Zoomed in and out several times to see anything unusual, Volume was almost full.

    This literally killed me. After a minute I couldn’t stop laughing.

  152. OMG, there are videos and pictures like that everywhere! I used to get so freaked out that I’d click the x and shut of my computer, but now I don’t… I think I’ve made some improvement…

  153. Hmm.. I liked that, because I was ready for it. Turned the volume down and waited for a creepy face. And when it finally appeared, I laughed ;) Thanks, man.
    And to mrs Tzogas: Did you read this?

    “Really Scary Optical Illusion

    April 7, 2006

    This is the scariest Optical Illusion I’ve seen… just to warn you if you don’t like beeing scared or think that something scary may be detrimental to your health or provoke seizures, I advise you not to open this illusion. Also children, please ask your parents to preview this before they allow you to looking at it…You’ve been warned ;)”

  154. if you can not see the scaryness in the picture look hard.
    a grey figure apears.
    take caution because you can get a fright and possibly paralised.
    people have lost thir babies looking at that mage
    it is just a movie

  155. lol fail, turned my volume down after 10 seconds of looking at the picture, anyone who’s been on the internet for more than a month should not get fooled by this

  156. It actually surprised me for for a miserable fraction of a second. This site is for optical illusions, troll. Once you intended to be a jerk, you could have thought of doing it better.

    This is a blatant abuse.

  157. Is this stupid crap still going around? This was never funny when it came out and let me think, still not funny. It is plain stupid.

    The internet is either losing interesting ideas or losing interesting people.

    If you have to resort to this kind of stupid, annoying, crap, then I don’t know.

    God Bless you all.

  158. I got my mum 2 watch it first and she started laughing ad then shes like this face just pops out lookig wierd for like half a second.
    Im just like that is the sh***iest illusion eva.
    It not even a blimmin illusion.

  159. that scare me! i was staring at it wondering if any thing was going to happen. then i forgot i put the volume on mute -.- i turn it on and then i heard a scream it gave me a heart attcak XP

  160. I’m really angry at myself for falling for this, I’ve seen a million of these before xD Surprised me and I jumped, but not that scary.

  161. miss targos i can obviously tell you are someone who home schools there children. wait actually im suprised you had children. it a joke. settle down.

  162. HaHa i had my laptop on my lap and my friend laura and i were checking out the pic. OHMG when that “face” appeared..,, i jumped and THREW the laptop!!! my mum was less than impressed…

  163. oh my godi love it!! i was like oh wait.. its probably a spook thing and i should pull my headphones away and… then boom it happened! i couldnt save myself!

  164. ok, so i showed this to my friend cuz i had already seen it to see how she’d react. lets just say that now she needs a new labtop and counciling… but it was worth it for her FUNNY AS HELL REACTION!!

  165. The optical illusion isn’t the scary part. Anyway, not very original, I have seen the same thing done on youtube etc in more or less the way.

  166. lol that was great i figured it out right before the the thing screamed so yeah it scared me got my mom to cause she was in the room haha

  167. Wtf! I wasn’t even looking at the picture, I was checking some other site out. And the scream alone still nearly scared me to death.

  168. It’s creepier with the sound off. I happened to come across this while checking my Email in the dark, after midnite.

  169. i stared i thought this was serious for once and dropped my commonly always prepared guard down and got scared shitless normal human instinct tho this joke is getting toooooooooo old like ancient

  170. I had a feeling it was a pop up or somethin so i pressed mute and read all the comments. ill scroll back up soon, i hate these things

  171. hahahahaaaa Had It on Silent, BUT I HATE SCREAMERS, I was sitting in my room WITH THE LIGHT OFF. Now I have to go downstairs with my mum and Sister, FUCKING FREAKED ME OUT.

  172. Lol at these comments. I can’t believe this is the first time that so many people have fallen for a “look closely” trap.

  173. you have a scare reflex to sudden sound. thats all. neither scary nor imaginative. i knew it and had kept to mute. but these guys could be sued if i lost my eardrum since they did not warn me about the sound – it was mentioned optical.
    even kids cant be scared easily cos, they are growing up on goosebumps. so guys grow up.

  174. What happened? I missed it. I NEVER keep my sound on while looking at “optical illusions”. I usually leave the page open for a while and do something else before coming back to it, just in case (if it seems suspicious). Scary illusions my ass.

