The Saxophone Player Tattoo Optical Illusion

Good morning everyone, and hopefully, you all had a great weekend. Monday is here again, and a whole new week is beginning.  Sometimes people do a lot of crazy things over the weekend, like get a tattoo, which brings us to today’s optical illusion. Take a look at this lovely picture of a tattoo, and what do you all see? Some of you may the shadow of a saxophone player, but do you all see anything else?  In addition to the saxophone player, you all may notice something else, like perhaps, a face that is looking back at you!

Saxophone Player Tattoo Optical Illusion

Ready for another really neat optical illusion? Check out this picture painted by George Wotherspoon, which is called Society Portrait. Perhaps, Wotherspoon is trying to say something with this picture because there is a hidden optical illusion in it.  For anyone that needs a hint, if you look closely at the man in the middle of the two young women, you will see that there is a hidden donkey. Do you all see the donkey?  The donkey is made up of the man’s suit, and the women’s hats.  This is just one of the great illusions we offer to all of you, and we hope you enjoy it and have a great Monday.

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