Sarcone’s Helicopter Lines Illusion

I snitched this optical illusion off of G. Sarcone’s website, and would like to ask you a simple question: which of the two choppers has a longer line painted on-top of it? Are they the same? Is the red line longer? What do you think? I can assure you the answer will shock you. That’s it for now! No need to ruin this great optical illusion with some unrelated chit-chat. For more similar ones, check relative sizes cat.

G. Sarcone - Helicopter Lines Optical Illusion

41 Replies to “Sarcone’s Helicopter Lines Illusion”

  1. If you ask “which is longer” the answer is obviously, “they’re the same.” Nevertheless, those are two fine looking coffee grinder. How much for a ride in one?

  2. sweet. that happens because they are ovals and not circles. in the smaller one the line is the biggest chord in the oval and in the bigger oval its the smallest chord.

    so cool

  3. definitely a classic.

    just take a ruler and measure out the lines. the lines are equal, the helicopters are just a distraction

  4. Cool, The first copter’s line doesn’t go all the way across to me, maybe thats why this is possibe. These are so Interesting!

  5. It’s not a classic illusion, nothing’s actually shocking in this one. Let me comment this way: the two shapes are not CIRCLES but ELLIPSES and the short side of one ellipse is only equal to the long from the other one, that’s it !

  6. Ah-ha, that did surprise me. I was sure they were the same since one was across the short lentgh of the oval and the other was across the long length of the oval.

  7. It appears that the red line is longer but I have seen enough of these to believe that the two are probably the same length. I got out my ruler on this one but I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t decided yet.

  8. The blue and pink ovals are different sizes, but notice that the red line goes through (nearly) the shortest way across the oval while the blue line goes through (nearly) the longest way across the oval.

  9. I know Im sounding dimm but whats the answer? Its obviously going to be the one that looks smaller isnt it? or is it!?

  10. This is not a CLASSIC illusion, but a NEW one. Furthermore, the lines don’t are the same at all: the red line SEEMS subjectively longer, but in fact the blue line IS objectively longer.

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