  175. I pressed and while it was loading I opened another one, I was reading the thing and suddenly AAHH! I jump and say wtf?? then I realize its the scary optical illusions, I come here and watch that room which was the main source of my nightmares when I was a child. Well done, sir.

  176. LOL! i was scared at first to find something creepy, so i scrolled down to see if there were any comments…

    i was focused reading to some of them and then i heard the scream and i jumped! LOL

  177. “I pressed and while it was loading I opened another one, I was reading the thing and suddenly AAHH! I jump and say wtf?? then I realize its the scary optical illusions, I come here and watch that room which was the main source of my nightmares when I was a child. Well done, sir”


  178. i was watching this with the sound turned off (advised if you don’t want too big a shock) & it still made me jump about a foot in the air!!

  179. wow. i was watching this room and suddenly the ghost came to screen. i really scared.
    kuni banaval re he?
    tela laata ghala

  180. I realized that this was one of those scaring things so i put my headphones on the table behind med and scrolled down to read the comments but I still heard the scream from the phones.

  181. Hah can’t believe people fooled for this. It’s dark so I didn’t wanna get too scared so I instantly muted the laptop and scrolled down to make sure it wasn’t going to change picture and scream or something. Looks like I was right.

  182. i was really scared . i was just searched out that what is the wrong with the picture n suddenly i was like ahhhhhhhaaaaaaaa

  183. >.< my ears… had the volume at max… but the problem is that there is a rail by the window where there shouldnt be one.

  184. God dammit! I knew about this optical illusion for years now, and I still shat my pants when it went AAAAAAAAAH! :O

  185. what the hell!i wasn’t looking at the picture cause my friend pm’d me and had to check it then a scary sounds came in and everybody in this room was like ahhhhh!! and i jump away

  186. “‘I pressed and while it was loading I opened another one, I was reading the thing and suddenly AAHH! I jump and say wtf?? then I realize its the scary optical illusions, I come here and watch that room which was the main source of my nightmares when I was a child. Well done, sir’



    Except that the first time I heard the scream I thought it was coming from a game I was loading, because I was looking at another tab! And if you wait long enough it happens again, and so I’d been staring at the picture, trying to find what was wrong, and then I thought I’d look at the comments to see if there were any hints there, and just as the image was going out of sight while I was scrolling down, I saw a flash and heard the scream! I was spared seeing the actual image – what was it?

    1. a big blue alien……thing pops out and screams

      im not quite sure actually because i watched this a couple of months ago and i dont want to see it again i guess thats the benefit of flash blocker so the picture wouldnt appear until i clicked on it

    after seeing dat shit appear n da sound,, n stuff,, i started reading scommentx n as soon as i read dis ‘And if you wait long enough it happens again,’ IT HAPPND AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!

    my heart is still going crazi,,,

  188. HEART-ATTACK! i was looking at the picture and since nothing happened i scrolled down to see the comments to see whats wrong with the picture and the thing screamed! I SCREAMED WITH IT!…for the love of god my fingers are still shaking

  189. I was sleeping at y cosins’s and when i saw that i simply shouted out loud in the middle of the night and jumpedd over my cosine’s laps !!

  190. HOLY CRAP! i read all the comments on how the scream was so scary so i turned it up. and i oepened a knew browser so i didn’t see the face but man i thought the scream wouldn’t scare me BUT IT DID!I LITTERALLY JUMPED!

  191. Lol, thats not an illusion, thats a screamer… YouTube is full of em.

    TBH, i dont find em scary, rather startling. Obviously, anything startling gives you an adrenaline shot, but fear is much beyond adrenaline.
    All you kids should stop watching lame horror movies and try to find something you truly find terrifying. The key is terror. Frozen in terror means you dont move, you dont scream, you dont jump or anything, you are simply in a kind of terror trance – so scary you cant think.
    If you can tell yourself “damn, thats a scary mofo” then it isn’t that scary. You know fear when you realize you are still terrified of something you saw a while back and just cant get over it.
    People will say, thats not scaring someone, thats called traumatizing. Thats not true. Trauma is something one doesnt get over, ever, or very very slowly and over a long time.
    A shot of adrenaline is called a start. “Oh gosh, you startled me!” That used to be said so often before, now its all “damn you scared me!”. Someone you know cannot scare you just by jumping out from behind a corner. Thats a start! (sudden movement of surprise or alarm)
    Although mind you, something like this screamer could potentially traumatize a child, but everyone is so vulnerable as a child, its only normal. A grown person just jumps from this, and on the third time, beside being uselessly loud, the trick becomes kind of dull.

