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Stefano Grossi from Italy sent me something that I have enjoyed greatly. The album cover of Santana hides many “Spot The Object” illusions. I remember seeing this album somewhere in my Dad’s collection when I was a kid, but I never noticed the hidden faces it contains. Stefano’s submission made me remember this all over again. I love “world music” Santana plays so this makes this illusion even greater in my eyes. See how many optical illusions can you spot on the cover below. Are those hidden people? Are there any animals in it? You tell me! I’m not exactly sure, but I think we already have over dozen album cover optical illusions in our archive. Have you seen them all? If you have a boring day at work or at your home, you can start pressing that “Next Random Illusion” button (beneath every article inside our posts) until you see all of our illusions.

…which made me think, is there a fan on this site that has seen each and every optical illusion posted to this site from day one? I think I’m the only one, but who knows… Even if you browsed through every month’s “Archive” there’s a chance you missed many awesome illusions, since many of them have multiple photos inside each article.

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  1. I saw more than 6. I have 7 definitie ones but at least 6 more “possible” in the lion’s mane. They look like phantom faces

  2. I see seven
    Two right above the eyes, then two more between and on top of them
    One to each side of the nose and the nose itself

  3. pretty cool. it’s like looking at clouds. you can find faces anywhere. i see 6 definite faces, and 2 or 3 not-so definite faces. one’s in the top-right hand corner, the others are to the right and left of the lions mouth. (the one on the left is just barely a face… i think i’m just seeing things for that one…)

    i think i also see an animal on the lion’s lower right tooth (that’s to our left)

    hopefully i’m not the only one who sees this stuff… i would like to know that i’m still sane. =P

  4. Wow! this one is really good. I see 7 faces… I think. In the eyes, above the eyes, the nose (the nose looks like a devil) and the cheeks. Also below the lion’s chin there’s a pair of legs. One more. Right at the top, between and above the faces above the eyes there might be something there… but I may be crazy.

  5. It amazing, the more I look the more i find, the very top face looks like 2 faces looking at each other when you make the picture big

  6. I see eight faces in it.
    1. 1 at top of the mane
    2. 2 just above the eyes
    3. 2 each eye is a screaming type of face
    4. 2 the whiskers each have a face in them
    5. 1 In between the whiskers is another face. This one belongs to the legs at the bottom. If you look at it all together it actually looks like an incan like person with their arms folded.

    Really impressive picture. Very creative.

  7. Hi,
    I counted 8…
    3 are mirrored..+1 top forehead, +1 black face on nostrils which goes with legs.. that’s all I can spot…nothing special in the Hair.
    You tell me ! D’you see more ??…
    Maybe the top of the nose.. what do u see there ?

  8. Thats kinda neat, not quite sure of the point they are trying to come across with it though. Either way, its a cool album cover. I have not seen all posts, nor do i have the time to go through them all.

  9. that is really cool. i see 7 people. those legs belong to someone… the dudes head would be slap bang in the middle right on top

  10. I see 8 faces: the forehead, the eyebrows, the eyes (sideways), the bottom of the nose, and the cheeks. There are also legs on the bottom.

  11. I see 6 definate faces (and a pair of legs at the bottom). There seem to be more in the lion’s mane, but you could make yourself see just about anything there. :)

  12. Wow! that’s a pretty cool idea. Not the most original idea, but it’s still pretty cool! Although I guess it would count as original because it’s a lion and not a skull…

  13. OK, there is a problem here with seeing all this cover has to offer. I remember searching this one when it was a new album (yes, I am that old, LOL) You might want to cut and paste this into a program you can turn it around in. We are only seeing it from “right side up” (whatever that really is…LOL) ENJOY!! DD

  14. I see 10. First the obvious ones:

    1. THE LION!!!
    2. The lion nose face surrounded by three mirrored faces.
    3. The top one.
    4. The mirrored one composing the top one.

    And now the less obvious:

    5. If you look beside the bottom left tooth, you might see two monkey-like faces (you have to blow up the pic to see one of them).
    6. I saw a face in the top right corner, in the mane. This one surprisingly looks like a lion to me! But it has a human nose!!!

    Oh and there’s an 11th people not represented by a face, but a pair of legs, unless these really belong to the nose face as someone already suggested.

    Great Album Cover!

  15. Has any one noticed that the tounge of the lion is a woman’s bare chest being caressed by a hand on each of her breasts? I’ve had this album for years and I noticed it right off the bat!

  16. This post blew my mind!!! There is so much to see in this photo!!! And the more you look at it the more you see!!! First…lets start with the legs. Now follow them up to the lions nose. Do u see medusa’s head? There is a baby coming out of her head and there is a mirrored image of a woman appering to be screming in fear!! Thats not even the begining!!! Follow the line between the nose. You may have to sit back a little. There is a mirrored image of a man. I know you see a face above that…but I will get to that in one sec. Those legs do not belong to medusa….they belong to someone else!! Look at medusa’s face again. There is another reflection of a person. Also there is a man in the top right hand corner. Ok. Back to the legs!! Now this took me a few mins to spot….but the lions mouth appears not to be a mouth!!! If you sit back and focus you will see what looks like a Indian man with some sort of wings!!!!! FREAKY!!!!!!! The mouth appears to me as if its one of those skirt looking thing they wear. Dont know what they’re called…lol!!! This picture is sooooo freaking cool!!! I know there is way more in the picture to spot!! Let me know if there’s anything else to see!! This site is the best!!!!!!

  17. looking for the illusion picture of an old tree but when you look close it is an old mans face. Beard is the gnarly roots of the old tree. Anyone with any info contact me.


  18. I think the nose is a very shadowed woman’s head, looking down, and the outline of the mouth are her shoulders and arms. If you use a bit of imagination, she appears to have her arms crossed, caressing each of her breasts (the two bottom teeth are crude “hands”) Now follow it down, the fur at the bottom of the lion’s face is a grass skirt, and then the two legs.

  19. The eyes are both…fish and faces! Wish I still had my old 60’s art collection….it was a a different art back then…

  20. I knew the lp’s producer Brent Dangerfield in SF,Ca and would love to contact him – can anyone help? But moreover, I did not see the artist’s name mentioned…..who’s responsible for this ‘pen and ink” tour de force???

  21. I had this album. On the record liner it offered the poster for $2.00. I sent away for it and I still have it. It’s framed and hanging in my living room. One of my favorite posters. If you look at it there are many faces within the lions mane. So many things to look at and find within it. I wish I knew how much it’s worth. The artist is Lee Conklin.

  22. I see 9 total distinct human faces and two complete bodies.
    The breasts are possible faces, but that’s a stretch.
    1. Complete woman’s body in grass skirt, head dress and bone necklace etc. (main large body image) face is nostrils hair / head dress is nose, arms crossed.
    2. Complete human body with legs spread out and arms raised up between the two faces looking at each other (forehead), and under upper top center face, with its head as part of that face’s lower lip. (It’s a tiny complete man’s body basically)
    3.Both eyes are screaming faces. so far 7 faces.
    4. Whiskers coming out of two more faces makes 9 faces total that I see.

    I don’t see any of the faces anyone else mentioned other than these I listed except as I mentioned as a stretch trying to make faces out of each breast. Since you can add images to these posts, maybe someone can post what other faces they see?

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