    My 2 cents, or 2 bucks, or make that 200 bucks :P

  192. OMGSH I’m Such a Chicken soo…. First of all im at the bottom of the page next…. my sound is off!! :S so i decided that first im gunnah get my brother to d oit Shh :P he’s 10

  193. I was like, “Ugh it’ll probably be one of those like, Stare at it, then some guy who looks like he was hit by a bus will pop up” *Scrolls to comments* “No help…” *Screams* I jumped up and was like WTF?!

  194. Not scary, just… surprising. Of course I had my sound off like I always do when it’s not in use.

  195. Wow … You suck ass lol. You almost made me send my laptop flying through my legs. Good thing I didn’t break the screen. >.> When I get into something I really get into it and I was really looking forward to an i-spy puzzle.

  196. i was looking and saying oooh… its the rail and then this scream and picture and not only that but i jumped so hard the chair shattered under me. brrrrrrr…..

  197. i was looking at the picture looking for something disturbing and then that scream *********
    i was startled xd i was not scared just starled
    but that is just because i dind’t expect it

  198. lol i muted the sound before clicking the link.. then realized itš just a picture and was trying to find what was wrong with it =/

  199. That was what I was ep3cting. the fact that it was in a flash player gave it away. plus thats not an optical illusion.

  200. I had this loaded and forgot about it. Then I downloaded an mp3, went to listen to it, and got this about 20 seconds into the song. Scared the crap out of me, and I thought the mp3 was busted.

  201. i was sitting here…i had seen this before long time ago..but i could not remember if something poped out or what and i had the sound up high on my computer bc i just got done listening to music but thennn,,i screammmmmed my god thought i was gonna piss my pants

  202. so yeah. i was all interested, all eager to find whatever was wrong. and i couldn’t find it. guess what. my volume was rather high. i almost had a freakin heart attack!

  203. Lame. It wasn’t scary at all. It may have been STARTLING to some, but it wasn’t even that for me. It was just…lame.
    Try a dictionary and learn the difference between starling and scary.

    1. Liar, it pretty obviously did its job on you, otherwise why bother quibbling over the correct dictionary definition?

  204. What the hell is wrong with you guys? If I wanted to urinate on myself I’ll do it without any help form you, thank you!

  205. Oh puh-lease !! I can’t believe there are still people alive on the face of the planet that still fall for these shitty gags !!

  206. Carl, I new something was going to pop, but I thought it was a .gif not a flash…

    The scream is the thing that scared me the most.

  207. OMG, that was scary, man like wtf i was standing there and al of a sudden some blue face screams and i was just there screaming for 5 minutes. Next time remind me to turn off the volume.

  208. Oh my goooosh…you made me crap my pants! Then when I got up to go run in the corner and roll up in a big ball like I always do cause I was so scared all the poopie fell out of my undies and got all over the carpet and I almost slipped and feel in it! Why’d you have to do that?! My mommy is gonna be so upset! This is the second pair of tighties I’ve ruined this week! I’m almost in tears! You’re a big fat meanie fathead meanie face and I’m tellin on you!!

  209. I looked at this and after like..a few moments was like, left click, to see if this was a giff, because there blatently wasnt anything wrong with the image…and it was flash data, s i was all like…and then like, loop. click play…and that retard flashed,,,lame.

  210. it was lame to me……….i understood what was going to happen within seconds
    it reminds of a video i saw abt 4 or 5 yrs ago………..a car was moving on a road winding round a hill with lots of green trees………it was a fantastic sight until suddenly a screech followed a zombie which seemed to pop out at the screen towards u………….me and my frnds used to memorize the second when it will show but despite being ready all the time we all used to startle………
    the only one who never startled was my frnds 3 yrs old brother who sneaked in his room where the video was being played

  211. this is stupid, you all act like (oh i wasn’t afraid when we all know you really pissed your pants and you try to act off tuff. If it wasn’t scary to you, then who cares i can live life without finding out if you where scared of a stupid video

  212. Hey the face pooping up is cool but if you do look at the picture for a few and let you eys drift you will see the other face it sppoked me for a a second the the scaryy pop up face got me right afeter i sen the face in the window

  213. stupid, it,s not an optical illusion it,s stupid if I want elementry school stand behind the door child entertainment I would click this .. now mabey I’ll go find some Esher

  214. There are alot of people who think this is pathetic, and fair enough. But if you’re like me and you have never seen anything like this before, and really aren’t expecting it, AND have your volume on 100%, then it’s gonna scare the hell out of you. My laptop almost fell off my lap.

  215. syet! i don’t know about you zombies out there but i just lost a testicle just watching it. some people just over-ANALyze and end up sounding dumb-numb-full-of-cum.

  216. I should have known it was something like that.
    I also should have figured it out when it wouldn’t load on my i-Pod Touch. xD
    To me, definitely more startling than scary.
    And I’ve seen this stuff before too. o,o

    And people, please, shut up with the arguments. -,-
    You ruin the whole thing for everyone when you do that.

  217. There is a plant on the dresser which is next to a kitchen table and there is a dog/cat bed too close to the radiator. So this person clearly wants there cat/dog to set on fire while sleeping, eat, change their clothes, and water a tree all at the same time. I believe that is what is wrong with this…

  218. WTF was that… good thing my volume is min …. that stupid thing you can spot* it first 1 min second 2 min 3rd… Im gonna chek other scary things :)) I didn’t even saw it clearly…

  219. obviously the thing wrong here is there are no drapes or blinds for the windows! ….. oh yeah and my ear drums blow every minute >_<

  220. I’m 11 and that don’t scare me 1 bit its a load of rubbish if u go on youtube and type in ghost click on the rockin chair one and watch the rockin chair rock then somet pops up on the screen it freeks me out big time, but that pik don’t LOL!!

  221. It waits too long. I would have been scared but I scrolled down to see if anyone said that it wasn’t working and then “Bwaaaa!!!” I hear it but I have no idea what happened. I feel kinda scammed that I waited all that time and just farted. You did this to me. ;-(

  222. fucking hell :L i thought i saw something under the table so i went right up to the screen just as the face appeared. my heart is still pounding.

  223. I’ve been waiting for 2 minutes! Nothing came up! Nope now 3 minutes.Make that 4 minutes.Huh, 5 minutes. You think somethings wrong with my computer? NOW IT’S BEEN 9 MINUTES! 10,12,13,14. Maybe I’ll reload the page.

    1. I agree that was just plain crappy. Do some more work, next time. Owwwh I’m so scared-dumb.

    1. Made me jump staring into it, wondering what I was going to see….. and i shouted “wurhuur” whatever that word is(!) and nearly damaged my neck!! ha ha….. bloody got me again whilst I was writing this too!!!! Funny thing is, I’ve seen these years ago…. what’s the chance of getting me with this again? Pesky kids!

  224. hell yea, made me jump. i love it. Its about time something got me! to all you crybabies, dont be mad that it got you just enjoy another part of life… Suprises

  225. Can someone tell me how this works without scaring the s##t out of me? Do you just look and then a ghost jumps out or something?

  226. xD I jumped… I wasn’t scared though. I laughed after it. I didn’t expect the loudness of it… I had my headphones on… WAAAY too loud… And unexpected… XP

  227. HA HA.So I jump ok and screamed(a little)loud.Not prepaired for that but that was a good one.Got me good.I’ll have to force myself to watch it again.lol
    really too scary

  228. I just hit random illusion after seeing the link to this page. I didn’t feel like coming here to see a screamer. again ( see above comment). But I ended up here anyway. :P

  229. I was like “what the heck?”, cause I expected to see something like a ghost or something, and THIS pops out and I scream “F**K!!!!” and jump out of my chair.

  230. Damn!!! I had my hearphones on… and at with the music at max!!! i almost died man! xD

    i just hope nobody that suffers an heart attack… =P

  231. oooh shiet!!am never doing this in the office ever again…a boring meeting was on…i forgot to mute speakers…luckily all we all had laptops…

  232. This is the best illusion site I’ever come across.But I’m unhappy to see this illusion in a site which is famous for Quality and being cool and … and such a good site.Please remove it.

    1. Um, there was a warning and information about the illusion. Keep it cool, it was perfectly fine of them to put this on the site.

  233. Is the illusion the skull on the cabinet on the left? I saw it after 3 seconds… scrolled down and that ruined the face suprise for me. It would have scared me but it no longer will… :(

  234. Yeah i am scared too.
    But you know what i think this page make me very giggle.But not when i saw the illution,rather that when i read the comments.

    So great for U all give such a wow comments about ur feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling.

  235. I saw this probably a year ago and knew there was something odd about it but I couldn’t remember what it was. After it got me again I remembered. These things cause all kind of problems. Now there will be wars, famines, disease, gay marriage, earthquakes, stupid comments, etc.

  236. hooolllyy shit…….i did the stupidest thing by turning it up and zooming it in and looking carefully…….i fell out of ma chair :( i didnt like this one very much

  237. OMG….Like i was in my room with the lights off, headphones on..full blast…and had just watched a scary movie….u made me scream so loud that i peed on myself!!!!!! u ow me a pair of hello kitty underwear

  238. Dangit! I saw this and thought a face would pop up, but then quickly disregarded it. It sure did shock me. Is there really no illusion?

  239. okay i knew what was going to happen so i turned the sound down but i got heaps of hilarious reactions from showing it to my teachers *snickers* LOL funny if you do it to someone else!!!!!

    1. dont worry guys it just pops up … then the rake and slender men and jeff the killer and smile dog kill you :D

  240. I know there was a warning, however my nine year old daughter and her friend saw this on her friends computer 9 hours ago kids being kids, and at this moment in time is bawling her eyes out in fear of being alone at bath time and bed time. This is not an optical illusion and I am so thrilled you get a big laugh out of it. Thanks a lot.

  241. Where is the warning. My 9 year old daughter and her friend did exactly the same as Steve’s kids. They were both horrified and my friends daughter is very upset, as is my friend, who might not be my friend for long for letting her daughter see this.

    It is NOT an optical illusion at all.

  242. well the sound kinda surprised me, im on headset and on full volume, im actually looking on another page when i heard the scream.. silly me..

  243. this “scariest illusion ever” is not even scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they just make you stare into it so when they put the scary face you get proper scared

  244. Ok, so I was sitting there eating a yoghurt, and my friend wanted me to watch this, so there I was, staring at this picture and I just thought “What the hell there is nothing wrong with this thing!!!” and I was about to close it when screamy-faced-weirdo decides to pop up and scare the life out of me!!!! LOL!

  245. I was in the room with my friend and I didn’t find anything scary. I went to fetch a glass of water and when I returned, my friend’s face was like “OMG this spooked the hell outta’ me”
    When I went near her she said “Why did you go??!” And her expression wad WORTH seeing!! Lol you should have seen her face ;D

    1. lol i was in class and i saw this i screamed sooooo loud (i am a guy) and fell out of my chair everyone laughed at me on the ground and i was so embarrassed

  246. I was drinking water while looking at the picture, and I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. One minute later, I almost peed my pants. Sort of figures that I’m 9 and get scared easily

  247. the catbed and the rack of magazines are too close to the heater. tht didnt scare me at all but it sure did get my poodle! lol

  248. There’s nothing as cheap as jump scares.
    Make something new, original, and scary, this is just stalling.
    Anything can be scary with a simple picture that rushes at you screaming.

    I dare someone to make something scary without having these ridiculous jumping horrors, and don’t say “apocalypto” or “taken”, because they’re not horror movies.

    1. Good sir, I find your response very shocking. This should scare the crap out of everyone who sees it. Apparently you need to get a better sense of fear. Otherwise you’ll never scream when you see something scary and nobody will laugh at you for being so freaking scared.
      Thank you and we wish you another scary illusion, Ms. Demonica Vane.

  249. i dont want 2 look. Im hearin wut u ppl r sayin about this but i aint lookin k? unless u r 7 year old who get scared of evrythin………………….

  250. GAH! i was checking my email while listening to this on a headset, and my mom was talking on the phone. all of the sudden i gasped and jumped outta my seat and my mom was like, “WTF?” hahaha

  251. I was looking at the comments and all, I knew there was a scary face, but half way through the comments I heard the scream and jumped.
    I am still shaking and I can barely type, and I didn’t even see the face, just heard the scream out of NO WHERE!
    I am leaving real quick before it happens again, byeeeee!!

    1. yea it is boring and last time i turned of vol just wen i was watching a vid then forgot to turn it on again then visited this…mm boring scrolled down go up and over again then scroll up somebody like scream appears,shiver a bit BORING.

  252. Aha… Did this to my little sis… She like jumped
    of the bed…. Then I showed it to my mum she literally screamed and freaked out… Aha time to scare my teachers…. :D

  253. So I was looking at the picture and thought WTF there is nothing… but still it should be a optical illusion so I approached and stared at the picture and when I was only some millimeters from the screen appeared the girl and started to scream… I jumped of the chair and fell on my ass… I know that it wasn’t a illusion but it was scary as hell …. scared the shit out of me…

  254. haha, scared the mac & cheese outta me! I was like where’s the optical illusion then i thought it was the stairs outside the balcony and i was saying: ” It must be the…BOOOM!! Then the friggin’ thing popped out!!! Luckily I didnt turn on my speakers! PHEW!!!

  255. It should come with a warning for peoople with weak hearts – not good idea to stare at picture for any length of time or it may cause heart attack.

  256. that scared the crap out of me!! i even screamed out loud, and my mom came running to my room and asked me what happened. And i’m still shaking, even after a couple of minutes..

  257. Ok that was scary. Probally not as scary as everyone else becuse i WAS LOOKing at the comments. But i had the sound full blast so SCARY!

  258. I saw it the first time and it was super stupid but then I turned the sound on a little and I nearly peed my pants!(but I only jumped up)

  259. teacher scared the hell out of my friend with this during class on the smart board those things r huge and she wuz right in front of it

  260. I jumped a little, Its 10 in the morning ang im the only one awake in the house…. good thing i didnt scream. TBH im a little shaky

  261. Oh god i didn’t even LOOK at this “illusion” because I looked at comments. That’s my tip, people.

  262. that scared the hell out of me i even holded the laptop while its on charge and the headphoneon my ears its still screaming then i treped but nothieng happened to the laptop

    my heart whent up OLOLOL

  263. Dude, I stared at it for a while then gave up and started messaging my friend on skype. It took me a while to figure out what screamed at me!

  264. HAHAHAHA THAT really scared the hell out of me I was like “Ok so where the problem” then I had my HEADSET on MAX VOLUME and I just couldnt find it and it just makes me giggle even if i think abt that theres a probem in it and then a random AHHHHHHHHHHHHH pops up.
    This must be smth that has scared me most in my whole life. Because you know when you like go in to the stage of a show and you have that scared feeling in the stomach that wont go off well after this thing that instantly came but 20 times stronger and some strong goosebumps with it lol. i rate it 100000000000/10

  265. This is not an optical illusion which is what i am suppose to be seeing…why did it show up as one?

    I sat back and waited for something to pop up..whoo hoo scary!

  266. Dammit! I didn’t think it was that one! Scared the crap outta me even with the warning and I *knew* about that. Gotta listen to the warning next time. ^_^

  267. Ohh man … i was just reading the comments wid my headphone onn as i was not able to get the scariest thing and then i heard d scream …. not that frightened bt then i actually saw the illusion again and i was creaped out

  268. i wuz in school and watched this i fell and screamed (i am a guy) everybody laughed at me nobody saw it cuz they were laughing then i took the headphines of and it happened everybody screamed it was a total LOL moment

    1. That’s NOT an Optical Illusion at all! That’s same scary crap to try to give some one a heart attack! Ha! Ha!

    1. Oh my suddenly it flipped on to a different picture and said ‘ahh!’ that was scary it sort of made me jump out of my skin!

  269. Guys, stare at it for a minute or so…maybe read the comments for a few seconds. Then, BOOM!!! you see it. I almost peed my pants!

  270. I got it !!! Oh my god , it’s sooooooooooo scary !! My stomach is paining , heart is beating fast and I am still shaking !!!

  271. XD

    Really, why do that with a GIF. Make a video, Its much better. My 6th grade math teacher did that to the class with a video around Halloween, that was scary. Especially when the teacher was encouraging the class to look for something that wasn’t there!

  272. i was looking at the comments cuz i didnt get it when i heard the scream… then looked at the pic… then waited…. then died of fright XD

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